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Was going to sleep peacefully or do something … like workout in the bedroom but mosquitoes are not leaving you alone?

Then this collection of the best mosquito killer for bedroom in India is for you!

Top 5 best mosquito killer for bedroom


  1. Bayer Solfac 050 EW For Control of Mosquitoes 
  2. Mangalam Camphor Tablet
  3. Citronella Anti Mosquito 11″ 12 Incense Sticks
  4. All Out Ultra Mosquito Repellant Refill
  5. FORKLS Mosquito Net Double Bed Nets 
  6. HIT Mosquito and Fly Killer Spray

We are not talking about just repelling them but we want to make sure that they do not come back or just get killed. I know I sound violent but I do not want them to ruin my sleep and give me diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya etc. 

I am not considering insect killer light since in my experience these do not work but only work as a night lamp. So stay away from mosquito light trap or mosquito suction traps.

All these are just another variant of mosquito killer lamp and do work the best for indoor and bedroom usages.

Not considering mosquito zapper/electric mosquito killer since these will need active participation to work. And you will not wake up to kill some mosquitoes at night.


best mosquito killer for bedroom

Reviews best mosquito killer for bedroom

Bayer Solfac 050 EW For Control of Mosquitoes

Why Should You Buy this?

This odorless insect repellent is great for indoor mosquito killing.

And it does not leave any mark or have a strong smell that will disturb your smell.

So use it in your bedroom and you will be mosquito free for almost 2-3 days.

Bayer solfac is a multi bug repellent which can repel or kill mosquitoes, cockroaches and flies

  • Effective chemical against mosquitoes.
  • There is no scent.
  • This does not leave any mark on the wall as well.
  • It will also get rid of cockroaches and flys from your bedroom.
  • Certified with BIS mark.
  • Has a good sticking properties thus works longer.
  • The person applying the spray should wear gloves, mask and wash hands after spraying.

    Also not to be sprayed near food items, children and pets.

Mangalam Camphor Tablet

Why Should You Buy this?

For the bedroom camphor is a good option since it is not harmful and will give you relief from mosquitoes.

But to get that relief burning camphor is the best bet. And for that you might need to do a refill during night time.

But if you do not have a severe mosquito problem then this herbal insect repellent will do just fine.

Camphor tablets can be used to keep mosquitoes away from the bedroom by two ways.

  1. You burn them on a plate.
  2. You put them on a plate with some water.

Burning them is a much faster way to do it but you have to keep pouring camphor to get relief from mosquito bites quickly.

  • Can be used with water or with fire.
  • Can be used on camphor burning machines.
  • Can be mixed with other ingredients to make homemade mosquito repellents.
  • Gives a pleasant smell.
  • Not harmful to pets and kids.
  • Camphor will burn out quickly thus you might need to fill it in during the night.
  • Might not work well for 8 full hours.

Citronella Anti Mosquito 11″ 12 Incense Sticks

Why Should You Buy this?

Citronella sticks are a good option to use if you are living in a closed apartment.

These Citronella candles will help you keep away mosquito bites and thus mosquito borne diseases

Citronella is a nice smelling plant based mosquito repellent that I personally have liked to be used in bedrooms.

  • Will give you relief from irritation mosquitoes.
  • These green sticks will burn for 30-40 minutes and the effect lasts for at least 7 hours. Considering that you have your room closed.
  • Not really meant for outdoor usages.
  • Works well for apartment rooms.
  • Smell is nice and the smoke is very minimal thus not harmful to humans and pets.
  • Might work against bees as well.
  • Will not work in an open environment as per my experience.
  • Will not work for large rooms, you might need to add more than one candle for rooms larger than 120 sq feet.

All Out Ultra Mosquito Repellant Refill

Why Should You Buy this?

Since the smell is good and if you are living in a bedroom that is properly closed to the outside world then allout refills are a good buy.

Each refill will last a month if used for 7-8 hours per day.


This is a must for every home, for not that it kills mosquitoes but it can repel them and lasts a long time while doing so.

