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Slugs are one of the most common pests in gardens and yards.  They can be a nuisance when they eat your favorite flowers or make holes in your prized vegetables.  

But there are many natural ways that you can get rid of these slimy little guys for good. And as a snail killer India only one works flawlessly, and it is also cheap!

But first, here are some general tips!

Start with clearing out water from the garden, clogged water to extra moisture is heaven for these snails and slugs. And also mosquitoes. If you want to keep those slugs and snails away, then you have to reduce the moisture.

But you will most likely to fail with a large garden during monsoon. Like I did.

Another weird tip that might works is: Place banana peels near where slug activity has been seen. They apparently do not like the smell.

PRO TIP: Just use tablet salt wherever you see snails and slugs. Apply directly on them and they will die quickly. But you can not use them while they are on plants. For those you might want to check the list below!

Top 5 Snail Killer in India

  1. Green Dragon’s SNAIL MAGIC
  2. Casa De Amor Eco Magic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
  3. PIDILITE Terminator
  4. SALT
  5. Vinegar
snail killer india

Reviews Top 6 Snail Killer in India

Green Dragon’s SNAIL MAGIC

Why Should You Buy this?

If you have snails and slugs that are eating away your plants, then this is the best thing you can buy online to use.

This slug or snail bait does not harm the plants or animals and works great.

Do follow the instructions like not to apply before waiting the plants.

Green dragon have few successful natural insect repellents and killers in the Indian market. And this is a good offering too.

  • Can be used around garden vegetables and flower plants.
  • Safe for animals.
  • Works against snails and slugs. They eat this bait and then stop eating any other plant and die within 4-6 days.
  • Costly.
  • Have reapply at least once every two weeks.

Casa De Amor Eco Magic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Why Should You Buy this?

This works great to create a perimeter around your house and plants to keep the snails away.

The slugs and snails will cross over it and bleed over and die.

Diatomaceous Earth is a multifunctional element to use in gardening, and it can repel and kill snails and slugs as well.

  • Diatomaceous Earth will cut the bellies of snails and slugs and they will die of it. And most of them will avoid the area where you have spread Diatomaceous Earth.
  • I would spread it around my plants and home to avoid them. But it can get washed away with water.
  • This Casa De Amor  Diatomaceous Earth is safe for pest control for garden and indoor usages.
  • It is not toxic to pets and humans.
  • This can be used against insects also. It cuts insects and they die by dehydration.
  • Might not work well for wet areas.

PIDILITE Terminator

Why Should You Buy this?

If you have termite, ant and snail/slug problems then this can surely help you to get rid of them.

But this is a costly variant, and you can get away with using the slug specific items only.

Yes it is for controlling termites but termites, ants and many other insects will simply die if they come in contact. Same with slugs.

  • Works on termites, but also works on slugs. But you have to spray it on them and not a cost-effective option.

  • Can be costly if only used for slugs.

SALT: Snail Killer India

Yes, common salt kills the snails and slugs superfast. It dries them and they die out of dehydration. Not a humane way to do this, but it works every time.

All you have to do is spray enough salt directly on them, and they die in minutes.

The catch is that you can not use it on plants, since salt is not good for them. But you can make a barrier of it around your pots. And also use salt inside your house.

Buy high quality salt from amazon.


White vinegar mixed with water works well against snails. Just mix and spray it on to them.

Buy Vinegar from amazon.


What kills slugs instantly?

Salt is an ancient and time-tested way to kill slugs. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the slug, or pour some around their hiding spot so they have nowhere else to go but into it. Watch them shrivel up quickly before your eyes! Salt will not harm soil; in fact, its minerals are beneficial for plants growing nearby who need potassium just as much as we do (a mineral found frequently in table salts).

What is the most humane way to kill slugs?

I can not think of ways to kill slugs or snails humanely. You can use salt, poison baits which results in a slow death. Or just crush them under your foot. But this way you can effect many of them.

How do you make homemade slug killer?

Best homemade slug killer is salt and turmeric powder. Where salt can kill the slug almost instantly. The turmeric powder might keep them away.

