What are the ac types in India?

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Ac types in India—best for home and home office

Right off the bat, I would say that split acs are best for any type of home-based usages. For professional usages, you might consider central acs but still if possible usages of split ac is good.

And while considering the AC types in India, you may also check the additional features as well.

Difference between air conditioners

Ac types in india

Split AC

In India, there are two types of air conditioning units: split ACs and ceiling fans. Split AC consists of an inside unit (compressor and condenser) and an outside unit (compressor, condenser, blower). The outside unit is more aesthetically pleasing because the compressor is not located on a wall or the floor.

Split AC is a perfect choice for large areas such as halls and commercial places. The outside exposed wall is required for the installation of Split AC, but there are no windows to worry about in the bedroom.

Split AC is a type of air conditioner that adds aesthetic, style, and good looks to rooms. It costs more than window ACs because it takes more work and money to shift or reallocate the split AC.

Split AC’s are silent and can cool large rooms easily.

Split AC does not take much space and also does not need much masonry work as well.

Window AC

Window AC is a single unit that consists of a compressor and blower. It has two sides, one facing the inside of the room and the other facing outside open air. Window AC is relatively simpler compared to split ACs.

Split ACs are more expensive, but they can cool a room much faster. Window units offer the best compromise between cost and performance. They have an easier time being installed or removed than split ACs do because they don’t block window openings as significantly.

Window AC is recommended to be used in a small size room, but not large-sized rooms.

I personally do not like window AC for their sound. But if you do not mind it, then it should be okay!

Portable AC

Portable AC is similar to window AC, but portable. You can move it from room to room, and it’s slightly more expensive than traditional window ACs.

Portable AC are best suited for homes with no feasibility to mount split / window AC or people who are frequently relocating. The machine can be moved from room to room as the client wants, but it is recommended that they use a ductless unit in order to achieve good efficiency and performance.

The new portable AC units are expensive, but they offer a lot of features. You can easily use them in your room or outside the window and attach a hose to it so that you do not need any ducts for ventilation.

LG and Lyod are the only makers of portable AC in India.

If you are working from home and live in a rented apartment, then this portable ac can save you from the heat.

Central ACs

A central air conditioner is a single unit. It combines evaporator, condenser and compressor in one machine and can be installed on the roof or concrete slab. A qualified contractor team is needed to install the air conditioner on top of the building. The air conditioner then draws outside air into its condenser, which will return inside of your house through vents behind furniture or on walls near windows.

The central air conditioners are the most luxurious because they cool each room in your house simultaneously and do so quietly. There is a condensing unit outside of the home, which uses heat from an outdoor furnace to produce cold, hot water. The evaporative unit inside near the furnace recirculates this cooled water back through ducts that extend throughout your entire living space for maximum comfort.

Ductless ACs

Ductless air conditioners are common for apartment dwellers and homeowners with no ductwork. This system is composed of two small AC units that can be installed on the interior walls of your home. One terminal is positioned on the exterior of the residence, the other on the interior side of the wall.

Split or ductless systems are a great option for homes that don’t have existing ducts. Newer models can cool multiple rooms and there is no need to remove it from the home during the winter months.

Cassette AC

Cassette AC, or split AC, is similar to a split-system unit but has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit can be the same as with a split-unit system. The indoor units are hung on the ceiling and have multiple vents for airflow delivery. This allows cassette systems to cool faster than other types of air conditioners due to their large coverage area.

The cassette AC is typically used in big rooms or hallways. It has a higher coverage area and the indoor unit cannot be seen from outside, therefore guests are not able to figure out where it is located.

For more than 60 years, the cassette AC has been a popular choice for cooling. It is cost-effective and easy to install as long as you know what’s going on in your room or restaurant.

Additional features to consider

Auto Start

Auto Start is an additional feature that some ACs have. This auto-start feature allows the AC to restart itself after power has been restored, which prevents mold and bacteria from forming inside the unit.

This is useful if you have the AC running the whole day, and you have nothing except AC to ventilate and cool down the room.


Some air conditioners have a dehumidification feature that can help to reduce the amount of humidity in an area. This is important if you live in areas with high humidity or are sensitive to dryness and discomfort.