  • Pleasant smell.
  • Works great for closed rooms.
  • Good for the less dense mosquito population in your bedroom.
  • Safe for humans and pets.
  • Easy to do and maintain.
  • Room should be closed properly.
  • Does not work for a large horde of mosquitoes.
  • Does not work if windows/doors are open.

FORKLS Mosquito Net Double Bed Nets

Why Should You Buy this?

This is thousand times better than insecticides if you do not mind the hotness during summer then it is the best mosquito killer for bedroom in India.

No mosquito protection agency will tell you this but bed nets are the best way to get rid of mosquito bites.

No permethrin, poison, pesticides etc.

  • The best way to get away from mosquitoes at night. It will also keep you safe from bug bites, other biting insects, fleas, pests etc.
  • No need to think of buying all natural ingredients to make your own mosquito killer at home.
  • This mosquito net is for double bed.
  • This also has a dome like structure which is very good.
  • The entry is locked using zippers and is very convenient and easy to use.
  • Easy foldable and feels like a tent.
  • Very fast when deploying and folding back.
  • Double doors.
  • Mosquito nets are not for hot and humid weather if you do not have an ac.

HIT Mosquito and Fly Killer Spray

Why Should You Buy this?

This is thousand times better than insecticides if you do not mind the hotness during summer then it is the best mosquito killer for bedroom in India.

These sprays are good if you have very minor mosquito issues.

And the smell is good, so for bedroom it matches perfectly.

But no spray provides a long term solution to mosquito attacks.

HIT is one of the most common mosquito killer for the bedroom.

This mosquito killer spray is easy to use and the lemon smell is refreshing for the bedroom.

  • Easy to use.
  • Great for apartments where windows and doors are closed.
  • Will also repellent other small flying insects.
  • Not to be used around food items.
  • No long lasting effect.

Best Characteristics of best mosquito killer for bedroom

Odorless: Strong odors are a big no for a bedroom. You can consider the mild smell of eucalyptus, lavender and citronella for the bedroom. These smells are really good for rest and also will repel mosquitoes.

But for best effect you should use chemical insecticides like solfac which repels and kills adult mosquitoes. This does not leave a strong smell this works great for the bedroom.

But keep away from children and pets.

Easy to Use: Although chemical mosquito killer for bedrooms works the best but you need to follow strict rules of wearing gloves, cap, mask etc to be safe. Thus from time to time you have to rely on easy to use, low toxic methods of repelling or killing mosquitoes for bedroom.

You can use HIT spray, goodnight/allout vapor, camphor, citronella sticks etc. These are easy to use and do an average job of keeping your bedroom free from mosquitoes.

Long Effect: Most mosquito killer for bedrooms in India provide temporary effect. For long ger relief time you have to spray TATA sentry, Solfac etx chemical based mosquito killers. These can keep the bedroom mosquito free for a few days.

You should also use a safer, easy to use mosquito killer in your bedroom so that mosquitoes are unable to hide in the bedroom. For this you should use popular mosquito sprays and vapors.

Not harmful: To get rid of mosquitoes from the bedroom in India you might need to use chemical mosquito killers but these are harmful if not taken special care for it. Thus I recommend using strong chemical based solution once a week and keep using popular easy to use mosquito killers once a day to keep mosquitoes in check.

These all suggestions are mostly based on my experience in India with mosquitoes which are related to the bedroom.

How do I get rid of mosquitoes in my bedroom?

Here are the practical ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your bedroom – 

  1. Kill those pesky blood sucking machines before going to bed with a mosquito killing bat. But this does not make sure that they will not come back in the early mornings.
  2. Use HIT or other popular mosquito killer/repellent spray to get rid of them. But these will not for 8 hours and if you have open windows/doors or have a big room. For this reason these sprays do not work at our house. But these will work for apartments with closed doors,windows.
  3. Use strong insecticides like TATA sentry etc in your room. You should be spraying it on the walls and corners and mosquitoes could be leaving you alone for a few days. At least a few days for me.
  4. For maintenance and for the love of using herbal products you can use lemon eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, sticks, camphor.These will work best if you are using it along with some other chemical based mosquito killer for your bedroom. 


Which mosquito killer is best in India?

