Disadvantages of Chimney usages in India

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There are some disadvantages of chimneys in the kitchen in India. Here are the most prominent ones as per me.

PS: Unless your kitchen is small and have no ventilation, then you may want to skip installing a chimney! An exhaust might do well for a large, ventilated kitchen.

Disadvantages of Chimney usages in India that you should know!

disadvantages of chimney


Everyone can’t afford it, but if you are in an apartment, then you will need it. Price isn’t always everything, especially when it comes to appliances. 

If you are looking for an affordable option, then you might want to consider an induction cook top instead. An induction cook top is a great alternative to traditional gas and electric cook tops. A chimney is a vent pipe that allows smoke to escape from your kitchen. 

Thus, with an induction cooktop, you will not need a chimney.

Most of the time, you can get chimneys for free if you live in a mountain area.

Otherwise, electric chimneys are costly in India. But are very popular with modern people with small apartments.


Difficult to clean

The kitchen chimney sucks up grease, fumes, and odors which are due to cooking.

This causes the chimney window to be full of dirt and stickiness.

You may need to do more than one attempt for this to be cleaned.

 Moreover, it’s a little difficult to clean its filter area as for this you have to call an expert.

To clean it you will need to call a professional at least once a year, and cleaning it is tricky.

And just like the price of the chimney is costly, so is the repairing and cleaning cost.

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Repairing and Maintaining

Kitchen chimneys are important as they create a pleasing aesthetic in the home. And it’s better if you save an extra portion of your budget because to maintain it you need to spend more. 

Often, any of the chimney parts get loose or become useless. I’ve faced the problem of the non-availability of that part. If you face the same problem, then you should try to contact the manufacturer directly or through their official website. 

And you also have to repair the chimney via a certified professional. I have seen people cutting costs and asking non reputed repairmen to fix their chimneys, and they ultimately end up with more issues later on.


Confusion for selecting the best

Each person has a problem of confusion while choosing the right product. The most important thing when it comes to picking the best-fitted kitchen chimney within your budget is to make sure that you look at all your options. The leading brands have many products with multiple features.

Every product has some unique features that make it different from other products. This means that every product has a different price range. 


A large quantity of electricity bill

More electricity consumption is caused by the use of the kitchen chimney.

 All the fans and other electrical items in the chimney will raise the electric bill.

But if you have a small closed space then you have to have a chimney over the gas top.


Problems at the time of installation

At the time of its installation and fitting, the user must modify the decoration of their kitchen.

 That can be very time-consuming and costly. If you already have an open kitchen, then you need a special place to install it. It is possible to suck up all the toxic items by installing them over the gas stove. Extra space and different fittings are required for the installation of the modular kitchen. Kitchen chimneys can be a part of a stylish kitchen if you can deal with some of the disadvantages.


Kitchen Chimneys are space taking!

Kitchen chimneys are great, but they take up a lot of space in your kitchen, making them inconvenient. The best appliance is the one that requires no extra space.

You need to make sure that your kitchen chimney is working at peak efficiency to remove the smoke from the cook top as efficiently as possible. You have to place the stove no more than 5 feet from the chimney to ensure proper operation of the stove. 


Some times Chimneys Make Noise

Stove exhaust vents are an effective way to get rid of gases that build up in a kitchen. This function requires some suction motor. It’s a fact of life that you may have to put up with a constant buzzing sound whenever someone cooks with your stove.

The suction features are the source of the loud and irritating noise. If you raise the volume of this sound, it will increase the pitch. 


Chances of Uncertain Incident

If the chimney is not cleaned for some time, there is a chance that there will be a problem in the house, as such problems may even damage or destroy the property. It might be possible that the grease stains will remain for a longer period in case of grease stains present in the chimney. Falling fire drops can cause a kitchen fire if they hit a hot surface. These droplets can also explode due to high temperature and pressure if they fall into fire. For example, an electric cord could get stuck in the back of the oven, which might lead to a fire.



The biggest drawbacks I see is the initial cost and the high maintenance and repair costs associated with the chimney.

The kitchen chimney is an important addition for a stylish kitchen. It will not only add elegance to your kitchen, but also make it more practical as well. After all we do not want that smoke from the gas top in our bedroom.

Here is one stylish kitchen chimney that you can buy online from amazon!

Is chimney necessary in the kitchen?

Smoke and fumes from cooking can cause the tiles and walls in your kitchen to get dirty. If you have a chimney, the oil particles that make the kitchen sticky will be prevented.

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