How to get rid of house flies India

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Since you are looking to get rid of house flies in India, I would be open and say that this is not for homemade mixes that does not work.

Rather it is a collection of tips and easily available products that you can use to repel/kill and ultimately get rid of house flies in India.

The Real life horror story or accident that happened, all because of a tiny house fly :/

That is why I do not like these flies with a passion.

Top 5 how to get rid of house flies India

How do I get rid of flies in my house India?

Keep house clean, no open food item or open dustbin. Keep windows closed and use house fly repellent or killer sprays to get rid of house flies in India.

  1. Good Morning Fly Killer Spray Powder
  2. iBELL OS241K 8W Insect Killer Machine
  3. Bayer Solfac
  4. Manual Fly Swatter
  5. HIT Mosquito and Fly Killer Spray

This list is mostly built on how effective they are at getting rid of the house flies from your home.

how to get rid of house flies india

Reviews of best house fly killer in India

Apart from using these chemicals, you should always keep your house clean. Do not let water, stale food in your kitchen. And always empty your dustbin.

These are sure shot ways to keep your house free from flies.

Good Morning Fly Killer Spray Powder

Why Should You Buy this?

At this price, this one pack can be used for a month and will give results.

You can use it for both indoors and outdoors.

Although better not to use it near food items, it will work great for the kitchen and bedroom also.

Good morning Fly killer comes in a powdered form and you will need 500ml of water to mix one pack in it.

Top Features:

  • Non toxic to humans.
  • No toxic smell.
  • Pet friendly.
  • Kills small flies and the big ones easily.
  • The spray will kill the flies when it touches them.
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors as well.
  • You can also keep the powdered mix water in a bowel in kitchen or room corners to kill flies.
  • None at this price point.

iBELL OS241K 8W Insect Killer Machine

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after killing house flies, small flying insects that mostly get attracted to light then this electric fly killer will work for you.

It does not cost a lot of electricity either.

If you are not into using chemical or using spays where you need to spend sometime then this electrical light based fly killer might help.

Top Features:

  • Works without human supervision.
  • No worries of poisonous chemicals.
  • Low powered UV bulb.
  • Low electric bills.
  • Keep the item away from strong wind and light and it will work great.
  • Additional to that you can keep the electric killer near doors, windows and near staircases. This will attract the insects so better not keep this in the kitchen.
  • Does not work against all insects, such as mosquitoes.
  • Most useful at night.

Bayer Solfac

Why Should You Buy this?

Keep it away from food and children since it is a strong chemical.

This will definitely help with repelling and killing houseflies.

Bayer solfac works for mosquitoes and works for house flies also.

Top Features:

  • Works against mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.
  • No smell
  • Does not leave marks on walls.
  • Works for a longer period of time.
  • Needs only 10ml per 1 liter of water to spray.
  • Does work for 3 days straight at my house, I use it for mosquitoes though but surely no house flies are seen either.
  • Does not leave white marks and no smell.
  • For houseflies you can also spray it near the dustbin and on windows also.
  • Not for outdoor application.

Manual Fly Swatter

Why Should You Buy this?

If you do not have a lot of flies around your house and you are looking for a handy tool to swat, flies, mosquitoes etc then get this one.

A classic way to kill flies with a swing and maybe do some naughty things, since it is a pack of two 😉

Top Features:

  • Classic fly swatter, works every time if you do not miss.
  • A handy tool to keep it in the kitchen in my opinion.
  • Eco friendly PP plastic.
  • Anti slip handles.
  • A very easy to use tool to kill flies easily with one blow.
  • Plastic is flexible and yet durable.
  • Comes as a pack of two, so you can use it for two separate room by different people.
  • Not on auto pilot.

  • Can not keep flies away.

HIT Mosquito and Fly Killer Spray

Why Should You Buy this?

This is a handy and easy way to repel flies thus it can be found in most homes in India.

You can buy it and use it daily without any issues.

HIT can be found in all Indian homes because it works.

But it works to control all flying insects to some extent.

Top Features:

  • Pleasant smell.
  • Repels and knocks down flies, mosquitoes.
  • Needs to be sprayed 1-2 times daily.
  • Needs to be sprayed in room corners, behind curtains, under bed.
  • Does not leave any marks.
  • Leaves a pleasant smell.
  • Can be used near dustbins, kitchen. But keep away from food items.
  • Not a long term solution.
  • Not for open spaces.

Why remove house flies? A horror story

Once an aunt of my friend had a small cut on the tiny finger of her left leg. Just a small cut, nothing to worry about.

But a lingering pain was there and the pain was not fading but rather it was going strong.

And the small wound was turning into a swollen wound with fluid coming out.

She was rushed to the hospital and later it was found that there was larva of a house fly in that wound.

And that was successfully operated.

But unfortunately she left us that night due to some other physical illness. She was above 60 years of age at that time.

This is why you should let any flies sit on your open wounds, no matter how small the wound is.

Also since those flies carry several germs and bacterias, keep them away from your food items too.

Either keep the food items in the fridge or covered with another dish.


Why am I suddenly finding flies in my house?

Check if you have dead animals (like rats) inside of your house. Flies are attracted to those. If not then you should check your kitchen and dining to check open foods. And lastly check for open dustbins. And spray citronella, lavender, eucalyptus oil to keep flies away.

What smell will keep flies away?

Eucalyptus, lavender, citronella smells are good to repel most small insects and it will keep the flies away also.

What is the best spray to kill flies?

Apart from commercial sprays you should try bayer solfac, TATA sentry and HIT spray in Indian homes. With these and by keeping your home clean, you will be able to kill and repel house flies.

How do I find the source of flies in my house?

Usually in Indian homes, you will mostly find flies that are coming inside from outside. And inside of a Indian home you will find the house flies near food items and dustbin. If you keep your food covered, close the dustbin lid and maintain a clean house, you will get rid of house flies.

What is a good homemade fly spray?

Use a mix of citronella oil and lavender oil. These strong smells will keep the fly away. But for quicker, better action always use a chemical based fly killer spray.

How to get rid of drain flies in the house?

You need to spray strong chemical insecticides into the drain to get rid of them completely. You should also pour down finlyes into the drain also. These all will make the bathroom or your house not compatible for them. You can also try pouring salt, baking soda in equal amounts with hot water. This will also kill the larva of the drain flies.

How to get rid of flies and mosquitoes in the house?

There are many insect killers which will kill all the flies and mosquitoes in your hosue. I usually spray solfac or TATA sentry once or twice a week and that does the job. Other than this you can also spray lemon eucalyptus, citronella oil and other oil from lavender. These will keep the flies away.

How to remove house flies from room?

To remove flies from your room, burn citronella sticks or use camphor so the flies stay away. Occasionally you can spray chemical based insect killers also but do not spray near food or bed.

How to stop flies coming into your house?

In India the best you can do is put a small amount of camphor in plates with water around open windows and doors. For the kitchen you can spray lavender, citronella oil to stop flies coming in. Other than this chemical fly killers like TATA sentry will help.

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