How to fix shoe sole separation without glue

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If you do not want to use the best adhesive for shoes in India to fix shoe sole separation, then you do not have many choices if you want to know how to fix shoe sole separation without glue!

This how-to-fix shoe sole separation without glue article will show you to use some other methods apart from using glues.

Note: These are not permanent solutions, and you will need to apply show glue for the best effect, but when you have nothing to use, then these tips might come in handy.

How to fix shoe sole separation without glue

How do you fix a broken shoe without glue?   

Here are the top 2 tips on fixing a broken shoe without shoe glue.

But you have to use a shoe glue from this list to make the bond permanent and not end up with a broken shoe again. The tips mentioned here are not a permanent fix.

How to fix shoe sole separation without glue!

How to fix shoe sole separation without glue 1: Double Sided Tape

If you have double-sided tape, then this can be a quick way to fix the separated sole. Again, this is not a permanent fix but for the time being, it should help.

With the separated shoe sole and upper, you first clean them with a dry cloth. 

Then cut the double-sided tape and slide them into the separated parts.

Then press them together and you are done.

Double-sided tape has enough glue to hold them tight for some time. But after one-two-time usages, you have to take them to the shoe repairman or use shoe glue by yourself.

How to fix shoe sole separation without glue 2: Sew

Sew that from outside to inside or the way around. This makes more sense with strong shoe soles and midsoles. Sewing is most of that time what a shoe repairman would do. But they also use some kind of glue as well.

But if you do not have any glue with you or do not want to use glue, then you can simply sew it. 

The tread being used should be of good quality, otherwise, it will not be long-lasting at all.

How to fix shoe sole separation without glue 3: Nails to the Coffin (DANGER)

For those hard shoe soles, some beating with a nail and hammer should do it. But it does not work with soft mesh-like inner sole materials. With nails that will tear up, and the shoe will not be usable. For those, you are better with some double-sided tape.

For the rest of the shoes, small nails might work.

But be cautious and place the pins only on the outer area of the shoe. Otherwise, it might be harmful to you.


How do you fix the sole of a shoe from separating?

Do not wet your shoes to avoid your shoe sole from separating. If that is already done, then you have to apply some best show glue to the gap and press them together. Leave them for a couple of hours, and it should work.

Is shoe goo better than Gorilla Glue? 

Gorilla Glue or shoe glue is the best choice for bonding materials that are “rubberized” or otherwise treated to make them more durable.

What causes sole separation?   

Being too hard on the shoe may cause sole separation. For example, if you are using a jogging shoe for climbing Mt. Everest. This will tear the shoe apart. Also, wearing the wrong sizes also affects the shoe soles.

Can you fix sole separation?    

You can fix shoe sole separation easily with shoe glues. Just clean both surfaces and use shoe glue on both surfaces. Hold them together, press them together, and leave them overnight to bond. This will fix the shoe sole.

Does Gorilla Glue work on rubber?    

Yes, Gorilla glue does work on rubber. The rubber sole poses no threats to the gorilla glue at all.

Does Gorilla Glue work on shoe soles?   

Gorilla Glue is the ultimate all-purpose repair product. It is ideal for repairing just about anything. It dries clear and flexible, and won’t crack, peel or flake off your shoe.

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