Kingfog, Bayer solfac and TATA Sentry are the best mosquito killers in India. These are not easy to use or apply but these are effective. Be cautious to cover your eyes, nose and hands. And keep all of these away from pets and children.

What is the most effective mosquito killer?

Kingfog is to be mixed with diesel and to be sprayed with specialized machine. This is for outdoor use and often used by the professional mosquito killers in India. It is also being used at commercial avenues as well.

How can I control mosquitoes at home in India?

Use mosquito nets on windows so mosquitoes can not enter your home. Then at least once a week spray TATA sentry or bayer solfac in your house. And if possible use citronella sticks and camphor to keep the mosquitoes away. Still you might need a mosquito net at night depending on your house.

Which mosquito coil is best?

In India there is no best mosquito coil. All of these have very minimum effect and also the smoke is very harmful to us.

How do you make homemade mosquito killer?

The easiest way to make homemade mosquito killer will be using camphor in some water. The smell will come out slowly and mosquitoes hate it. You can also burn camphor to have the effect at a much faster rate.

How do you keep mosquitoes away at night?

Use a mosquito net, this is the most effective way of keeping mosquitoes away. Or you can use camphor, citronella sticks as good natural mosquito repellent in your bedroom.

What is the best natural mosquito repellent?

Lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil are the best natural mosquito repellent you can use in your bedroom to keep mosquitoes away or kill them.

How can I make my backyard mosquito free?

Mix kingfog with diesel and use in your garden, and this will keep your backyard mosquito free. In India you can spray kingfog before and during monsoon to keep mosquitoes away. Since in India mosquitoes are most active during those months.

What smell do mosquitoes hate the most?

Orange, lavender, eucalyptus oil, citronella oil etc smells are really hated by mosquitoes.

How do you kill mosquitoes quickly?

Mosquito bats are a good active way to kill mosquitoes quickly in the bedroom. But for passive mosquito killing you have to use chemicals like TATA sentry etc.

Which mosquito refill is good?

Either you can make your own refill with oils like eucalyptus and citronella or even use kerosine. Or just buy Goodknight refill packs. Most of them have the same ingredients and should work just fine.

What to spray to kill mosquitoes?

Certainly spraying HIT will not kill mosquitoes but you should try using TATA sentry and Bayer solfac to kill mosquitoes. These are good insecticides to kill them. But HIT will help you repell the mosquitoes from your home.

What is the side effect of mosquito coil?

Research says one coil releases more than 100 cigarettes. And this means that your lungs are getting damaged slowly and there could be several health issues from this.

Is it safe to sleep with mosquito coil?

Never sleep with mosquito coil in India. I once did that and the next morning I was having breathing issues. Definitely a big no for kids, people with breathing issues etc.

What keeps mosquitoes from biting?

If we are strictly talking about Indian bedrooms, then a mosquito net will keep mosquitoes from biting you. And if that is not your cup of tea then you should use repellent creams, insecticides like DEET etc to keep your bedroom mosquitoes free.

What time of night do mosquitoes go away?

In India you can see less mosquitoes during late mornings and noon time. And during night I have not seen mosquitoes after 1am though, maybe they also go to sleep.

Do mosquitoes like light?

Mosquitoes do like yellow light but not that much. Also the light based mosquito killers are also not worth it. Most of the time they will not be to kill mosquitoes.

Can Vicks repel mosquitoes?

Vicks is a menthol based candy for sore throats and by eating it you will not repel mosquitoes. Also if you are healthy then why eat vicks before going to bed? Vicks vaporab is also something that you can consider which is a gel like material to be applied near the chest and nose to get relief from sneezing. This will also not repel mosquitoes from your bedroom.

How do you repel mosquitoes naturally?

Burn cmphor, citronella oil to repell mosquitoes naturally. In addition to this, clear out all stale water and keep your hosue clean. Keep windows shut at the evening times and you will have less mosquitoes in your home.

What is the best backyard mosquito control?

Use kingfog spray to keep your garden free from mosquitoes. This chemical needs to be professionally handled and sprayed. 

Hopefully now you have a plan of making your bedroom mosquito free with these best mosquito killer for bedroom in India.

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