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I am a first hand user of a gorilla ceiling fan 1400mm and I would like to tell you my experience from the past 1 year or so in this gorilla fan review. Read the tiny gorilla fan review version.

And firstly I do not have any complaints about the gorilla fan yet.

Apart from any technical issues if you are facing air delivery issue but the fan is running smooth. 

Then take into account the high gap of the ceiling fan and the roof. There should be around 18

inches or 1.5 feet of gap. 

A ceiling fan pushes air down so there should be some gap so that it can do it.

Here you will learn All about Gorilla Fans

Gorilla fan review

Our fan is a 1400mm version so my article would be based on the gorilla efficio fan review of 1400mm design.

We opted for this fan for one reason only, which is low power consumption.

In this case it was 32 watts.

Previously we were using an old ceiling fan that was almost 11 kg weight without the blades. And as far as the electric consumption goes my electrician tells me that it might take around 100-120 watts.

So we almost cut one fourth of that power consumption.

Another thing was remote control.

Before this fan we had only a remote for TV 🙂 so now we can control our ceiling fan with this and we really liked it.

We could speed up or slow down the fan without leaving the bed.

There is a LED in the fan main compartment which would blink with red color. This will indicate that the fan has taken the response.

And it came with a 3 year warranty so all set.

And we have some frequent power cuts and we have an inverter to cope with that. And since it runs on only 32 watts the battery runs for a long time.

And our room is a 10*12 = 120 sq feet area and this fan can cover up to 190 sq feet. Thus we get air flow everywhere!

So in short the TL:DR Gorilla fan review

atomberg remote
  • At highest speed the gorilla ceiling fan 1400mm consumes only 32 watts.
  • 1400mm fan blade area which provides good air flow.
  • Got remote control.
  • Cam use other IR blaster enabled phones also.
  • Gives way better battery life when running on our home inverter battery.
  • 3 year warranty.

Gorilla renesa smart+ fan review

In this gorilla renesa fan review I would say you should start from the new age wooden colors of the blades. These are quite refreshing from the efficio models. But this is not the main feature of this renesa plus fan.

It is IOT enabled meaning you can control it using amazon, alexa, google home etc.

Got LED on the fan head which is used as notification of speed but can be used as night lamp as well.

Other than this the rest of the specs are similar to other 120mm fans by atomberg.

  • It consumes 28 watts of power.
  • Got a differently designed remote.
  • 1200mm fan covers upto area of 140 sq feet.
  • 3 kg 850 g

If you want a smart home where you can control your fan using voice commands then get this mode.

Gorila Renesa fan has all of these features but is not IOT enabled.

Why buy gorilla fan

Firstly as per my experience these fans work like any other ceiling fans and cost you less money during their lifetime. But the initial buying cost can be higher. And for their renesa smart+ fans the cost is even more higher but comes with more features.

The company:

Alumni of IIT and IIM have created the company Atomberg which produces all the Gorilla fan models. They had a vision of a low power consuming electric fan and the results are phenomenal.

In my 1 year+ gorilla fan 1400mm review I really like this fact that this fan only consumes 32 watts of power. The small gorilla fans consume even less power, only 28 watts.

And the Gorilla fans are ahead of the curve than other prominent fan makers like crompton, usha etc. These are the first Indian company that came up with such high energy efficient fan that works.

BLDC motor that made it all possible.

Brushless DC motor is different from conventional fan motors and it run on DC power so it uses less electricity to run. You can save almost 65% of electricity consumption.

Here is a calculation to look for:

Normal Fan Wattage-75

Gorilla Fan Basic-28W

75-28=47W You Save by replacing with Gorilla.

47 x 12 Hours/Day = 564Wh

564 x 30Days = 17Units/Month you saved.

17 x 7Rs=119 Rs./Month Saved.

119 x 12Months= 1428Rs./Year Saving.

Great performance: Even it consumes less electricity and saves money it is not a slow fan. It delivers air perfectly in the bed room of 150 sq feet.

Remote: Using that remote to control the fan means you do not need to have a separate regulator on the board. You do not need to go to the regulator in the middle of the night to slow or increase the speed.

Also you can turn the fan On or Off from your bed itself.

And you can set up timers so that the fan stops at the time you have set via the remote.

Remote is plasticy but works 🙂


3 year warranty comes with all of their gorilla fans. There are some faults in some models but mostly you should not face any issues at all.

Your Gorilla fan has one side and hopefully your local electrical will be able to solve any technical issues if ever arises. Because apart from the mixed magnet in the fan motor rest part is similar to the existing non BLDC fans.

Here are some tech specs:

  • BLDC Motor
  • Span of 1400mm
  • Maximum power consumption: 32 watt at highest speed
  • Best Air flow for upto 190 sq feet room
  • Speed control via Remote. Can pair with phone IR blaster also.
  • Options like Sleep Mode, Timer Mode and Boost Mode (For a limited time effect)
  • Total weight of 4Kg 980 gram
  • 3-Year Full Replacement warranty from Atomberg
  • Available in Matte color versions of White, Brown and Ivory etc. I have the brown colored.
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Uses Z+ Shielded double ball bearing

Since I am putting a review after 1 year, I do not have the original boxes or installing videos.

I took help of a local electrician to assemble the fan.

You will get the fan motor head in a separate box and the blades in another box. 

Gorilla fan complaints

There will always be faulty product, fortunately the number of those are less. So there are less complaints about gorilla fans also. Atomberg does a good job at making good quality fans across all their offerings.

One thing to note is that the fan picks up speed slowly. You turn the switch on and it takes few seconds to run at full power.

Atomberg gorilla fan customer service

Atomberg Technologies, support@atomberg.com/ 8448449442

Customer Care: support@atomberg.com/0844 844 9442


Are Gorilla fans good?

I have used for more than a year now and so far no issues. Fingers crossed. And for remote control and very low energy consumption I would recommend them to anyone.

Are BLDC fans reliable?

Brushless Motors are like other fan motors but they have a magnet in it and run on DC power. And there are very less complaints so BLDC fans are reliable.

Is Atomberg an Indian company?

Yes, Atomberg is a VC backed company made by two alumni of IIT and IIM.

Resources: BLDC fan motor

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