How to decorate living room in Indian style – 15 ways!

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If you are looking for Indian home decor ideas for living room, then you have come to the right place. I will try to answer to your question of how to decorate living room in Indian style!

This article will share living room ideas for small living room in practical Indian style.

And I do not have deep pockets, so I will only share the cheap ideas to decorate Indian living room.

To decorate your living room in Indian style you should consider Indian arts like Vishnu, Shiva structures. Framed images of Forts from Jaisalmir, Images of the Himalaya or Tajmahal.

Drawings from famous Indian artist will give your living room a unique look. You can also consider other artifacts or antiques which are Indian as well, this can include more stone statues, Indian culture inspired handicrafts, wooden arts and more.

These living room interiors ideas will also allow you to use this room as an office as well.

And there is no place for a tv in living room ideas. The ideas will be contemporary designs for Indian living room where you can do your work from home also

How do you design and decorate an Indian living room?

If you want to look all pretty and with a TV, then you better look for an interior decorator to design and decorate your living room in India.

Before you contact a decorator, you need to have a clear idea on what you want in a living room. For that, you can look up images on the internet and add the items that you need.

For example, for the hot areas, you might want a stylish and powerful air cooler first.

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15 Indian living room interior design ideas to make it more Indian

From modern wall designs for Indian living room to selecting the best decorative ceiling fan or air cooler, I will share Indian living room decorating ideas suitable for home office.

This is how to decorate living room in Indian style!

  1. Spend on Textures To Look Good
  2. Eye catching Furniture
  3. Change the Carpets
  4. New Furniture Paint
  5. Corridor decoration
  6. LED lights
  7. Change the cushions
  8. Change Wallpaper
  9. Change flower vase
  10. Add mirrors
  11. Decorate with Lamps
  12. Ceiling Fans
  13. Leather Furniture
  14. Decorative Chairs
  15. High Ceilings

how to decorate living room in Indian style

Spend on Textures To Look Good


Get good quality and vibrant cover for sofa, cushion, curtain and any other fabric item that you could have. This will bring a change when you touch them and as well as when you look at them. This is not exactly a less time-consuming or cheap decor idea for living room, but certainly works well for Indian living room decor.

And always opt for textures like Khadi or other local made variants.

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Eye catching Furniture


A chandelier or other main focus point in your arts and crafts style living room will shift the visitor’s and yours focus. And this will determine the feel of the Indian style decoration living room. It could be a big family photo, art piece or your new sofa set as well. No matter the design, good furniture are needed to decorate drawing room in Indian style.


Put a green wall with Plants

Living room plant ideas are always great and if you are like me who is into Japanese style living room design then you might want to place a bonsai tree in the living room.

And if you are wondering on how to decorate living room wall? Then some vines instead of a color might do the trick as well. And green trees are good for the eyes and your mind as well. And these plants need very less care and suits Indian style living room.

Indian trees are best for this, since they would need less maintenance.

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Change the Carpets

I am not in favor of carpets since I live in a dusty and hot climate. But for colder climates, the carpets are a no-brainer. And changing the carpets every once in a while will change the look of the living room.

For Indian look, you should buy carpets with Indian designs and patterns. These patterns are great for living room and dining room ideas.

But if you are someone like me who have allergies then for your Indian living room decor, skip these. No matter how good the living room ideas, living room designs the interior decorator gives you, it is not a good choice. All that dust will cause trouble for your health.

Indian ethnic patterns on carpets would look great with a wooden floor!

New Furniture Paint

If you already have Indian themed wooden furniture then for your Indian themed living room decor then painting the old furniture will bring new life to them. Shiny classic wooden furniture and shiny living room wardrobe designs will make heads spin.

Burnishing old wooden antique ones is a good idea for Indian living room designs. 

Corridor decoration

Corridor decoration is tricky, especially if the corridor is small. But bright colors, paintings on the wall and LED lights will make all the difference. The corridor that connects your Indian style living room should be spectacular as well.

LED lights

You should opt for AI enabled LED bulbs for your Indian style living room, which can take color changes via voice and music. This will give a high-tech sophisticated look in your living room. If you have art pieces, stone statues, then one LED light above each would highlight them, and they will look great. The LED lights are also great for home office, if you are converting your Indian style living room into one.

Change the cushions

Most of us watch TV in the living room with sofa and cushions. To change the look of the Indian style living room, you should change the cushion covers to some Indian prints and they will look great for your Indian style drawing room. And if you have a lot of cushions lying around then those can be used to decorate the drawing room in a very cozy style!

Change Wallpaper

If you are using a wallpaper in your indian style living room, then you should change it to something to look more Indian. And a bright color wall appear will brighten up the living room. If you are not using wallpaper so far, then try with some and see if you like it. This is one of the easiest living room designs change ideas.

Change flower vase

Indian style flower vase of various sizes will change the look of the living room. You can try with porcelain large size flower vase with flower, leaf motifs. Those look good beside windows, TV sets and sofa. This will make your room more Indian.

Add mirrors

Add a large wall hanged mirror with Indian patterns as a frame and you might get transported to the old times. For a more modern look, you can install mirrors on the whole wall. This will also make the room look much bigger.

Decorate with Lamps

One of the easiest home decoration idea to implement is to use stylish table lamps. To make your living room more Indian, you can look for tablet lamps with antique look. Or if you want to skip that and use a modern look, then you can do that as well.

Ceiling Fans

Stylish LED light enabled BLDC fans are treasure when it comes to office room or living room. Also you can opt for artistic 8 blades ceiling fans as well. Those are way costly but surely will uplift the look of your living room. And for more Indian effect, you can pain the blades with vibrant colors of peacock, polka etc. Or get those copper colored antique looking ceiling fans, and you are set.

