How to use an air cooler effectively in summer in India

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How to use an air cooler for best cooling effect

If you are wondering how to use your air cooler effectively so that you can cool your room faster then you are at the right place. Here is how you will see how to use an air cooler for the best results.

Before that, here are the types of air coolers that you might encounter. So know the differences first.

How to use air cooler in room

If you are wondering how to use an air cooler, then be sure to chose the best air cooler first.

And even before that for best effects you should choose air coolers if you are in a dry, low humidity area like Rajasthan.

Air coolers do not work efficiently in high humidity areas like West Bengal.

How to use an air cooler

Proper ventilation

In order to use an air cooler efficiently, you need to ensure proper ventilation. Opening windows should be done so that it is possible for the cool air to enter and the hot air can be removed. Remember not to open windows too wide as this could allow humidity in which would cause mold growth. Open curtains or pull up window blinds if desired, but remember that they will also require proper ventilation so avoid suffocating yourself with a closed curtain or blinds.

Good ventilation is defined as the ability to push out humidity and heat. Proper ventilation can be achieved by opening windows, using an air cooler in front of a window, or finding other ways to cool down your home.

Placement of the air cooler

Air coolers are greatly affected by placement. Air coolers should be placed beside or right in front of windows and ventilators for faster evaporation, which means cooler air is blown out by the fan. Evaporation is a key part of an air cooler’s functionality.

An air cooler is usually placed near an open door or window to circulate cool air. This device does not have a fan that exhausts the hot air like central units, so it needs to be close enough for optimal performance.

Cleaning and replacing ice and water

It is important to clean the air cooler at least once a month in order to keep your device safe and efficient. In order for an air cooler to work effectively, you need to make sure that fresh ice or water is being added daily. You should also be able to remove the back of this appliance easily so that you can clean it more easily.

Air cooler problem and Solutions

Replacing Ice and Water

When it’s hot outside in India, people often use an air cooler. There are many ways to successfully use an air cooler and some of them are explained below. First, replace the ice with water because the ice will not help cool down a room and it can hamper the efficiency of your air cooler. Second, add more water instead of adding ice because it is effective when dealing with high temperatures but less efficient than replacing or adding iced water. Third, you can try covering up part of your windows with aluminum foil so that heat does not escape from your house.

Handle With Care

Always handle your air cooler with care. Keep the fan blade and moving parts away from children, pets, or any other living thing. Avoid shifting or playing around with the appliance while it is on. If one of these precautions gets ignored, then you might not get efficient use out of your air cooler and also create a safety hazard for yourself or others.

And if you do not know what you are doing, then do not open the air cooler.

Timely Cleaning

Air coolers are a great way to keep your home cooler during the summer months. However, it’s also important to clean them regularly and carefully.

Furthermore, once the cooling pad is dry and packed away, it should be completely drained of all water. The system must also be cleaned at least twice a year with mildew or mold preventing products to prevent any further growth.

With all these tips you will surely be able to use the air cooler efficiently.

Benefits of using air coolers

Low cost:

Air coolers are a cost friendly option if you can not afford an air conditioner. There is some debate on what is better but cost also matters.

Fresh air:

Air coolers draw air from outside and then cools it off and sends it to you. Thus you will get fresh cool air.

Increases Humidity:

Air coolers increase humidity in the room. If you live in dry and hot areas then an air cooler will save you from dry skin and irritation.

Cools the room air:

Air coolers are great for hot summer days. It will improve the room air circulation. It will cool down the air to some point, which will give some relief from the hot summer.

How do you use an air cooler ice pack?

An air cooler ice pack is a simple and easy way to cool down. It is made of water pads that are filled with water and placed in the evaporative cooler.

The ice cools the water and the cold water cools the honeycomb pad and thus you get cool air from it.

This system distributes coldness by taking advantage of natural elements such as water and air.

It can be effective when used in summer, but it should not be used when you’re near metal objects because it will cause corrosion on the condenser coils.

In India, where summers are scorching and humid, evaporative coolers have been found to be a cost-effective way of cooling the body while reducing electricity usage. It is important to use an air cooler ice pack on a regular basis as it will help in combating hot flashes.

Evaporative coolers do not require any chemicals or refrigerants like other options because they rely on natural elements such as water and air for cooling.

Can you use evaporative air cooler without water?

An air cooler is a device that cools the air by drawing it in and releasing it. This process of evaporative cooling can be used for both residential and industrial state shift coolers.

You can use an evaporative air cooler without water but in that case you will only be getting the fan benefit. The fan will run and give you air but there will be no cold and humidity.

But in order to use an air cooler effectively, there must be direct evaporation taking place inside a metal or plastic box with ventilated sides and a fan inside the unit to draw near-air through vents on its side. The evaporative pads are continually re-dampened so that they continue to cool the cool air.

Is air cooler is good for health?

How do you cool a room with a cooler?

If you want to cool a room effectively during the summer, consider using an air cooler or swamp cooler. This device is simply a fan that circulates and cools the surrounding area by circulating water through it. By cooling your home’s interior with this device, you can also create a comfortable breeze for everyone in the house.

You must provide proper ventilation for facilitating airflow from outside of your property to inside of it so there is not too much humidity in the air near ground level (when compared to the air near ceiling level). If you have a window that can be opened, open it and let fresh air in. Another option is to go outside for a while if your home doesn’t have enough ventilation on its own.

The process of water evaporation cools the surrounding area by producing a cooling breeze or even mist from condensation. In addition, an Air Cooler produces less noise than an AC when running at low speed levels as well as eliminating any need for dehumidifiers. Air Coolers are a great cooling option for your home or office during summertime in India.

An evaporative air cooler is a cost-friendly device that helps cool the room. It can be purchased at an affordable price and it doesn’t require any installation or electricity to function properly.

It’s beneficial because of its natural process, which produces fresh, moisturized, cool air for your home or office with constant flow in all seasons.

Do you add water to air cooler?

An air cooler is a device used to cool the environment by circulating water. It uses evaporative cooling and works with water particles instead of heat. This leads to an efficient use of energy, which can reduce your utility bill drastically.

– In India, it is known that these devices are able to make use of 75% less energy as compared to central air conditioners.

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Types of air coolers

Desert air coolers

These air coolers are less prone to malfunction and issues.

Desert air coolers have a tank capacity of up to 100 liters and castor wheels for easy mobility. Personal air coolers consume less energy and operate more quietly than traditional desert coolers.

Desert air coolers are available in various shapes, designs and sizes. These are ideal for use in Bedroom, Study Room, Kids’ Room, Dining Area and small office.

Desert air coolers are one of the biggest models and they are often the most durable among all other air coolers.

Personal air coolers

In India, personal air coolers are a more energy efficient option than desert coolers in the summer. Personal air cooling is suitable for small spaces and can be used to provide personalized cooling solutions.

Personal air coolers are not so robust like desert air coolers. But they work great as well.

Tower air coolers

There are many different types of air coolers. Tower coolers are slim and sleek, throw the air at a high point as compared to other types of coolers, and have the highest point for spot cooling when you’re sitting or standing on your desk.


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