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Unlike other reviewers this tvs gold keyboard review is being written on a TVS gold pro keyboard. I have previously used only membrane keyboards by logitech, dell, frontech etc.

And this is one hell of a upgrade!

TVS gold Bharat Keyboards

I bought thee gold pro from the local market for the price of 2770 INR.

Click -> store details and How you can buy too at a low price.

Whereas the gold pro keyboard was listed for 3770 INR online. Thus I saved around 1000 INR.

Read Tvs gold pro keyboard review

And this was a dec 2019 manufactured model also with 1 year warranty so no refurbished stuff. I am also planning on putting some custom keycaps later. You can easily change those.

My logitech keyboard has served me for 13 years though.

And once that died I decided to get myself a mechanical keyboard.

And I was bombarded with choices of RGB, fixed LED and TKL keyboards. Personally I hated those TKL keyboards.

But if you are not into buying bling then TVS gold bharat keyboards are the best choice.

Even if you play moderate to heavy PC games, you can get this TVS mechanical keyboards.

TVS gold keyboard review


TVS gold bharat review

Good for typing- blue switches

TVS gold Prime review

Good for 1.Gaming 2.Typing – red switches

TVS gold BIO review

Antimicrobial body – blue switches

TVS gold pro keyboard review

Good for 1.speed typing, 2.gaming – water and dust proof, antimicrobial.

Since tvs gold pro provides the best value, I bought that.

Click -> store details and How you can buy too at a low price. Whereas online TVS gold Pro was listed for 3770 INR. I bought at 2.7k INR. Thus I saved around 1000 INR

TVS gold bharat keyboard review

Before you get confused!

TVS gold keyboards do not come with cherry MX switches. All the TVS keyboards are made with chinese copy, long hua or Kailh switches.

This does not mean that these are bad.

Kailh switches are on par with the original cherry switches. And recently they have created their line of box mechanical switches as well.

If you can care less about the RGb lights. And if you want a full 104 key keyboard then buy TVS gold keyboards.

Read below to know my full review of each TVS keyboard and the switch used in them.

tvs gold keyboard review

TVS gold pro keyboard review

Why Should You Buy this?

I bought this for the immense value it provides. Kailh white box switches under 3000 INR. Who can resist that? 

And I really needed a keyboard since the last one died. 

And another reason to buy TVs keyboard was for the key format. I do not mind the small backspace and large enter button.

My last logitech keyboard had the same key format as well.

How to buy at low prices?

Tvs gold pro is the top model of keyboard from TVS.

This keyboard packs in the kailh white box switches which are super easy to type on and these are also dust and waterproof.

Top Features:

  • 80 million keystrokes
  • Kailh white box switches
  • These switches are dust and waterproof
  • Keyboard body is antimicrobial, this will keep the germs away
  • Full 104 key keyboard
  • Strong Plastic build
  • Laser etched keycaps
  • Less wobbly.
  • USB


  • These switches are clicky with less tactical feel. 
  • The kailah box whites are also dust and waterproof.
  • Great for speed typing. You do not need much pressure to put on the switches.
  • 80 million keystroke lifespan is the longest ever in any keyboard.
  • These white box switches also produce nice controlled click sound unlike the blue switches.
  • A well made keyboard with ample amount of space in between keys.
  • Can be used for some PC gaming purpose also.
  • Durable keyboard build.
  • The ABS build keyboard is also anti microbial so it will not contain germs etc.


  • All plasticky feelings.
  • Right side of the keyboard does not feel well made. Like it will bend if you put much pressure into it. But no one will do it.
  • The scroll lock led did not blink, although I do not use a scroll lock ever. At least yet.

TVS gold keyboard review PRIME

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a well priced mechanical keyboard in India with box switches.

Then you can begin here.

This Prime model comes with red box switches which are not loud and are great for gaming.

How to buy at low prices?

TVS gold keyboard Prime model comes with kailh red box switches.

These are good for gaming and typing. Due to the box design, these switches are also dustproof.

Top Features:

  • Red box switches
  • Strong keyboard build.
  • Dust proof.
  • 50 million keystrokes
  • Laser etched keycaps
  • Full 104 keycaps


  • Red box switches by kailh which are dustproof.
  • Provides good tactile feedback.
  • No loud noise.
  • Good for gaming and typing.
  • These red box switches are less wobbly.
  • Durable keyboard body and strong legs.
  • Value for money and well priced below the TVS gold pro keyboard.


  • Plastic feel.
  • Not strong on all sides.
  • Although the red box switches are good for gaming, the keyboard lacks all gaming features.

TVS gold keyboard review BIO

Why Should You Buy this?

If you only want to do typing and would love the antimicrobial feature then this keyboard is for you.

How to buy at low prices?

TVS gold bio keyboard contains long hua blue switches.

But the keyboard is anti microbial which stops the growth for bacteria and viruses.

Top Features:

  • Clicky and tactile blue switches.
  • Long hua blue switches.
  • No virus or germ growth on the keyboard.
  • 50 million keystrokes.
  • Laser etched keycaps
  • Good design for typing.


  • Tactile feedback.
  • Great for typing.
  • Great for the office since it does not let germs grow on the keyboard.
  • Makes typing sounds, appreciated by writers.


  • Keycaps might be wobbly.
  • Could be noisy.