Four-way swing

Most ACs come with a two-way swing, which is an improvement to the feel of cooling. Air passes by you every few seconds and improves the perception of cooling as well. Four-way swings are great to throw the air all over the room. This way, the air reaches every corner of the room faster and cools the room faster.

Some four-way swing AC also has a tracking feature that will follow you around the room.

Smart features

If you’re looking for an AC with more smart features, these are some of the things to consider. Smart ACs can be controlled remotely and automatically turned on when certain conditions are met such as outside temperature, air quality, or the presence of others in the room. You can also use Google Home and Alexa.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is becoming a standard feature in ACs. It can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or voice assistant, and there are some options for setting the AC to turn on automatically when certain conditions are met.

Size difference between Air Conditioners

The size of an AC is measured in tons, or the amount of refrigeration it produces.

First, you need to know the BTU per hour and watts of your AC. The amount of heat required for an Air Conditioner is equal to a tonne in a day or watt-hours. An AC with 12000BTU/hr can cool down 3517 square foot areas within 24 hours (1 tonne).

Before you buy an air conditioner, measure how much area it needs to cool and get that capacity from the manufacturer’s website.

In India, 5% of households have ACs while the rest rely solely on fans. Air conditioners are expensive and difficult to maintain, which is why only a small number of people can afford them.

For example, there are different types of residential ACs based on their capacity, such as 10-ton capacity with 20×30 ft room or 2 ton capacity in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

I have seen that Mitshubishi ACs tend to be larger in size.

Air conditioning buying guide

Advantages of air conditioners

Air conditioners are the most popular way to cool a room in India. They use an AC compressor that continuously generates cold air, which is then distributed evenly throughout the area. The continuous cooling and consistent temperature make it possible for people to stay comfortable and healthy as they go about their day.

1) Inverter air conditioners are quieter than non-inverters. The inverters also cool the building more efficiently, reducing energy costs and saving on cooling bills.

2) Air conditioners are an important part of Indian homes because they can cool the room quickly during the summer. The inverter AC changes its speed depending on the room’s temperature and is able to provide a cooling sensation without using much power, making it one of India’s most economical air conditioning choices.

3) Air conditioners can be smart and be controlled using voice, smart phone, and wifi.

4) Unlike air coolers, air conditioners actually cool the air in the room.

5) Air conditioners are generally durable and last a long time.

What AC Capacity Do You Need?

1 ton AC will cover around 100-120 sq feet of room. A 2 ton AC would cool down a room around 150 sq feet to 200 sq feet. For larger rooms, you should use more than one AC unit.

An AC capacity is rated at tonnage in India. In addition, the BTU rating is used to measure AC energy efficiency.

Can a personal air conditioner cool a room?

A small air conditioner of 1 ton is pretty average and can cool down a room around 100-120 sq feet at least. So if your room is around that size then the small AC will cool your room effectively.

air cooler or air conditioner which is best for health

Can I run my AC when it’s cold outside?

Most modern home units have sensors that will turn the AC on and off when it is too cold outside. Unless you turn it on manually by remote etc. But it will turn on but will not work as expected and might even damage the AC.

Air Conditioner Disadvantages

But if your AC has a dual action of both hot and cold. Then you can run the air conditioner during winter to heat the room.

Which AC brand is best in India?

There are many different AC brands in India. Which one is best for you? It depends on your use case and what brand matters most to you.

If you want a split-type AC with inverter technology, then the Panasonic 1 Ton 5-Star Split Inverter Air Conditioner would be a suitable choice.

The Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5-Star Split Inverter Air Conditioner offers great value for money and works well in medium-sized rooms where energy efficiency is not an issue.

Are portable Ac good enough?

If you want an AC that also has a compressor, then the LG Window AC would be suitable for you. The Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter Air Conditioner is perfect for people who need to keep their air conditioning running 24/7, and it offers great value for money in terms of energy efficiency as well as performance.


The window air conditioner is the oldest form of air conditioner type. Even the oldest style, ac manufacturers in India still make them. If you compare all the AC types in India then you should consider split AC for your home and home office.

There are specific types of split ac in India, but the inverter ac is considered as a variant of the split ac model. And there are also smart split acs as well.

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