Can air cooler run on Inverter easily

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Can air cooler run on Inverter and for how long?

Can an air cooler run on an inverter? It will depend on the capacity of the inverter and the per hour power consumption of the air cooler.

How many hours can a cooler run on an inverter?

For example, a Symphony diet 12-liter air cooler consumes around 170 Watts of power per hour. So if your battery capacity is 150 ah then you can calculate backup time using this formula.

Inverter Backup time: Battery capacity*Battery Volt/Power consumption

In this example, it will be 150*12/170 = 10.5 hours.

If you have a double battery 24 V system, then it will look like this: (150*2)*24/170=42 hours.

If you have any desert coolers, your run will be much lower due to their high power consumption.

Inverter buying Guide

Can air cooler run on Inverter

Things you should remember before running an air cooler on an Inverter!

Inverter voltage and how it works

An inverter is a key piece of equipment in a solar energy system or in a home backup system. It converts direct current (DC) to high-frequency alternating current (AC). This process is called rectifying. The inverter circuit then outputs alternating current with varying voltage and frequency.

Inverters work by taking DC power from a battery and converting it to AC power that can run standard electrical equipment. The downside is that the battery will need to be recharged as the power is drawn out of it by the inverter.

Air cooler power consumption chart

In general, if you are getting 245V from the power supply and your inverter might give you around 220V. Thus, you will see a change in the fan speed of the air cooler when it runs on an inverter battery. If the inverter is a pure sine wave then it will not hurt the air cooler, so if you see speed fluctuations then you do not need to worry.

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I was worried about my unit, and thus called the service number, and they cleared it for me.

The battery should be fully charged

Your inverter battery should be fully charged. The air cooler will drain your battery quickly thus without a full battery you will not be able to run the air cooler for longer.

You will need a 12 volt/24V battery bank battery that is deep-cycle to power an air cooler. The battery can be recharged in a number of ways, including solar panels, and wind. There is also an AC outlet on the unit which can be used to charge the battery.

Bigger battery size

The larger the battery size, the longer you will be able to run the appliances. From the example above, you will see where a single 150AH battery could run the air cooler for 10 hours. 2 150Ah battery will run the air cooler of 170 watts for 40 hours.

Which consumes more electricity air cooler or air conditioner?

Air conditioner consumes at least 1k watts or 1 Kw per hour. This is almost 10 times as much from any typical air cooler. Thus air conditioners consumes more electricity than air cooler.

How many watts does an air cooler use?

Air coolers can consume around 60 watts to 180 watts easily. The larger the air cooler, the more electricity consumption it will do.

How many hours a cooler can run on inverter?

An air cooler of 100 watts can run for 10-12 hours on an inverter battery. (Lifepo4 battery in India) Even better if you have connected to solar panels. On the solar panel, it will run for free for the day, and only after the day ends then it will consume power from the battery. Thus, you will be able to run the air cooler on the inverter for more than 12 hours easily.

Can we run air cooler on UPS?

Air coolers of 100-120 watts or lower can run on UPS, but since the battery is of lower capacity. But if you are using an inverter UPS with at least 150Ah battery, then you can run the air cooler for 10 houses easily.

But note, you can run the cooler for 10 hours if you are not using any other electrical devices.
If you happen to run more appliances along with the air cooler, then the run time will be lower.

Is air cooler better than AC?

AC provides better air quality and provides more pleasant air temperature than air cooler. But it also costs more electric power.

Do air coolers use a lot of electricity?

Air cooler uses around 120 watts of electricity per hour, which is easily 10 times lower than an AC.

How much electricity does a cooler use per hour?

Air cooler consumes around 70-150 watts per hour. Desert coolers consume more power per hour, and it might cross 150 watts per hour as well.

Ref: Amarbari on Youtube

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