Can you have a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the same room?

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Can you have a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the same room, or is it a bad idea?

If you are wondering if you can have a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the same room? Then the quick answer is that you can. If the ceiling fan and chandelier are far apart and the room is big then there is no problem.

But if they are close enough, like they have less than 2 feet gap, then you should not install a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the same room.

On the other hand, you can just install a classy-looking chandelier ceiling fan instead.

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In India, if the room is small, it will look too congested. Especially true for apartments where the ceiling height is around 10 feet and the room size is small to medium-sized.

Can you have a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the same room

Can you have a chandelier and ceiling fan in the same room?

You can have a chandelier and ceiling fan in the same room, but it is not recommended. A better alternative would be to install the ceiling fan on the wall and mount your chandelier in the center of the ceiling.

This creates an open space that’s more conducive for energy efficiency, as well as gives you more options when decorating. If you’re thinking about installing a chandelier in your home, make sure that you find someone with experience who knows how to do this.

Can you have a chandelier and ceiling fan in the same room? The answer is yes. There are various styles, sizes and designs of chandeliers that can be used with ceiling fans or not. Regardless of what type you choose to use, it should be installed properly so as to avoid frustration on your part.

It’s important when buying lights that they’re compatible because otherwise there may be difficulties during installation if things aren’t clear-cut from the get-go.

Why hang a chandelier by the ceiling fan

Can you have a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the same room?

One of the most common questions is how to hang a chandelier by the ceiling fan. 

Ideally, you’ll use some kind of hanging light, like chandeliers or pendants, rather than close-to-ceiling or recessed lights. More light fixtures may be needed to raise the overall level of ambient light for practical activities.

And anyway, if you want to hang a chandelier by the ceiling fan, keep a gap of 5-7 feet at least. The ceiling needs to be high as well.

Otherwise, the whole room will look stuffy and you will get a hard time cleaning up the room.

Or get chandelier ceiling fans

The Chandelier Ceiling Fan is a beautiful blend of beauty and style. With its candelabra-style arms and tiers, it has the beauty of a classic chandelier with the statement power of a ceiling fan. 

These fans are finished in elegant shades that include colored glass, wrought iron, and sleek chrome.

They come with traditional lights and those lights can be turned on and off separately as well.

However, there are some new-age BLDC ceiling fans with LED lights, but they do not have the charm of an old-school chandelier.

While the chandelier only provides light and beauty, the chandelier ceiling fan will give you wind, light and some aesthetics as well.

When a chandelier is a better option than a ceiling fan


The ceiling fan is a common workhorse, but when you want to create an elegant and sophisticated look in your home, the chandelier might be the better option. Modern-day fans come with customizable décor and are more aesthetically pleasing than the older generations of ceiling fans.

But chandeliers are in a league of their own when it comes to the classy looks.

Chandeliers make an excellent addition to your interior design. 

The beauty of these lamps articulates into any style or decoration, creating a top-class convergence point for guests and family members. They are beautiful as well as functional in nature. 

Chandeliers should be your first choice when decorating with lights because they offer both functionality and aesthetic benefits at the same time!


A chandelier is made of bulbs and glass, making it fragile and prone to damage. The durability of a ceiling fan can be seen in how long the blades are able to maintain their shape even after being hit or falling down. A crystal chandelier will have a strong look that lasts even in harsh conditions that other types of chandeliers might not last through.

Chandeliers is a delicate item and should be handled with care. 

The size of the room

Yes, you can have a ceiling fan and a chandelier in the same room. You just need to make sure that your room is tall and wide enough for both of them. A height requirement of 8 feet is required for most chandeliers, and 8 feet or higher would be needed if you want to install a candelabra lamp.

If you have a grand room with lots of space and an air conditioner installed, then getting an chandelier is a good idea.

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Low Energy Consumption

If possible always use LED bulbs in chandelier.

LED bulbs are 90% more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. They are simple, small and light. LED bulbs contain a microchip that converts electricity into light energy, so it can be seen by your eyes.

Incandescent lamps produce a lot of heat, but LED lights are more efficient in their use of electricity. LEDs do not burn out as easily and therefore will last longer than incandescent bulbs. Motors also have a high affinity for consuming power and may need to be replaced when they decrease the amount of light emitted by 30%.

In order to reduce energy consumption, diodes and crystals are used in place of fans. Additionally, the reduction is achieved by using less light rather than more as well as cooling the room or natural ventilation.

Save space

In a room with minimal lighting, having a chandelier can save space and still make the look of the room special.

It is hung from the ceiling to create more space for furniture. Installing lamps in ceilings makes more room for other items as well.

Why a ceiling fan is better than a chandelier

Air Flow

A ceiling fan is a type of circulating fan, which circulates air in a room. They have the wind chill effect and circulate fresh air so that people can feel comfortable and cozy at home or work.

A ceiling fan is the most economic option to improve airflow in the room. And a combo of chandelier and ceiling fan will help you maintain a nice look along with the air flow feature.

Size of the room

Ceiling fans work best in small to mid-sized rooms and can be placed anywhere from 10-12 inches away from the ceiling. Large blades cover large areas, and a 40-inch fan can cover 200 square feet of space. 

Chandeliers are ideal for larger halls or buildings with high ceilings, while they do not produce air flow as a ceiling fan.

Pure chandeliers will only help with the beautification of the room only.

Ceiling fans might make insects go away

It is hard to keep bugs away in the spring and summer seasons, so it is a good idea to install a ceiling fan. 

While a ceiling fan will help you in this regard apart from cooling the room, the chandeliers will only provide decorative light and nothing else.

Functional lighting

The most common type of ceiling fan is a major asset to any home. With today’s modern fans, you have the choice between functional lighting and elegant versatility.

And there are many chandelier ceiling fans as well which does bring airflow and lighting to the room.

Can you hang a chandelier by the ceiling fan?

When you decide to hang a chandelier from the ceiling, it is important that it’s not too close to any type of fan.

The chandelier should be at least 7 feet away from the floor and should also account for height when shopping for one.

A low-profile fan would be better because they are less likely to pull on your light fixture and potentially break them off.

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Only hang a ceiling fan and a chandelier together if there is enough room space available. You will need a high ceiling height and a wide room to install a ceiling fan and a chandelier.

Otherwise, if you are being practical, then invest in a nice looking ceiling fan. If it is a BLDC fan then it will consume very little amount of electricity as well.

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