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I first came to know about lifepo4 batteries while looking for the best inverter battery in India but soon I realised that the lifepo4 battery India does not have the capacity like the tubular batteries. And on top of that the lifepo4 battery in India are really really costly!

But still lifepo4 batteries in India are being used for robotic applications and other small applications. These batteries are around 6000mah and look like AAA batteries. 

My main goal was to get something of no maintenance and best battery for my home inverter but as of now lifepo4 does not seem to be the best option.

One of the main reason is low capacity and price. Let’s see the price check below:

  • 1 kwh lithium ion battery price in India – 14000 INR per kilowatt
  • 48v lithium ion battery price in India – 2500 INR +
  • 12v 50ah lithium ion battery price in India – 7000 INR +
  • 12v 100ah lithium ion battery price in India – 1700 INR +

MAEnt 32650 lifepo4 Cell 6000mah 3.2V Rechargeable LiFePO4 Battery India

Lifepo4 battery India

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Final Verdict: From creating a powerwall to using in torchlight you can do a lot of stuff and use these batteries creatively.

Ever wondered what battery those mosquito bats use? Or those completely sealed rechargeable solar lights? These are the batteries that those use. This is a lifepo4 battery which is around 6000mah.

This 32650 lifepo4 battery in India can have a long cycle life to 2000 times. And all lifepo4 batteries are low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low or high temperature.

Air cooler running on Inverter?

Due to the shape of this battery it is a great replacement for flash lights, portable equipment, robots and can be converted into a battery pack for electric vehicle.

These batteries also does not have any overcharging issues and they do not get fire.

Check Latest Price and Reviews on Amazon

And apart from this there are many lifepo4 cell manufacturers like –

They have one with capacity of 150AH and that can be used with home UPS systems with ease.

Sells 6000mah cylinder shaped batteries.


They have Okayaa battery with 12ah for DC applications only. And 

What are lifepo4 batteries used for?

E-scooter/E-bike:  Lifepo4 batteries are lightweight and need no maintenance thus it is a great choice than lead acid battery. 

Inverter battery: There are some 80-100Ah Lifepo4 batteries which can be used for inverters. This is a great choice for a maintenance free inverter system.

As solar batteries in application: Solar street lights have compact systems, and these can not have heavy batteries. Also low maintenance is a must required feature thus lifepo4 batteries are great option for solar applications.

General purpose: Portable projectors, Computers, audio amplifiers and more!

Portable Communication: Portable radio communications are using Lifepo4 batteries since they can pack in more power in small size and are of low weight.

Robotic Applications: Mini robots, or machinery for small tasks or wheel chairs etc have not lifepo4 batteries as a power source.

Lithium iron phosphate battery advantages

Life: Life of a lifepo4 battery is higher than a lead acid battery and most of the time you will get 10 times more life from a lifepo4 battery. 

Fast charge: Lithium ion batteries work with much lower resistance so they recharge faster.

Weight: These are lightweight batteries so ca be used in light weight machines or in portable machines as well.

Size: Lifepo4 batteries can pack double the electric storage capacity in the same size of a lead acid battery.

Durbale: These are compact batteries with no moving parts and can work in between the temperature of -40 to 158 degrees.

Usages: From stand alone solar applications to electric bikes, medical devices lifepo4 ca be used anywhere.

Maintenance: Virtually no regular maintenance here. You can set it and forget it.

Lifepo4 battery Disadvantages

Lower capacity: So far the highest capacity lifepo4 battery can be of 18000mah only. So not for applications where long hours of battery backup is required.

Protection: Need circuit protection to maintain voltage and current within safe limit.

Expensive: Lifepo4 batteries cost almost 3-4x times than lead acid batteries.


Is LiFePO4 the same as lithium ion?

No lifepo4 batteries are better than lithium ion batteries and they are also much safer.

How long do LiFePO4 batteries last?

At least 3-5 years.

Can lifepo4 batteries catch fire?

No Lifepo4 batteries can not catch fire and do not get overcharged. This is one of the safest battery out there. Neither they can explode.

Do lifepo4 batteries need to be vented?

No, they do not need air and can be placed in tight places. Thus are popular with many closed box applications or machines.