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Our phones are smart, we have smart security camera systems and smart fridges. So why not smart fans in India? Here are my best smart fans in India. Note these are mostly smart ceiling fan India. 

A fan becomes smart when it can be controlled using Google home or Alexa etc. Meaning you have to have an appetite of using new technologies and a Google home or Alexa device already with Wifi in your home to run these fans smartly 🙂

Basic requirement to operate a smart ceiling fan India

  • Wifi enabled home
  • Working Internet
  • Electricity 🙂 

Best smart ceiling fan India


Atomberg Renesa Smart +

Lowest Power consuming smart ceiling fan India

Havells smart ceiling Fan India

Highest Air delivery

Halonix smart ceiling fan in India

Multiple modes available

Orient smart fan India

Most Feature Rich fan

Kenstar Smart Fan in India

For basic IR remote only

Ottomate smart ceiling fan India

Only bluetooth and IR remote available

Personally I am not sure how our senior parents would take it but so far they like the idea of having a remove to control the ceiling fan. So one step closer to having a smart ceiling fan India. But it is kind of half smart 🙂

But for the new home owners and people under 40, they are adapting the smart devices very well. And Google home or Alexa is becoming very popular from controlling TV channels to controlling smart light bulbs.

And with a hot country like us smart fans in India will surely take off!

best smart fans in India

Smart ceiling fan reviews

Atomberg Renesa Smart +

Best smart fans in India
Atomberg Renesa Smart +

Final Verdict: There are not many cons of this great Made in India product.

I just wish if these were available in the largest form also, which is 1400mm.

Otherwise it is a great choice as you can control the fan with remote, voice and app. And the oak wood finish looks really good too.

I have the non smart version. I am impressed so far by the company that was created by the graduates of IIT and IIMs.

This Renesa has a similar feature of BLDC motor which uses less energy and the remote.

But along with those, it has LED lights, IOT enabled and a beautiful oak wood type finish.

These LED lights are good and the remote works flawlessly.

And with IOT enabled features, Google home, alexa and their own app can be used to control the fan.

Apart from these smart feature, here are some great features that you should consider –

  • Z+ shielded ball bearing
  • Timer
  • Runs 3 times longer on inverter
  • Boost mode


  • Low running cost
  • App, Voice, remote control


  • High Cost
  • No 1400mm version, only 1200mm smart+ variation available

Havells smart ceiling Fan

Havells smart ceiling Fan

Final Verdict: If you are not into BLDC motor and want most of the smart features like IOT, Wifi, remote, app control then this havells fan is a great choice for you.

The fan looks fantastic and will suit any room color or design. And air delivery is also good.

Like Atomberg wood finish fan, havells have a similar one which has a much darker wood finish. This does not have any LED lights though.

But the features of this havells smart fan are exciting, let’s check them out.

  • IOT – You or your family members can control the fan from within the home or from outside the how.
  • IOS and Andriod app available. Can be used to control multiple fans from one app.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor and the fan can adjust itself smartly.
  • Google Assistant and Alexa enabled
  • 5 level of speed
  • Sleep mode
  • Timer
  • Breeze mode
  • Double ball bearing
  • 2 year warranty

Apart from these smart features, the fan has sweep of 1250mm and the RPM is 280 and the air delivery is also 280 cmm.


  • Tons of smart features with humidity and temp sensor.
  • Stylish modern wood finish.


  • Costly.
  • No BLDC motor to save electricity bills.

Halonix IOT WiFi 1200mm smart ceiling fan India

Halonix IOT WiFi 1200mm smart ceiling fan India

Final Verdict: There are some cons of this fan for example, we are not sure if this model is alexa verified or not.

And there are some past complaints about the basic fan functionalities as well.

But it has many useful modes and fan ROM and air delivery is also good too.

Halonix is a lighting company based in India and all of their products are Made in India also. This is theri IOT wifi smart ceiling fan. The main USP of this fan is those smart features with that attractive price.

Here are the smart features that you should consider this for –

  • Google home and alexa compatible.
  • IR remote control
  • Mobile app control
  • IOT and wifi to control the fan from anywhere.
  • Humidity and temperature control

Apart from this, the fan is coined as high speed fan and low power consumption.

There is also copper wire motor and double ball bearing.

And here are some fan modes that you might use – 

  • Tubo mode – Boosts the air delivery
  • Natural mode – Automatically changes the fan speed.
  • Sleep mode – Dan slows down as night continues
  • Intelligent sensor – Humidity and temperature sensor based adjustments.

And here are some basic fan stats – 

1200mm sweep

75 watt power consumption

350 RPM

230 CMM air delivery


  • Many modes to use.
  • IOT
  • Wifi
  • Price


  • No the lowest power consumption.
  • Many complain about bad customer service
  • Many complain about the fan not working with alexa

Orient smart fan India

Orient smart fan India

Final Verdict: In my orient aeroslim ceiling fan review I would say that this fan is the most feature rich smart ceiling fan in India.

