Geyser vs instant water heater what should you pick this winter?

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Storage geyser vs instant water heater what to pick?

If you are wondering about geyser vs instant water heater then to save money pick the usual storage geyser. But for looks space saving pick the new instant water heater.

geyser vs instant water heater

Benefits of an instant water heater?

Easy Hot water availability

An instant water heater is a type of tankless water heater that you can use to get hot water quickly. It uses electricity, while the geyser only needs natural gas or propane. The instant geyser has a long-lasting reservoir and gives more than enough hot water for your needs. A storage geyser is good if you don’t need an endless supply of hot water but would like some when needed.

Time taken for heating water

Instant water heaters will create hot water faster with the input temperature around 400C and a temperature of about 40C in one minute. It is ideal for areas where you don’t want to wait long periods of time for the warm water, like wash basins or kitchen sinks.

Instant water heaters are for quick heating of the water. The time taken to heat a pot of cold, unfiltered tap water will depend on the flow rate and size of your instant heater.

Water flow rate

An instant water heater has a flow rate of 8 liters per minute, which is around 3 litres per minute. The tap flow rate for an instant water heater is 3 litres per minute. Instant geyser or showers have a flow rate of 8 liters per minute, which is more than that of the regular ones. An instant geyser or shower will give you hot water at the right temperature and it’s also more advanced because it’s able to be turned on and off remotely without having to go outside.

This compact, electric heater gives you instant hot water. It is perfect for household use because of its flow rate. The unit uses gas or electricity as the power source depending on your needs and can be set up in a small space.

Space savings

Instant water heaters are space-saving and have a huge tankless size. They also have compact size and no need for a large water storage container.

Space saving and easy to install are the two most prominent features of instant water heaters. They typically have a capacity between 10-40 liters, which is much smaller than an average modern computer.


An instant water heater is designed to provide hot water for up to 4 hours. It can be used as a backup or primary heating system and lasts between 15 and 20 years. Tankless Water heaters are designed for more than 20 years of use with mechanical components that last longer than those in storage models, but maintenance frequency is important because it affects lifespan.

The winner of this product is the Instant Geyser. The initial cost may balance out over time, but it offers continuous performance without an immediate loss in pressure while other products only give you a small window before needing to be repaired or replaced.

Fresh water

Geysers store water and need to be refilled on a regular basis while instant water heaters do not. Instant water heaters have the advantage of being able to provide fresh, non-contaminated hot water without any bacterial growth issue.

Uninterrupted Hot water supply

Instant water heaters provide consistent supply of hot water and can be used to supplement a traditional heater. Benefits include an uninterrupted flow of hot water and no waiting time for the unit to reach desired temperature.

Disadvantages of Electric Instant Geyser

Limited output

Instant water geyser has higher upfront cost and maintenance costs, but it is convenient for those who need just a few liters of hot water at any given time. It also takes breaks in between heating up the added supply and does not heat up the bathtub as much as other geysers do.


The limited output means that it may take a few minutes for the user to get more water, depending on how much pressure is applied.


High Initial Purchase Cost

Instant water geysers are thrice as expensive to purchase as storage geysers. Instant water geyser has a high cost of electricity consumption and these units also require a lot of initial investment. It is better for people to buy the cheaper electric instant water geysers instead, because they will pay more upfront.


The decision between tankless and tank storage is based on the initial costs. Tankless water heaters require an installation cost, while both have different initial costs as well as installation expenditures. The tanks in a traditional system are easier to replace than those of a tankless one; however, it has higher up-front investment which includes upfront purchase expense and install expenditure.

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Tough Installation

Electric instant geyser is a more difficult installation than gas-fired water heater. It is also required by the local building code to have a permit for installation, which may not be necessary in some states or countries. There are safety concerns with the electric instant geyser because it creates combustion of gas within its tank, and contractors should have cost estimates in writing before starting work.


It may be difficult to install a water heater, but it’s worth the effort. It is important to read your owner’s manual for specific maintenance recommendations and other tips on how you can save your water heater from potential failure.

Benefits of Storage water geysers

Easy Hot water availability

Since it has a water tank, there should always be water which is ready to get heated up with a touch of a button. Thus a storage water heater will always give you hot water and at a large amount. Unlike instant water heater you can get a large amount of hot water easily.


Low Initial cost and set up expenditures

If you’re looking for a water heater to use during the winter, storage geysers are often less expensive and easier to install. They also have less initial cost and they require minimal maintenance compared to tankless water heaters. However, people still prefer traditional tank-storage models because of their simplicity and ease of installation.


Long Lifespan

Storage water geysers have a lifespan of between 7 years to 12 years. Instant geysers last for 15 to 20 years, which is almost twice as long as traditional type. Tankless water heaters are designed to last for more than 20 years. The lifespan of an electric instant water geyser is estimated to be more than storage geyser of a typical storage water geyser.

But instant water heaters does cost way more than storage geyser.


Low maintenance

Many instant water heaters are low maintenance and require very little effort to keep them in good condition. Storage water geysers, on the other hand, are not as simple but they do have some benefits that make up for the added work – such as a longer warranty period and less chance of mineral build-up.


Disadvantages of Storage Water Geyser

Space Required

A storage geyser is a tank that holds up to 40 liters of water. These are great for holding more water than instant geysers, but they take up valuable space in the event you need it. Instant models may be better suited for people looking for a small, portable device or who don’t have much storage space available.

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Forming Bacteria

An instant geyser does not have a storage tank, so it is more susceptible to bacteria. The water inside the hot water storage tank can also become contaminated with bacteria and ruin your bathing experience. It could also be harmful to someone’s health if they consume this water.


More Time Required

A storage water geyser takes up to 10 minutes for the water to heat up. However, it uses 2000W of copper with an inlet pipe that is heated. The disadvantage of a storage water geyser is that it needs more time and energy than instant water heater does.

And larger the water tank, the longer it will take the water to heat up.

Which water geyser heats up faster?

Instant water geyser heats water faster and consumes electricity faster as well. Instant geysers heat water up in one go, while storage geysers take time to heat the water.

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Geyser vs instant water heater – Which is more durable?

A storage geyser heats water with a direct-fired burner and uses a greater amount of fuel. These are the most expensive heating systems, which is why they are typically only used in large commercial spaces like hotels or hospitals. In contrast, an instant geyser integrates into the hot water line so that it’s more durable and less prone to failure rates.


What to pick geyser vs instant water heater?

Geysers are great appliances that need no introduction. They can be found in almost any home, and they are commonly used for heating water. Geysers work by boiling the water inside of them to produce steam which then heats up the house.

Instant geysers require some pre-planning when it comes to scheduling because you have to set the timer with a few minutes’ head start before you want your hot water. You also have to do this periodically throughout the day depending on your needs.

Although they are both efficient and cost-effective, storage geysers have some advantages. For instance, a storage geyser has lower electricity ratings than instant water heaters because it stores the warm water for you to use when needed. This is ideal for large families who need an uninterrupted supply of hot tap water throughout the day. On top of that, kids would also appreciate having their own personal warm source from which they can drink as well as play with toys in winter time!

If you are looking for an appliance that can be used anytime, the best water heater depends on what type of user you are.

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