How to get rid of lizards home remedy in India

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I know you are wishing to know how to get rid of lizards in home or looking for how to get rid of lizards home remedy but not all lizards are bad.

But increasing the population of them is surely a bad sign of things to come.

After all we all have heard stories of common house geckos ending up in a daal in India. And that could be poisonous and will affect your stomach.

How to get rid of lizards home remedy in India

To get rid of the common asian house gecko you can use onion pieces. If you are in India then onions are probably the most common vegetable in your house. These lizards can not tolerate the strong smell of onion and will run away.

But the onion will dry up and the smell will be gone too. And that means the asian house gecko will come back.

But there are other home remedies in India to get rid of those lizards as well. Here are a few home remedies that actually works.

PS: Asian house geckos are not bad creatures. They usually eat mosquitoes, moths, and small bugs in your house. But too much of these in your house means that there will be lots of poop on the floors, corners of your room.

Also it means that there is a chance of them falling onto you or onto food items.

And also means that your house has a lot of small insects so they are being attracted to it.

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How to get rid of lizards in home naturally

Onion: These asian house geckos are comfortable around the strong onion smell. And if you place pieces of onion around the house then they will stay away. But onions wont stay fresh long and soon you will need to replace them.

Garlic: Like onion, the lizards can not stand the smell of garlic. Just put the cloves in areas where you see the lizards. In my case I see them frequently behind the almirah and table and near our tubelight.

Eggshells: I have never tried eggshells but people who have used them always say that it works to some extent.ahem, i am allergic to eggs so i do not have access to eggshells. They say that asian house geckos are afraid of the eggshell smell. 

Citronella Spray: although citronella spray is great against mosquitoes but it also seems to have an effect against asian house gecko. They do not like the small of it and will go away.

Black/chilli powder: spraying chili powder is not fun for most of the animals. And true for house lizards as well. But spraying chilli or black pepper powder might do harm to humans as well.

Get a pet: Might sound strange but an indoor dog or cat will do the job. They will attack and eat the poor house lizard. But not many cats and dogs have adequate prey drive. But it might work, I have seen our tiny kitty trying to hunt these geckos and birds. Although unsuccessful most of the times.

Clean dustbin: a full dustbin or left over foods will attract other insects. And to eat those insects house lizards will come after them. If you are cleaning your home often then house lizards will also stop coming in.

how to get rid of lizards home remedy

Other easy ways how to get rid of lizards in home

Naphthalene: Naphthalene is a all in one insecticide which will repel lizards out of your home naturally. Place those Naphthalene balls in the areas where you see asian geckos the most and they will run away due to the smell of Naphthalene.

Use lizard repellent sprays: These sprays could be herbal or chemical based and you need to spray on the places where you see the lizards most. Also spray them near all the cracks on the walls, behind furniture and more. This will keep the lizards out of your house for sure.

Ultrasonic repellers: These machines plugin to the switch board and send ultrasonic sound waves which can not be heard by humans but lizards, rats can do them too well. And due to the intensity they will go away. So far it hasn’t worked for me well.

How to remove lizard from home permanently in India

Permanently removing lizards from home is not possible but still you can try. And you will get somewhat success also.

Here is how you can remove lizards from home permanently in India – 

  1. Close windows and doors all the time: If you are keeping your room/house shut then there is no chance for those gecko to enter your house. This works well for a new house where no lizards in to begin with. And this will also work if you can repel the lizards from your house and then close the windows and doors.
  2. Run AC: Asian house geckos are not fond of cold climates and they certainly will not like cold air. 
  3. Clean your house: do not keep food open on the table, regularly clean the dustbin, always let air in the cabinets. The cleaner your house is, the less it will attract insects. Thus lizards will not be interested in your house as well.
  4. Use herbal remedy: Place onion, garlic pieces around your house, spray black pepper powder etc to keep the lizards away.
  5. Use chemical and herbal lizard repellent: This is a convenient way of repelling lizards away from your house. You can get them online and applying them is very easy.

To get rid of the lizards from your home permanently you should follow these steps as they are written.

The key is to clean your house, keep the windows closed, fill in the cracks and use lizard repellers.  

2 Best lizard repellent spray in India

Lizard Shield Organic Lizard Repellent

Why Should You Buy this?

Use this spray on the walls and the places where you see the peaceful lizards.

It may work or might not since it is not a known chemical based composition.

But this is good for repelling the lizards and it is a non violent way of repelling them.

Lizard shield comes in a handy bottle of spray that can repel lizards from your home.

It is said that this repellent is made from 100% organic materials and it does to kill the lizards. It is a more humane approach for the kind you.

Top Features:

  • This is non toxic to humans and pets.
  • 100% organic material
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Works better if you are spraying it directly on the lizards.
  • Another useful way is to spray this on cotton balls and place them near the usual places used by the asian geckos.
  • Leaves no mark on the wall.


Will not work the same for everyone.

MAGIC®️ SHOCKLines®️ Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray

Why Should You Buy this?

Works good to repel lizards but may not work the same for everybody. Spray on the walls and on their paths for best effect.

MAGIC®️ SHOCKLines®️ Herbal Lizard Repellent Spray is known to repel Asian house lizards.

Top Features:

  • Non toxic to humans.
  • 100% herbal.
  • Only repels lizards and not kill them.
  • Can use on walls or on the places where you generally spot the lizards.
  • Can be used inside or outdoor.


Leaves strain on the wall. Which can be easily removable with wet cloth.

Ref: IIT kanpur know your gecko

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