How to get rid of frogs in India from Indoors & Outdoor

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How to get rid of frogs – Easy Indian ways!

Common Home remedies to get rid of frogs

How to get rid of frogs in the house?

Here are some common household items that you can use to get rid of frogs from indoors. These are not for garden use since some of them can hurt your trees as well.

But for to be used near entrances, bathroom, bedroom these are perfect.


We all have a bottle of phenyl at our house all the time, don’t we? This chemical mixture is great at killing germs and most commonly used in our bathrooms.

I have seen multiple times that if I use phenyl near drains, bathroom, then frogs and toads stop coming into the bathrooms.

So use phenyl in bathroom, near drains, outside facing doors, and you will be able to stop the frogs.

Eliminate their food supply:

Frogs invading your home is mostly related to finding food. I have seen frogs in the corners of my house where mosquitoes hang out. So once I started spraying mosquitoes killing chemicals, then frogs/toads stop coming in also.

And another thing I have noticed, that these frogs do not eat those Carpenter ants. :??


Frogs do not like salt or salt water. So it makes a great alternative to phenyl if you want to use it in the bedroom.

Salt dries them up like they do it with snails. So a direct spray of salt will kill them.

But do not spray salt on trees since salt is not good for those trees as well.

Physical barrier

This is a no-brainer. Stop the frogs coming physically into your house. In most cases, frogs can slip under the doors easily. And most Indian homes do have some gaps underneath the doors. So they slip in right in.

Otherwise, they will come inside your home using drains.

So if possible, you can use wooden boards to block the entrances. Or just spray salt there, so the frogs do not come in.

How to get rid of frogs and toads?

How to get rid of frogs

Indoor: To keep frogs and toads away from inside your house, create a barrier or salt and phenyl. Do not keep the house dirty, so it does not attract other small insects also. This will keep them away from your home.


Drain the water out from your garden. Keep the garden clean, spray general insect killers and keep toy snakes. This will help with keeping frogs and toads away.

How to get rid of frogs in pool

First thing to do is cover your pool so no insect and frogs get in.

Frogs also will not like warm water, so if you have a pool water heater, then turn that on.

Otherwise, if you see a lot of number of frogs then mix salt into the water, they will run away or die in the pool. Then you have to clean it up.

Once the cleaning is done, you should spray salt around the pool and keep the nearby area clean by removing weeds.

These steps are a good way to get rid of toads from the pool and nearby area.

And if you are not using your pool for a long period of time, then drain the water.

How to get rid of frogs in toilet

Use phenyl first near the drains. And secondly, use any insect killers in the bathroom. Frogs will avoid the phenyl. And since there will be no food left they will stop coming in too.

If you still see more of them, then spray salt water directly on them. This should get rid of frogs completely.

How to get rid of frogs in potted plants

May sound weird, but rubber snakes might scare them away. I would advise against using strong chemical against plants.

If that fails then salt, phynl around pots or other insect killer around potted plants should do the trick.

They stay near those potted plants because it is relatively cooler, and they get to eat insects that come near the plants

How to get rid of frogs in your yard

A lot of frogs in your yard means it is humid, cloudy and rainy. This condition also invites lots of small insects, thus for frogs that’s a party!

Frogs in your garden means they are getting shelter, water and lots of food. The food here is insects, and them eating insects is a good thing. But if you see a lot of frogs and toads, then that means you have lots of insects as well.

For that, use insect killers which are safe for trees as well.

Spray salt and vinegar if you do not do gardening at all.

Have a pet cat or dog.

How to get rid of frogs in fish pond?

To keep those frogs out of your fishpond, you have to create a fence first. Then you should spray salt around that fence. This should keep the frogs away.

Other than this, draining water from the pond or making it shallower does not make sense.

How to get rid of frogs on your porch

If you can, you should put up a barrier to keep toads away. But if not, then spray salt water. It will dehydrate and kill them, so they will avoid the area.

Other than this you can spray white vinegar as well, it will hurt their legs, so they will not come to your porch or balcony or near your baranda.

You can also try bleach, common insecticides (termite killers) and even spray phenyl.

How to get rid of frogs in downpipes?

Drench them with salt water. Frogs do not like salt and when in down pipes they will feel the sensation and move away. But there is no permanent way of keeping frogs away from rain pipes, though,

How to get rid of loud frogs?

Frogs loud after rain when it’s mating time. Either, you have to remove all the water from the ground. Or spray insect killer to repel them. But the loudness is only when it is raining or just after rain, I will skip it.

How to get rid of frogs in septic tank?

When it comes to septic tank, you have to first look for the entrance. Then seal it, so no frogs can enter anymore. Then you should proceed to spray phenyl, bleaching powder and salt to kill/repel the remaining frogs or toads.

How to get rid of frogs in water tanks?

Find the way they are getting in the water tanks. Water tanks should be sealed of. Once that is done, drain all the water, clean the tank and pour in fresh water, and you are good to go. Closing the entrance is the best way to get rid of frogs from water tanks.

How to get rid of frogs in basement?

If your basement is dark and cold, you have to take care of that first. Frogs and toads love cold and dark rooms. Then to keep the frogs away from the basement away you should spray bleaching powder, salt and other insect killers as well.

What chemical will kill frogs

Salt water will kill frogs, so as vinegar or citrus acid too. Other than this, bleach will also kill frogs easily.

Does bleach kill frogs

Bleach is a very strong chemical, and it will kill frogs.

Frogs vs. Toads

Frogs can jump and have a shiny skin, whereas the toads mostly crawl and do not have a shiny skin.

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