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Honestly in my opinion the new all out machine and the new Good night machine with liquids works better than all other best mosquito killer machines in India. Especially as the best mosquito killer for the bedroom.

I am not considering the best mosquito bat brands in India.

PS: Pest-control companies do not use these equipment as mosquito repellent or for insect control. 

Best mosquito killer machine in India

  1. COROID Eco Friendly Electronic LED Mosquitoes Killer machine
  2. HNESS Mosquito Killer Lamp 2020
  3. Eleven Mart® Mosquito Killer Machine
  4. Good Knight Gold Flash (best mosquito killer for bedroom)
  5. All Out Ultra Power+ FAN (Best electric mosquito killer machine)
  6. iBELL Insect Killer Machine
  7. KATTICH Compact Electronic bug zapper

[Review] Best mosquito killer machine in India

COROID Eco Friendly Electronic LED Mosquitoes Killer 

Final Verdict: This is a stylized mosquito killer machine in India which is somewhat successful.

This is super easy to operate and clean and also uses less electricity.

Coroid eco friendly mosquito killer machine in India that looks good and will suit any room. This gets power by USB and has a separate container to keep the dead mosquitoes.

So it is easy to clean the mess up after a night of usages.

Apart from mosquitoes it can attract and kill similar sized flying insects.

Flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, moths get attracted by the violet light on top and then the fan pushes them down a funnel. And from the small opening of the funnel they can not climb back up. And the constant air kills them.

This is called the air drying system.

The fan is usually a DC fan used in computer cabinets.

Top Features:

  • Super easy to use, just plug in.
  • Easy to clean the dead bodies of insects
  • Light wavelength is 356nm which is attracted to mosquitoes
  • Can be used for mosquito control or for other insect control.


  • Compact design and good to be placed in a living room or bedroom.
  • No poisonous or harmful method used.
  • Consumes low electric power
  • Easy to clean the machine
  • Easy to replace the fan inside.


Not effective for everyone.

HNESS Mosquito Killer Lamp 2020

best mosquito killer machine in India

Final Verdict: This will be considered as the best mosquito killer machine in India due to the ease of use, low power consumption and the looks.

The usages instruction mentions turning it on 3 hours before going to bed.

Also they mention it running for 48 hours before using it for the first time.

This mosquito killer machine in India has a unique look that resembles a bladeless fan. This mosquito killer machine in India got the look as it can be used as a home decor piece.

The UV light is situated on the top and can be viewed 360 degree.

The UV light is 365nm and is used to attract mosquitoes. 

This mosquito killer machine in India has 2 type of power options like USB and socket. The usb power seems to be used from power banks also. And the socket power comes from our usual plug outlet.

Apart from attracting mosquitos this can also attract small flying insects. This has a strong fan under the lamp which sucks in the mosquito. After that the creature gets trapped in a container below.

From that they can not escape due to the downward pressure of the wind.

Top Features:

  • 5 watts
  • Safe for babies and pets
  • Unique looks
  • Non Toxic
  • Light can be visible 360 degrees and mosquitoes can be killed 360 degrees as well.


  • Physically kills mosquitoes
  • Looks good as a home appliance not for backyard.
  • Detachable storage box for dead insects makes it easy to clean.
  • Due to the DC fan low powered light the power consumption is really low.


Needs to be used in a completely dark room and you have to set the machine up 3 hours before your bedtime.

Eleven Mart® Mosquito Killer Machine

Mosquito Killer Machine for home

Final Verdict: This is one of the best mosquito killer machines in India due to the large container and downward dc fan.

Although like other similar machines, it will not work for long term and not useful for all homes.

Eleven mart mosquito killer machine in India is similarly build like some other models but has some different features as well.

Here the fan is a little bigger and placed right on top of the cylindrical box along with the lights.

While opening up the machine you would actually lift up all the fan mechanisms. Then you would have the access to the kill box. 

The box is larger than most of the other mosquito killer machines.

This mosquito killer machine in India has seven blade fan and is suitable for all types of USB power.

Top features:

  • Good design
  • Low power UV light and DC fan used.
  • Easy to clean.
  • USB power and wall power socket


  • Good cylindrical design allows for a larger mosquito trap.
  • Vortex type DC fan seems to be larger
  • Works as a good mosquito magnet or fly trap.
  • Easy to use pest control products.


  • This mosquito killer machine also needs to be turned on 2-3 hours before your bed time. And the room should be dark all the time.
  • Not useful for the long run.
  • Not useful for some homes.

Good Knight Gold Flash

Good Knight Gold Flash

Final Verdict: If you are into the idea of spreading strong vapor every 4 hours for 30 minutes straight then use this mosquito killer machine.

This will surely be useful for a small to medium sized room to kill or repel all mosquitoes quickly.