Leather Furniture

Along with the antique fans the leather sofas matches with it perfectly. Faux leather will do good too. This definitely gives a royal feel about it and if you have a large living room that you want to decorate in Indian style then these can surely help. But these are not a low cost or quick fix options. And if you have an energetic pet like a cat. Then those furnitures are not a good fit.

Decorative Chairs

I love the high back chairs, those show a royal Indian look when used in Living rooms. Other than high back chairs, you can use classy looking designed wooden chairs, and you can for sure use ergonomic chairs as well.

High Ceilings

The benefits of a high ceiling for living rooms are that they have the potential to be more airy and spacious. It can also make the room seem larger than it is. The disadvantages are that a high ceiling can make the room look empty or unfinished without any furniture to fill up the space. Living room arch designs do vary a lot, and based on your ceiling height you can design and build the arch.

How to decorate small living room in Indian style?

– Install a few wall hangings around the room to make it look homey and add to the look of the living room.

– Decorate the room with a few plants, paintings and other artworks.

– Place a rug in the living room to make it more welcoming.

– Put up curtains for privacy and to increase the warmth of the room.

how to decorate a corner in a living room?

To decorate a corner in a living room you can do the following – 

  • Start with adding a picture frame
  • Add a wall paper
  • Add corner table

Decorate the wall with painting or pasting an image Add a lamp What should be kept in a corner? In a corner you can keep your books or your decoration item. It will give a nice look to your corner.

How to decorate a living room with wood paneling?

When it comes to decorating a living room with wood paneling there are two main things you need to keep in mind – Keep it neutral Keep it simple If you decide to use a blue rug in your living room you should also use a blue chair or a wooden chair to match the blue rug. The same thing applies to any other color scheme you decide to use.

If you have a yellow couch in your living room you should also use yellow chairs, side tables, lamps and other decor items in the room. You see, if you do not “own” the color of the room, the room will always own you. 

Owning the room means that you are 100% committed to the room. If you are not 100% committed to the room, then you are not decorating the room properly. The second point to remember is that wood paneling tends to be very boring.

It is a great choice if you are trying to create a very sophisticated look or if you are trying to achieve a really “business” look for your living room. But, it is not a good choice if you want your living room to be an oasis of comfort and relaxation. In this case, using a few simple accessories can make a big difference. 


I would prefer that you stick with little brownish dark-colored wood panels. Those will hide any marks and those look good with any other colorful furniture. For example you can pair this type of wood paneling with bright Indian themed pictures on the wall.

How to decorate a living room with orange walls?

Orange is a bright color and can be used in any part of the room. It is widely used in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Orange is often used as an accent color. You can paint the wall in orange color or add orange pillows and curtains to the room.

Whatever you choose, it will make the room look cheerful and happy. Orange is a happy color, and it will make your room happy too. With bright orange walls, you should pick the furniture that complement the wall. Such as brown leather sofa or something in the shades of blue to make the contrast more appreciable?


How much does it cost to decorate a living room?

For a small project you might need to start from at least 10000 INR and there is no upper limit. Depending on the choices you make, the cost can be anything. But renovation and decoration costs are always sky rocketing in India thus you should have a deep pocket.

But if you do DIY then you don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your living room. In fact, if you are willing to put in a little bit of effort and a lot of imagination, you can do it on a shoe string budget.

But bigger changes will require a lot of money. If you wish to bring a high back chair, do complete wall paints and more then those will require some serious money but to make your living room more homely, you would not need to make many expenses at all.

How can I make my living room look homely?

Use your family pictures and warm light sources all over the living room along with Indian artifacts to make your living room look more homely!

And as said before, orange/yellow is a happy color and it will make your living room look and feel cheerful. But what else can you do to make your living room look more homey?
Here are some ideas: Add a rug. Get a natural fiber area rug.

Place it in the middle of the room. If you have a wooden floor, then use color furniture that complement it. And finally keep it simple and not cluttered.

How can I make my living room beautiful?

Get artifacts, your family images in frame, cheerful wall color and unique looking furniture. And last but not the least, use ample amount of natural light and non-natural sources. This will make the room happy and not gloomy and thus beautiful.

The living room is a place where you can relax and enjoy your leisure time. So choose the right interior decor and add your personal touch to it. Happy decorating!

How can I make my living room look luxurious?

Dark and dramatic colors, Thick rugs, Antiques, Classic style furniture, Wrought iron chandeliers, White bedsheet, Three way lanterns, Leather sofa, Antiques, Copper ceiling fans, Silk wall paper, Persian rugs, Soft lighting, Aromatherapy diffusers should do the job of making the living room more luxurious.

But it is okay if you can not afford them all. You can start with a small item first and move upwards. And again with home decoration, there is no upper limit.

How to decorate a living room in small budget?

1. Choose a neutral color for the walls 
2. Paint the walls a soft shade of that color 
3. Go to a discount store and buy a bunch of throw rugs in a similar color to the walls 
4. Go to a discount store and buy two medium-sized comfortable chairs in a similar color to the walls 
5. Buy a coffee table in a similar color to the walls 
6. Do not buy anything that you do not need to decorate.

How do I make my living room look aesthetic?

Use neutral colors like tan, white and beige 
Organize your bookshelves 
 If you have any sort of patterned or colorful furniture, remove it from the room 
Replace your couch and coffee table with ones that are plain and simple and more modern looking.
Hang a painting or mirror on the wall. A mirror will reflect a lot of light and make the room more bright and appear bigger.


This is how you can decorate your living room in Indian style and even use for home office usages purpose as well. Not all decoration purpose is low cost but some are well worth it.

Ref: Pinterest inspirations

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