Pros and cons humidifier – suitable for Indian homes?

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Pros and cons humidifier

There are a few pros and cons of humidifiers, but they do not work always. If you live in a humid area then they are overkill and will amplify the humidity in the room. This will increase the sweating a lot and definitely a big no.

But if you live in cities like Delhi or in dry hot areas in general then a humidifier is a great buy.

Especially for a home office, this will help you concentrate better since you do not have to worry about skin and allergies much.

pros and cons humidifier

Benefits of using a Humidifier

  • Humidifiers can be used in a variety of places, including the office and home. They are often recommended to people with allergies or sinus problems. Additionally, they help regulate humidity levels in homes that have been dryer than normal due to the heating system being on for too long or it is colder outside.
  • As it can be seen, humidifiers help those with respiratory symptoms and dry skin. There are some risks to using a humidifier that one should consider before purchasing this product for their home, but these benefits outweigh the risk of potential harm. One way around this is by selecting an ultrasonic model as they don’t release any chemicals into your air like steam or vaporizers do which will make you breathe in toxins over time.
  • A humidifier helps with sleep and health. Humidifiers can help relieve snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Humidifiers can be used to help babies and children sleep better.
  • Humidifiers can help to make the air feel more comfortable.
  • Humidifiers are generally inexpensive.

Negative points of using a Humidifier

While it is true that humidifiers are beneficial to the environment, they can also be harmful in certain situations. Many people use them in their homes when they don’t live near the ocean or have a garden for moisture. However, if these conditions aren’t met then there may not be enough humidity levels for your home and you may need an air purifier instead of a humidifier.

Too much humidity

Humidifiers can help people with asthma, allergies, and dry skin. However, there are risks associated with using one. The humidity levels should be between 30 and 50% for these benefits to occur. If the humidity is too high it can make breathing difficult, worsen allergy symptoms, cause mold to thrive in the air, or even lead to death if enough moisture builds up inside the lungs.

Using hard water or tap water

The risk of using hard water or tap water is that minerals can collect in the machine, causing it to wear out faster than expected. It can also push these minerals into the air and a person may inhale them.

Whole house humidifier pros and cons

Below are the whole house steam humidifier pros and cons. This is rare in India but few living in cold weather all year long are opting for this.

The pros of whole house humidifier

Auto Humidity Control

Whole house humidifiers automatically control indoor humidity and keep it at a comfortable level, which is one of their biggest benefits.

 It is possible to set the desired relative humidity in your home with the help of a humidistat. When the set level of relative humidity is reached, the central home humidifier will start pumping out humidified air.

Maintain a Moisture Levels

Air quality is a huge concern for your family and for your pets, and whole-house humidifiers work with your heating and cooling system to provide consistent and optimal humidity levels throughout your home. This is a great benefit since this works for all the rooms in your house, and you do not feel discomfort at all.

No refills

The whole-home humidifier uses a unique combination of desiccant and water vapor-condensing technology that delivers a continuous supply of clean, fresh air throughout your home without having to refill the unit every week.

 This attaches to your main water connection and works flawlessly.

Whole house humidifier do face Water Damage

Portable humidifiers are often placed in rooms, and if they’re left running, they can be risky, as the excess moisture can cause damage to your walls and furniture. But with whole-house models, you do have to think about this at all.

Low Maintenance

Whole-home humidifiers are almost no maintenance. You might need to change the evaporator panel filter every year.

The cons of whole house humidifier


A whole-house humidifier is costly to buy and install. Many would avoid this if they do not need a humidifier all year, every day.

Water damage and Molds

Without proper maintenance, some water damage might happen with the whole house humidifier.

Cool mist humidifier pros and cons

The Pros:

Cool mist humidifiers are safe for babies and young children. Safest for use around kids and pets.

They can also help you sleep better at night.

It’s easy to clean these humidifiers.

It prevents bacteria growth, which keeps your family safe.

You don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growth with evaporative humidifiers.

Cleaning this humidifier is easy and doesn’t require much effort on your part.

Can be used year-round.

More energy-efficient than warm mist models.

The fan can be louder than a warm mist option, but it has fewer bacteria issues because of the constant flow of water from the unit itself.

The cons:

Can be noisy. The fan can be loud.

May cause over-condensation

Requires a lot of maintenance.

Cannot be used in areas with low humidity levels

High cost of the product.

Furnace humidifier pros and cons

Furnace humidifier pros

No burn hazard

Safe for young children

Easy to clean

Humidifiers need to be cleaned regularly.

Evaporative humidifiers are the least likely to cause mold or mildew growth in a room.

You can use ultrasonic or evaporative technologies for cool mist humidifiers.

More energy-efficient than warm mist models.

Can help prevent bacteria growth in the air.

Furnace humidifier Cons

Difficult maintenance.

Condensation problems

Will cause a hazard for asthma sufferers.

Potential to lead to allergies.

Long-term risks if not environmentally friendly.

Ultrasonic humidifier pros and cons

Ultrasonic humidifier pros

The humidifier is safe for children.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Humidity levels remain consistent throughout the day, without fluctuations

The humidifier can be cleaned easily to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Quiet, no water gurgling.

Keeps the room comfortable even when it is hot outside.

Ultrasonic humidifier cons

Can accumulate bacteria growth more easily if not maintained properly.

Not for children.

Requires a lot of maintenance.

Needs to be raised off the ground to avoid puddling.

Fan technology can be louder than warm mist options.


Here are all the pros and cons if humidifiers in India. I would personally buy them to get rid of dry air in the room. Your usages may vary. If you have a home office in your house then you can also get one as a humidifier might make your long work hours comfortable.

But that rarely depends on the climate where you live.

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