This new Good night mosquito killer machine which is vapor base takes it to the new limits. It has two modes, flash and normal.

If you have serious mosquito issues in the room then switch to flash mode.

Then for 30 minutes straight every 4 hours the machine will release visible, powerful, gusts of vapor.

This will get the mosquitoes running away for their lives.

This combo pack comes with 3 refills

I do not like the gold color, it seems too bright. 

Top Features:

  • Flash mode to spread intense vapor.
  • Also have normal mode
  • 3 Refills


  • Good or rooms with high mosquito infestation.
  • Apart from the famous flash mode there is a normal mode


Flash mode will use more liquid and will result in empty refill bottles quickly

All Out Ultra Power+ FAN

All Out Ultra Power

Final Verdict: If you want much faster relief from mosquitoes but do not want to spend a lot on machines then get this one.

This mosquito killer machine has a small footprint and has much greater performance value than the price.

I have always remembered the frog shaped allout machine which was jumping around eating mosquitoes.

Apart from the basic design this new improved version has a fan. This fan helps with spreading the vapor from the bottle quicker.

The small fan consumes some energy but not by a huge amount. But the fan seems to work in favor of removing mosquitoes.

And buying the machine and the liquid saves some money also.

This fan base allout can cover around 30m cube area. This helps with relief from mosquitoes 30% faster.

If you want to use it for bed time then plug it in 30 minutes before going to bed.

Top Features:

  • Works 30% faster than other machines.
  • Spread the vapor in a larger area like 30 cubic meters.
  • Has two modes – Normal and fan.


  • Using the fan mode the relief from mosquitoes gets much faster. 
  • Does not use more electricity either.
  • Fan mosquito killer machine also looks good.
  • Can compare with spraying mosquito repellent like the HIT flying insect killer.


  • Fan will make the consumption of the liquid much faster.
  • Fan makes some noise also.

iBELL Insect Killer Machine

ibell insect killer

Final Verdict: If you have a large house or a shop and you want to get rid of all types of flying insects then get this killer machine.

It only needs electricity to work and works great for fly type insects.

This is an insect killer which will kill any insect that it can attract with its lights. It mostly kills all fly type insects and is somewhat effective on mosquitoes.

Since mosquitoes are not attracted to light it is not that effective on them.

But you can check youtube for mosquito traps that involve generating some co2 source then it can help you with attracting mosquitoes near the mosquito killer machine.

This mosquito killer machine is good for large halls, kitchen, shops. Or can also be used as a mosquito killer machine for office.

Top Features:

  • No poison
  • No need of using sprays everyday
  • Low electric usages
  • High Voltage exterminator


  • Just hang it up, power it up and that’s it. No need of maintaining, this machine does it. But you have to clean it once in a while.
  • Good for hall and closed spaces with no wind or other strong light.
  • Low electric consumption.
  • Does not requires active participation like Mosquito zapper or swatters.
  • Safer than pesticides.


  • Not 100% effective on mosquitoes.
  • Does not work without electricity.
  • The electric consumption is written 6 watts…which seems to be very low.

KATTICH Compact Electronic bug zapper

Electronic bug zapper

Final Verdict: This mosquito killer machine is good for small homes or for bedrooms.

This usually attracts all types of flying insects and is more or less effective on mosquitoes as well.

This is a small sized electronic bug killer suitable for even bedrooms. This is helpful with cleaning up insects for a room size upto 150 sq feet.

This electronic insect killer has aluminium construction and has a steel chain to hang it up. It consumes around 25 watts of power and the UV lights can be used as night lamps as well.

Top Features:

  • Child proof grid
  • Easy to remove tray
  • Good UV light insect traps
  • Can be solar powered.


  • Good for using in bedrooms or kitchens for its small size.
  • Safe for children but better keep it out of reach
  • Good for homes with gardens, backyard
  • Can kill mosquitoes and other flying insects also.
  • Lightweight, Durable.


Not particularly attracts mosquitoes

Buying guide for the best mosquito killer machine in India

Build: Bigger sized UV insect killers are made of Aluminum and steel. If you are going for the bigger size then check the material.

Power Usages: Large insect killer machines will use more electric power but vaporizer type mosquito killer machines consume very low power.

Effectiveness: Most of the UV light based mosquito killer machines are not always useful. UV light doesn’t always attract them but other flying insects do get attracted. 

As per me, vaporizer machines of all out or Goodnight works well for both room or office.

Price: I would not spend a huge amount of money on killing mosquitoes. Since it is kind of impossible to do so. Better use something to repel them or use something more of low cost.

Hopefully this guide will help you selecting the best mosquito killer machine in India which can kill malaria, dengue mosquitoes. With these you should consider using mosquito coils (outdoor area), Citronella candles, Eucalyptus oil, Electric fly swatter etc.