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CCTV camera buying guide India

If you are looking for a CCTV camera buying guide, India, then this is the right place for you. Here is what are my steps to find the good CCTV camera in India.

And right off the bat for a small home, you are good to go with 2-3 wireless camera. You do not need a huge set up that the local sellers are trying to sell you.

Security camera buying guide

This security camera system buying guide is based on practicality based on Indian weather and Indian market.

I will be discussing the key camera features and how you can understand if you should need it or not.

And also the common yet key factors of a CCTV security system that will protect your home.

cctv camera buying guide india

Factors to Consider While Buying CCTV Camera

If you are looking for a CCTV camera buying guide, India, then you must be aware of the following factors. Here is a list of them:


If you have a large property then cost of CCTV security camera systems will go like around 1 lakh. But for smaller homes, a few IP CCTV cameras will not cost much.

I would suggest you to get wifi CCTV cameras to cover key areas of your house.

This way you will be able to keep the cost low.

Types of CCTV Camera

There are almost 3-4 types of CCTV camera. And in this camera buying guide, I would suggest you to use dome cameras for indoor usages and for areas where there is no rain or direct sun.

For outdoor usages, always use bullet cameras with long range and night vision.

More details on camera types here

Special Application Cameras

These are spy cameras which takes very less space and might work well for your home security considering you have a small space to cover.

Or for an area where you do not want to make it obvious that there is someone watching.

These tiny cameras are definitely not the best CCTV camera in India. But for, they can do their job well for a small space and hidden usages.

Color Cameras

Nowadays, you will find full HD color cameras and if it has night vision then it will turn black and white at night.

Always do choose color cameras, you would want to capture maximum details as possible.

Network IP Cameras

Network IP Cameras are can be accessed via a computer or even a mobile. These all have some unique IP address and can be accessed easily. And these are called IP camera since they transmit the video via IP packets over a network.

These are the most common standard to opt for home security and for larger surveillance projects as well.

Security System

Cameras are not the main thing in a security system. There is some maintenance costs and hard drive or memory card costs as well.

And often if you want to keep the data for years, then the cost of data storage increases into a staggering amount.

Also, if you are not just placing dome style CCTV camera with Wi Fi then you will also have to bear security system installation system as well.

Camera Specifications

Camera specifications like range, night vision, wi fi, storage and some unique features like solar power might make you wonder what to choose.

Ideally, color and full HD resolution should work well. I do not think solar panel cameras are not so worth it as per me. But if you are powering up your whole house with solar panels, then this works well.

For most part stick with full HD resolution, waterproof for outdoor usages, infrared vision is enough for home office usages.

Special Features

If you are into green energy, then you can opt for those solar-powered CCTV systems. These are the future, and you could be adopting it first in your neighborhood.

Some other special features include full color vision, waterproof rating IP 65, long range are special features that you must want to have depending on your needs.

For example, if you are using bullet cams for outdoor usages, then you must have IP 65 rating and good long range for outdoor recording.

CCTV Camera Accessories

These accessories include storage devices like Hard disk drives, memory cards, recording devices, wires, screen and more.

Not all accessories might be needed for your set-up but most will be needed.

The bare minimum is to get a memory card that is if you are using a dome camera with wifi feature. For example, these wifi CCTV cameras in India

  • hikvision hd CCTV camera India/ hikvision CCTV camera India
  • d link CCTV camera, India

I would post a detailed CCTV camera reviews for India as well. Maybe you will find your best wireless CCTV camera in India there.

wired cctv camera

Maintenance And Servicing

CCTV camera business in India thrives on AMC and servicing. But if you are installing stand alone Wi Fi IP camera, then those manufactures will help you out with any difficulties you face.

More CCTV Camera Specific Features to Consider

These below features will help you understand if those features will be required for your home or not…

Wired CCTV

Wired CCTV systems are generally a mess and require a lot of space for storage. This can be avoided if installed by an experienced person. But you will need a separate room or a rack with monitor, recording system with hard disk drives to monitor and store the footage.

Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV system might be costlier than wired versions, but they do provide a lot of unique features. This is also linked to the next point with IP network systems.

You will have good installation features with no wires, easy connectivity and even can control the camera via mobile apps.

IP Network Systems

IP network in surveillance system, meaning that the data goes via the internet protocol to the storage or network drives. You can also view the data over computer, mobile app and more.

CCTV Camera Sensors

Most CCTV camera imaging sensors are of CMOS, capable of producing good quality images. These are to be color videos/images. The night vision works also great with these good sensors.