Do slugs feel pain from salt?

Yes, the salt almost burns the slugs to death. When people think of putting table salts on garden pests (like slugs), it’s often because these products are marketed for using instead of pesticides; however, this does not work well with slugs because they will writhe around for hours before finally dying once exposed to high doses of sodium chloride–you’re essentially burning them alive by doing so much damage at one time!

Can vinegar kill slugs?

Yes white vinegar can kill slugs. But if you use them on the plants then the plants will diet too. So if you see slugs on the floor, balcony, window then you can spray some white vinegar on them to kill them. And it should keep them away for sometime also.

Do slugs scream when you put salt on them?

Slugs and snails do not have vocal cords but they do feel pain, although they do not scream.

Do coffee grounds stop slugs?

Yes, coffee will repel slugs, but I would rather drink coffee and spray chap salts to kill/repel slugs and snails.

Do slugs die if you cut them in half?

Slugs do not have regenerative powers and neither have good healing factor like deadpool. So if you cut them in half they will die.

Does soapy water kill slugs?

Soap foam, soapy water will kill the slugs. Soapy water will also repel and kill ants.

Why do slugs die from salt?

Salt sucks the water out from the slugs. Rapid hydration is what kills them. It is painful for them, sure. This is why you would see a watery mess after you put salt on the slugs or snails.

What smells do slugs hate?

Mint, garlic, geraniums and chives are just a few plants you can use to keep slugs out of your garden for good! Slugs have an intense dislike for the strong scents in most terpenes found in mint leaves as well as foxgloves or fennels. You may want to plant them around the edge of wherever you plan on having other vegetation too so they don’t scare away all those cute little creatures living there before it even has chance grow up.

What is a safe slug repellent?

Turns out you can deter slugs with a variety of natural ingredients, like lime or crushed eggshells. Sprinkle around plants to keep them away and protect your garden! I would also use white vinegar and salt, since those are sure fire way to kill or repel slugs.

What spray kills slugs?

There are sprays that are available that can repel or kill slugs. But you can also spray coffee/vinegar to kill slugs as well. Just use any regular spray bottle, and it should work.

Is slug bait poisonous to people?

Slug bait can be deadly to pets and humans alike. Is it poisonous? Yes, in certain doses of toxicity for adults as well! Less than an ounce (just a few grams) is enough to kill a human being; dogs and cats have also been known to die after eating them.

Can a slug bite you?

Slugs eat of plants, and they have a mount, so they can bite. But is that fatal to a human, not sure. I do not want to get bitten by a slug anyway

Where do slugs come from at night?

In our garden I often see snails and slug hiding under damp leafs. And we have a lot of wet leaves around. So slugs stay under leave during the day and come out at night

Does baking soda kill snails?

Many gardeners have experimented with different methods to take care of slugs and snails. One popular method is baking soda, which can be sprinkled on the soil as a repellent or directly onto pests for an instant kill! But baking soda on flower plants or on the soil might harm the tree too

What happens if a slug touches you?

A wet touch from a slug will not do any harm. But eating one will do due to their parasite. There is even a case where one boy ate a slug at a party and got paralysed for the rest of his life 🙁

Can you kill a snail with salt?

You can kill a snail and a slug with salt. It will dehydrate them at a much faster rate, and they will die quickly. But painfully. And since you are using salt, you should be careful around using garden plants.

How do I get rid of snails permanently?

Spray common insect killers, spray salt and some even say that spraying eggshells will also keep them away. I would prefer salt and even phenyl to keep them away.

Does diatomaceous earth kill slugs?

Diatomaceous earth is good to repel or kill snails that are in the garden. Diatomaceous earth is not dangerous to plants. Where borax, salt and other snail repelling chemicals can be.

Is Vinegar safe for snails?

Vinegar and water solution is good to kill snails that are inside your house. Vinegar is not good plants but it will kill the snails and slugs the same.

What attracts snails to your house?

Snails and slugs are nocturnal, moist-loving creatures. If your room has a dark, damp corner, they will come in. Also, leftover food on the floor and plants are their favourite food also.

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