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9 Best anti dust ceiling fans in India

Why would anyone look for the best anti dust ceiling fans in India ? Firstly If you are lazy like me or just busy cleaning up the ceiling fans every week then you should get these.

This does not mean that you dump your old working ceiling fans but if you are considering buying a new one.. Then buying one of the best anti dust ceiling fans in India makes more sense.

Lifepo4 battery India

I first came to know about lifepo4 batteries while looking for the best inverter battery in India but soon I realised that the lifepo4 battery India does not have the capacity like the tubular batteries. And on top of that the lifepo4 battery in India are really really costly!

Top 9 Best Inverter in India

I have been using inverters for 12 years and here are my best inverter in India. Also check the best inverter and battery combination for home.

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