The sensor size is quite small, like the one you have in your smartphones, but gets the job done.

Black/White or Color Videos

You will find older and low quality black and white sensors in many CCTV systems, but you should stay away from them. The price difference between black/white or color sensor is negligible, so you should always opt for color sensors with night mode.

HD Resolution

You would not like blurry low quality videos and thus should always get at least 1080p image/video quality CCTV systems. This will ensure quality images and videos if the time arises.

Pan, Zoom and Tilt

These feature rich cameras are very popular and provide great security features since you can zoom on the suspicious people using the camera. These are generally dome camera with motion sensor. So they can move their own by detecting motion and tilt, zoom or pan as nessecary.

Night Vision

This is a common feature nowadays for CCTV cameras. This allows you to view the situation like in day light but in black and white. Some of the CCTV cameras are really good at this.

This night vision also works with motion sensor as well.

Mobile Device Remote Control

Most of the WIFI / IP camera can be controlled via mobile app or a computer. If you are buying camera like MI 360 home then you will have mobile device control.

AI-based CCTV camera systems

AI based CCTV camera system is very popular Pi using enthusastics. This AI allows to scan images/vidoes to identify humans, recognize humans, vehicles etc.

cctv camera tyoes

CCTV camera types India

Bullet CCTV Camera

These cameras have a cylindrical shape, and thus the name bullet. These bullet CCTV cameras are very common for outdoor set up. And these also come with an HDD storage set up as well.

These bullet cameras are known for longer range of view. And can have night vision as well.

If you want to avoid all the CCTV camera cables, then you can also opt for IP CCTV camera in India based on the bullet style. But do get the waterproof version for outdoor usages.

Dome CCTV Camera

Most indoor cameras are dome CCTV camera. These are generally small and cover a wide range of view.

Many of the wireless CCTV camera in India are dome cameras. And these come in night vision with infrared sensors, waterproof and non-waterproof versions as well.

These are also tend to be the most affordable CCTV camera and usually available with all CCTV camera dealers in India.

Home Camera:

In this CCTV for home buying guide, I will tell you about the most common CCTV camera system. These are home camera which are simple dome CCTV cameras with two-way audio and is connected via Wi-Fi.

These are also known to have motion detection feature and is a good indoor surveillance camera with video recording based on motion detection. And these type of camera is always in Full HD camera resolution

Long range CCTV camera India

These are the bullet camera that are generally waterproof and good for home security. These can be called IP camera as well, depending on their configuration. Many do also recommend this style of camera as best CCTV camera system.

These long range home security system does come with video recorder and the high resolution camera can record at night also due to their low light capabilities.

And so far there is no two-way communication via bullet camera systems.

But as an Outdoor surveillance system, there is no match for them.

Solar powered CCTV camera, India

Solar-powered CCTV camera in India are unique to find but are getting popular. These outdoor cameras have a solar panel on top of them and comes with 1-2 batteries inbuilt.

These are generally ip camera with Wi-Fi capabilities, and they do come with motion detection and IP 65 waterproof rating.

And most of the time the solar panel will keep the battery charged even though it is cloudy or rainy.

Battery powered CCTV camera India

These batteries powered CCTV camera in India are generally for indoor usages unless these have solar. These battery powdered cameras are usually a dome camera with high resolution system.

You can also run them using power adaptor as well. They can get connected using your home wi fi and help you with video surveillance.

Advantages of CCTV Camera

Monitor indoor and Outdoors:

With a CCTV camera system, you are improving your overall security by monitoring both indoors and outdoors. This helps with keeping data and keep a tab on intruders if that happens.

Deter Criminals: If the criminals like thieves see that there is a good security camera installed they will not choose to break in. Since most of the time they will be identified, and they will get caught.

Keep Data/Evidence: With network storage devices or online uploads, you can keep collecting all the data. And if there is any crime, that security video footage will help claim insurance and catch the thief easily!

Disadvantages of CCTV Camera

Cost:  Larger the surveillance system, more the cost will be. This is a disadvantage for a large home or office space. But if security and tracking is your main goal, then you have to consider this cost as an investment.

Maintenance:  AMC or simple maintenance by yourself from time to time will take some effort and some cost as well. But for small homes that is not a large amount and if you are using wifi based cameras then the maintenance effort, time needed is negligible.


There are many types of surveillance cameras, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s important to know what you need before investing in them for your business, home, or personal use.

What are your thoughts on the various surveillance cameras in India? Do you have any question about them that we didn’t cover here? Let us know in the comment section below.

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