How to control termites at home in India

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I know a thing or two about how to control termites at home in India. 

Every year in summer I prepare with termite killers, termite spray for wood in India.

As i know when monsoon comes, so the flying termites.

And with them there is definitely a termite colony in my garden house.

how to control termites at home in india

How to control termites at home in India

To control termites at home or to get rid of termites at home in India, start with cleaning clogged water and wooden items around your garden and home. Wood is food to the Indian termites and they will grow quickly. Apart from that use insecticides if you see the situation is going out of your hands. You can find some here. And use some 

Here is how you can control termites at home in India, I will start with some prevention techniques first and then when that fails you can move on with the insecticides.

And I will be upfront, no herbal termite killers or termite repellents works as expected.

Here are the termite protection plan will look like – 

Stop dampness in your house: Damp walls are way too convenient for termites to make mud walls. Which happens in our house frequently. There are few ways to stop the dampness. 

One is to use weather prof colors. But it did not work for us. But covering the walls with tiles did the trick.

Remove stagnant water: Termites hate sunlight and loves wet, damp places. The less you have clogged water around your walls, in your garden more you will be able to keep the termites away from your home.

Remove unused wooden items: Wood is a food to termites and the more vulnerable wooden items you have, more they will get attracted to it. And similar things also happen if you have lots of leaves in the garden, wooden logs etc. Even cardboard boxes to raise a chance of termite infestation in your home.

Regularly put insecticides on a few items: Removing termites with pesticides is an uphill battle. During monsoon or other times when you see termites you have to keep applying pesticides for 2-3 weeks to kill them all. And may also apply the chemicals once a week so they do not get a chance to repopulate your home.

Termite resistant paint India: There are also termite resistant paint available for wooden items, I haven’t used them but hopefully they will work to some extent. And I also believe that you should also apply the paint in a gap of a few years to keep up the effect.

Termite proof plywood in India: Yes there are termite proof plywood in India which you can use when making furniture like a computer table or thin doors. Otherwise you can not make heavy furniture with this. But still it is a hope that at least these will be saved from the jaws of the termites.

Termite control chemicals India: There are many termite protection chemicals available in India. The termite bait or the spray both might work for you. And you should do a test to see which works for these pests. I would use the spray, since as a homeowner I feel that these pesticides works the best for termites.

And termite repellents did not work for me. Termite population had no effect and ultimately I was on the verge of calling a carpenter to fix a table.

Yes that is how destructive a termite is once they invade your house.

Allow Sunlight: Termites can not survive in hot and sunny areas. Thus it is recommended to let sunlight enter your home. But due to present living status it is not entirely possible to do so. But if you have the option to open windows and let sunlight in, then do so.

Pro termite inspection: The pro pest control will help you deal better with termite damage and infestation. The will also help you kill off the colonies and treat the infested furniture better. And thinking of taking help I should probably take help on Subterranean termite infestation.

Signs of Termites in your home

Here are the early signs that you should watch out for to prevent damages caused by termites at your home.

Sound: The wood termites will make sound when eating foods. They are active at night time mostly and if you are near that furniture then you will hear the tick tick sound. And if you also see the hole on the surface then there is definitely a termite attack on that furniture.

Visible Mud tunnels: Subterranean termites will make mud tunnels on the cement walls or on painted wooden frames. This is the termite type I have in my home. They just make everything dusty and ugly and also chew on wood. This termite infest or nests gets created during the monsoon and then to protect your home you should use termites air or call a termite control company.

Flying termites: Mostly during the rainy season you will see flying termites which do look like flying ants but are slightly different. This is also a sign that the termites are ready to start a colony and soon you will have a termite problem to be dealt with.

Dents/hollow wooden furniture: Another sure sign of termites in the house is the wooden furnitures. You will see tiny holes with dents, hollow outer layers on the wooden furniture and you will know that the termites have eaten them from the inside out. This termite damage will cost a lot of money. And you should look into getting termite treatments for this.

 Did I miss any signs? Tell me  

Types of termites in India

Subterranean termites are the most common types of termites in India. These tiny beasts enter the house via ground and create muddy tunnels to live in.

These termites also eat up wood and you will find hollow door frames, window frames and furniture pretty soon.


Can I spray for termites myself?

Absolutely you can spray for termites in your home. I do it all the time. Cover your face, wear gloves and then you are good to go. And make sure that the termite killer you are buying is safe for home. And for more safety do not spray near food items or utensils. Also keep it away from babies and pets.

What is the best way to get rid of termites?

In India, the chemical based insecticides work the best. Spray it in the hollow woods, cracks in the wall or in the places you see the termites that you see. And you are done. And after spraying is done, you should close all those hollow in the woods and cracks in the walls.

Does sunlight kill termites?

Termites have a soft skin and they can not tolerate the sun and enough sunlight will kill them. That is why it is often recommended to allow ample sunlight into your home.

What is the best termite killer?

In India, the terminator and bayer chemicals have good products when it comes to killing termites. Use any of these and you will be safe for the season.

Does spraying for termites work?

Termites spray works if it reaches them. For example termites hiding in the wall will not get reached by this spray. In that case you have make a hole and spray inside the tunnels of the termites.

What attracts termites to a home?

In India, especially true for my home the wetness attracts the termites in. and I do also happen to have many old wooden furnitures and that is simply food to them. And I also have a garden around my house which means more food for the termites. All of this will attract termites to a home.

Does baking soda kill termites?

No only, chemical based insecticide will kill termites. And enough sunlight might also work.

What time of day are termites most active?

The subterranean termites are most active after rain and will come inside then. The drywood termites eat away wood and are mostly active at night.

What to do if you find termites in your garden?

Get outdoor based termite killer chemicals to spray in the garden. This will kill them all. And you can also try nematodes to kill the termites also, it is a worm which will kill the termites. And as a precaution remove all dead trees from the garden and keep your garden as clean as possible.

Can you mix boric acid with water to kill termites?

Yes you can mix boric acid and water to kill termites and this sometimes works the best for a low cost termite killer strategy. But chemical based insecticides like Bayer Premise SC works the best.

What plants do termites hate?

Well, in India there are no plants that termites hate. These things do not work so do not waste your time.

How do I kill termites in my walls?

In India you will often see mud tunnels made by termites. These termites stay inside of these tunnels, keep them cool and much away the wall and wood near by. To kill them you have spray termite killer chemicals on to the mud tunnels. If it is completely soaked then scrape them off. And then if you see some holes in the wall, then spray inside the hole as well.

Can termites eat concrete?

Termites do not eat cement or concrete but surely they do make holes in it. In my house then will make holes in the walls where they can and cover it with mud.

Is it bad to live in a house with termites?

In India, the cement made house stays like it was before. But the walls will look bad due to the mud tunnels made by the termites. And all of your wooden furniture is at risk of getting degraded with time.

Do pools attract termites?

Termites are attracted to water and a pond near your house or a swimming pool will attract termites.

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