Can you put a ceiling fan in a kitchen?

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Can you put a ceiling fan in a kitchen? Go forward with caution!

A ceiling fan in a kitchen is a bad idea if your fan placement is directly on the top of the gas burner. Then the wind will put the fire out!

But if your kitchen is larger than you can install a fan at the side away from the gas burner.

The best fans for the kitchen are small tower fans or air coolers. They have focused air throw.

Can you put a ceiling fan in a kitchen

Can You Put Ceiling Fan in the Kitchen?

You can put a ceiling fan in the kitchen provided the floor area is a large one. You can not place a ceiling fan directly on top of a gas burner. You should put the ceiling fan on the empty place. Otherwise, you can not put a ceiling fan in a kitchen.

Why use A Ceiling Fan In The Kitchen

  • Ceiling fans can help remove cooking smells from the kitchen area if you have large doors and windows.
  • Ceiling fans will circulate stagnant air around the kitchen, reducing the cooking smell and damp/watery smell.
  • The most low-cost option to keep the kitchen cool is the ceiling fan.
  • Ceiling fans work with kitchen chimneys. Kitchen chimneys will pull out the smoke and the rest of the gas will be spread by the ceiling fan.

Disadvantages of Chimney

Circulates air

A ceiling fan can help you feel cooler while cooking in a kitchen. It is a challenge to incorporate a ceiling fan into your kitchen design ideas, but it’s essential to keep you comfortable.

But too near to gas oven, and it will put out the gas fire.

Lowers Home Energy Costs

If there are large openings in your kitchen then you can skip the chimney and get a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are easy to install and maintain, making them a great choice for anyone looking to save money on their electric bill.

May help with removing cooking smell and smoke

If the odor or smoke becomes too strong, people should open the windows and use a fan to help disperse the smell and smoke.

The ceiling fan is a low-cost alternative to push out smoke and smell.

Provides An Additional Lighting Fixture/Source

Some ceiling fans can provide additional lighting in a kitchen area.

This can be used to supplement existing sources of light, such as lamps or candles. Can be used for decorative purposes, to provide a certain ambiance, or for safety reasons.

Ceiling fan air might keep mosquitoes away

Ceiling fans with strong air flow will keep mosquitoes and flies away from the food in the kitchen.

And since mosquitoes locate us using CO2, the air from the ceiling fan will also remove that. So they will not be able to find us to feed on.

What Is The Best Size For A Kitchen Ceiling Fan?

A 600mm strong fan which is around 4 feet away from the gas burner is okay for a kitchen. 1200mm fans are more suitable for large rooms and for a kitchen that is a bad idea. It will hamper the burner fire.

What fan moves the most air?

Larger fans will move more air. If you want to throw the air out of your kitchen then you may also use pedestal fans.

Best anti dust ceiling fans in India

Should a ceiling fan go in the kitchen?

A ceiling fan should not be installed in a kitchen because it can increase the chances of fire.

Ceiling fans are often placed near counters and stove tops, which can create unsafe conditions for people and pets.

A ceiling fan is a powerful source of air movement, which can lead to the spread of fire.

A ceiling fan should only be used if it is a traditional design element and not seen in contemporary kitchens. And if it is safe to install it there.

How many CFM should a ceiling fan have?

A good fan will give you at least 100-150 CFM or even more. And usually, a ceiling fan consumes around 60-70 watts. BLDC ceiling fan consume around 30 watts and provide the same airflow.

They are more power-efficient.

Ceiling fans should have a CFM rating to determine how much air they can move.

The higher the CFM rating, the more powerful the fan.

How to choose a ceiling fan for the kitchen?

There are several things to consider when choosing the best kitchen ceiling fan. The first is the size of the room. If you have a large room and need a large fan to circulate air, you will need a larger fan. The next thing to consider is the efficiency of the fan.

Many fans are available in energy-efficient models that are able to reduce your energy consumption. If you have a large kitchen, you will want to choose a fan that is energy efficient.

To choose the right ceiling fan size, first, measure the square footage of your kitchen.

Unless you have a kitchen-sized like a bedroom, then you should buy a 600 mm ceiling fan only.

How large the ceiling fan need to be in the kitchen?

The size of your ceiling fan will depend on the size of your kitchen. A small ceiling fan can be placed in a small kitchen. A large ceiling fan can be placed in a large kitchen.

In order to find the right ceiling fan size for your kitchen, you need to know the square footage of the room.

To determine the reach of a kitchen ceiling fan, you need to measure the length and width of the perimeter of the kitchen itself.

But you should not buy ceiling fans larger than 600 mm.

Does your kitchen ceiling fan needs light?

Ceiling fan lights can provide great mood lighting over dining areas and kitchen islands. If you have a large room then chandelier ceiling fans are great for decoration.

In large or tall kitchens, ceiling fans can be used just for air circulation.

Match ceiling fan and kitchen decor

Popular finishes for ceiling fans, like antique bronze, satin, and oil-rubbed bronze, are attractive and may help enhance your kitchen’s style.

Choose a kitchen ceiling fan that matches your style.

I would like these Havellls antique style fan for my kitchen any day.

Check for airflow ratings

High airflow ceiling fans are useful for the kitchen. You can check the air flow ratings on the box, a higher rating may mean high hair flow.

Energy savings fans also have high airflow despite consuming less electricity.


Look for energy star rated fans

5 star or even 4 star ceiling fan will consume less power. And BLDC fans will consume even less.

This makes these energy-rated ceiling fans very cost-effective.

The Panasonic ceiling fan features a long-lasting fan, easy installation, and quiet ventilation.

Energy star-rated ceiling fans typically have lower power requirements than other types of ceiling fans.

Energy star-rated ceiling fans may be less expensive than other types of ceiling fan models.

To find out if a fan is Energy Star rated, look for the label on the fan or contact the manufacturer.


If your kitchen is small, then a ceiling fan is a big no. You should get kitchen fans or small tower fans. For large-sized kitchens, you can go for 600 mm ceiling fans. Those will be enough.

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