This also has a very stylish look. And apart from all the smart features mentioned below, the air delivery and fan speed is also good.

Like the havells and atomber, this smart fan comes from a company that is known for their electrical home appliances. This smart ceiling fan in India has a futuristic design and comes with 3 blades.

In this orient aeroslim ceiling fan review I would say this fan looks really promising although on the higher price side. You do get the brand reliability though.

Top features:

  • IOT and Wifi
  • Mobile App
  • Remote control with display on remote
  • Google home and alexa enabled
  • LED light at the base
  • BLDC motor
  • Fan scheduling
  • Timer
  • Reverse rotation
  • Scene switching Light

Available modes:

  • Sleep
  • Breeze
  • Turbo

Here are some basic fan features –

1200mm sweep

310 RPM

240 CMM air delivery

Works flawlessly at lower voltages also.

Ceiling adjustable telescope mount


  • Multiple Modes to use!
  • Stylish design that works with any home interior decor.
  • Remote with display for better accessibility.
  • Hard ABS body which is durable and weighs less
  • BLDC motor which can run longer on inverter and costs less money.


  • Price only.
  • Installation is done better by Orient servicemen.

Ottomate smart ceiling fan India

Ottomate smart fan India

Final Verdict: This is a budget smartphone which misses on Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can only use the remote and their app which connects with the phone using bluetooth.

Also the fan consumes 75 watts and this does not have any BLDC motor.

Frankly saying Ottomate smart ceilling fans are not as smart as Orient aeroslim or the other ceiling fans in this list. But it has a bluetooth and remote control option.

Along with bluetooth and remote it has humidity and temperature sensors which can be used to automate the fan speed.

To control this ottomate smart fan you have the option to use remote or their app. App has more features than the remote.

This smart fan comes with 3 blades with 12500mm fnan sweep.

Also this fan can deliver 245 CMM of air.

But note there is no BLDC motor and the fan runs on 75 watts.


  • Cost is low
  • Aluminium fan blades and body which are more durable.
  • Good air delivery compared to price


  • Not many feature rich compared to others.
  • No BLDC motor thus uses more electricity.

Kenstar Smart Fan in India

Kenstar Smart Fan in India

Final Verdict: A good fan with remote control but not much of a smart fan. But works well.

This Kenstar smart fan does not have IOT or Wifi but has a remote control. The fan has 4 blades and 1320mm sweep. And power consumption is around 80 watts.

The timer has a 4 hours option. 

The air delivery is around 250 CMM and the fan has a wooden finish. The style of the fan will suit most homes.


  • Timer
  • Remote control
  • 250 CMM


80 watts power consumption

Which smart ceiling fan India you should buy?

Why buy smart fans anyway?

No 1 reason should be that these ceiling fans use BLDC motors so it uses low electricity. So your bills will be much lower. 

But that’s not fun. The fun is controlling the fan with voice control. 

And since many of them have wifi and can be controlled via wifi you can control the fan with the remote from another room.

And with a motion sensor, forget about switching the fan on or off, it will do it yourself whenever you enter or exit the room.

And you can also use many presets from the controlling apps to use!

Buying guide smart ceiling fan India

Electric Consumption: I am not into spending a lot so i would check for BLDC motor, Star rating and electric consumption. Usually the larger the fan span the more it will use electricity. And these smart fans are around 1200mm and use around 32 – 40 watts of power.

Wifi: Wifi helps the fan get connected to your home network and then you can use it to connect your phone and take control of the ceiling fan. Ios or Android both phones work and once set up you can control the fan from any room.

Same feature also works with AC with WIFI feature.

IOT: IOT enabled smart ceiling fans enable you to control the smart fan outside of our home. Also you can use IFTTT to use some applets to automate some features.

Sensors: Sensors like motion, weather and thermostat to control the fan. And motion sensors allow the fan to run whenever you enter or exit the room.

Blade design: Blade design determines how much air will be pushed down. Also color matters, and you should choose the color that matches your room.

LED Light: A fan also serves as a light source. A smart ceiling fan in India might have few led lights at the fan head. And those leds give enough light to fill up with light.

Remote: Remote control is a handy feature that anyone can use. And the ability to turn on or off from the sitting position without needing to get up is great. Being lazy is awesome.

Price: If you want to compare the prices of the smart ceiling fan India with the regular ones, then you will see the high difference. And to get these smart ceiling fans you have to pay the high price. But check for deals to get these best smart fans in India at the lowest price possible.

Smart fan price in India

I do not consider smart fans in India as a necessary item and thus you should only buy if you feel the absolute need for it. And considering at a price of one smart ceiling fan in India you can get at least 4 normal ceiling fans, that too the BLDC versions.

Presently the minimum amount to get a IOT enabled fan is around 5k INR. 

And many would buy these with EMI but I would not buy a fan in EMI, better I do not then 🙂

But for new homes or apartments these will be very good.

There are many more smart ceiling fans In India, like – xiaomi mi smart fan, lg smart ceiling fans etc.

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