TVS Electronics gold keyboard review

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after your first low cost mechanical keyboard then look no further.

This is the best mechanical keyboard at this price range. 

It lacks the lights and metal parts which are common in other mechanical keyboards but if you do not care, then this budget keyboard should serve you for a long time.

How to buy at low prices?

TVS Electronics gold keyboard is the original TVS mechanical keyboard.

This model made the mechanical keyboard popular all over India.

And these are very common in govt offices like banks, POS counters etc.

Top Features:

  • Long hua blue switches which are identical cherry mx blues. 
  • Full 104 keyboard layout.
  • Lowest priced TVS mechanical keyboard from TVS.
  • Laser etched keycaps.
  • Durable classic keyboard build.
  • Has strong legs and rubbers at the back.
  • USB and Ps2 both available.


  • The long hua switches are nice and you will not look for refurbished TVS gold keyboards with cherry switches.
  • This is a well built full size keyboard for the price you pay.
  • Great for typing purposes.
  • The clicky noise is well liked by writers.


  • Not exactly a con but If you are looking for RGB gaming keyboards then this is not for you.
  • Since these are not box switches, the keycaps might wobble a bit.
  • Can be too loud.

Buy tvs gold keyboard at low price

From the above reviews of the individual models now you know that what keyboard will suit you the best.

If you only do typing then get the TVS bharat gold keyboard which comes with long hua blue switches. This is the most basic model and the lowest cost also.

If you are typing and concerned about virus and germs then get the BIO version. There are no other differences between the two. This is a mid range keyboard from TVS.

If gaming is your main priority then get the TVS gold prime keyboard. It comes with long hua red mechanical switches. These are better for repeated strokes so it will help with your gaming. And you can do good typing too.

If you are after the best of both worlds and want the best mechanical keyboard in India then get TVS gold pro. Tvs gold pro (Official info site) consists of kailh white box switches. These are exceptional for speed typing. And is good for gaming also.

And these white box switches are water and dustproof and the plastic body is germ free.

This gold pro keyboard is the costliest of all the TVS keyboards.

Now how to buy at low prices?

Call or whatsapp Subham Mishra at+91 8668095684

He represents TVS electronics and is a very helpful guy.

Tell him your city and he will look for the local distributor in your area. Then he will send you the details and you can buy at lower prices than amazon.

If you have no dealers at your locality/city then get to the list above and buy from amazon.

My recommended two stores

Sevi computers at 16 ganesh chandra avenue, kolkata.

I bought mine from here. They are TVS dealers and can provide you with all the models of tvs keyboards.

There was also another TVS dealer nearby but they did not have the TVS gold pro which was I looking for.

After waiting there (Galaxy computech) for 20 minutes I saw that they only had TVS bharat gold keyboards.

So I visited sevy got mine tvs gold pro quickly.

My other recommendation will be Madit infotech, bangalore.

I chatted with them for a few minutes and they do sell the gold pro model. But it was in another city so I did not proceed but they seemed to be genuine.


Is TVS Gold Keyboard good for gaming?

Yes, TVS gold keyboard is good for gaming. After all, it is a mechanical keyboard. For best gaming performance get the TVS gold prime keyboard. This model offers red box switches by kailh and is much better than the cherry mx reds.

Which company Keyboard is best?

In India, you can get keyboards from logitech, dell, microsoft and TVS. they make all rounder keyboards. And if you are after a durable yet low cost mechanical keyboard then buy TVS gold bharat keyboards.

Which type of keyboard layout is widely used in India?

InScript (short for Indic Script) was the most used keyboard layout but nowadays most keyboard come with the US layout. The main difference between the two is that the Indic layout has a small backspace and L shaped enter key.

Which company Keyboard is best in India?

TVS mechanical keyboards are the best in India, they are makers of mechanical keyboards which are durable and provide full 104 Indic layout. Other than this you can also get logitech membrane keyboards which are low cost yet well made.

Which type of keyboard is best for typing?

Mechanical keyboards are best for typing, especially with blue switches. In India you can get the TVS gold bharat which comes with long hua blue switches.

Are HP keyboard good?

In India HP keyboards are not as popular as logitech or TVS. but they do provide some good models. Some HP keyboards are even mechanical.

Which is better wired or wireless keyboard?

If you are not a gamer then you can just go with a wireless keyboard. With a wireless keyboard there could be a slight lag which can be ignored by regular users. But with a wired keyboard there are no such issues.

Are curved keyboards better?

Yes, in India TVS keyboards comes with a curved layout and it is easy on the hands to type for hours.

What keyboard switches are the loudest?

Blue mechanical switches are the loudest. Be it Cherry blues or the Kailh blues. You can find the kailh/long hua blue switches in TVS gold mechanical keyboard

Are 60% keyboards good for typing?

60% keyboards are good for typing only if you are short on space. Otherwise you would have to hit the fn key far too much to get work done. I always prefer full 104 size keyboards and thus TVS gold mechanical keyboards are a top priority.

Is laptop keyboard good for typing?

Laptop keyboards do not provide the tactical feedback and the sound you would expect from a mechanical keyboard. So they are not good for typing.

What are keyboard keys?

In mechanical keyboard the keyboard keys are the keycaps where the letters are written. These keycaps can be changed and you can buy different keycaps online.

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