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I have been using an inverter and battery combo for last 12 years and my main reason for that was 2-3 hours of power cut every day. I live in a semi urban area and not in metro city, In metro city there will be less power cuts but here in summer time there will be more frequent power cuts.

That led to two frustrations, no electricity means no fan running in Indian summer.

And secondly I can not run my computer for work.

An inverter solved that. Thus I present you the best inverter in India and best inverter with battery for home.

Note: You have to calculate the load and time you want your inverter and battery combo to supply electricity. Otherwise you will fall short or have unused resources.

Backup hours = Battery capacity * Battery Voltage / Watts required

You may also look into solar power plant, if you are into green energy and want to reduce electricity bills.

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Ps: We are not considering solar inverter for this article. You can check those here

Best inverter in India with battery for home

Best Inverters Our Thoughts
Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter with RC 18000 2 Battery Best reliable inverter and battery combination for home/office
Luminous Zelio 1100 + Rc18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery+ Trolley Best inverter with battery for home in India
V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity Mobile App Control
Luminous Eco Volt 1050 Inverter with Red Charge 18000 150Ah Tubular Battery Good inverter with battery for small home
Exide 1050VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter – Digital Display Full Copper Transformer, Good Brand
Luminous Zolt 1100V Inverter Sine Wave Good inverter for small home
V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave 1450 Inverter Front controlled mode changing buttons
V Guard Smart Digital UPS- Smart 2300 Heavy Duty Inverter with 1700w capacity and mobile App
Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter Good for small home

If you do want to read our long buying guide on how to build the best inverter with battery for home then note these three points before shopping

  1. Inverter Type: Square wave, modified sine wave and pure sine wave these are the three electric wave pattern as outputs. Square wave type inverters are the cheapest and old technology. You should avoid them. Pure sine wave or modified sine wave inverters is the way to go. Sine wave is better for heavy load electric machines like computers, mixers, LED Tv etc. Pure sine wave ensures that these devices get the optimum input of electricity wave type.

Ref: Power Inverter (Wiki)

Square wave Inverter: Outputs a square wave pattern, cheapest and lowest efficiency. 

Modified Sine wave inverter: Lowest heat generation and just falls below on producing true sine wave inverters. They do not offer a smooth transition of electricity. And you will hear a buzzing sound, my old inverter is of this type and it produces a buzzing sound. A clicking sound when electricity comes back on and I feel there is a very very small delay when lights go out and inverter starts.

Sine wave inverter: highly efficient, silent can handle delicate and demanding electrical appliances and are generally feature rich.

These are the most common types of inverters that you can find in India. And for running household appliances  safely you should consider pure sine wave inverters only as these are the most efficient inverter among the other types of inverters.

  1. Inverter capacity: it is VA, higher the VA higher capacity electrical appliances that you can run. Usually VA is equal to KW.
  2. Battery Size: your total load consumption and inverter capacity will determine the battery size. Get calculation here in the buying guide.

Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter with RC 18000 Battery (2 Batteries)

Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter with RC 18000 Battery (2 Batteries)

Final Verdict:  A great combination of inverter and battery for large home with lots of electrical appliances. Also great for areas with long power cuts. Display on this inverter could be  little bigger but there are not shortcomings on performance.

Inverter capacity is one of the highest here!

Best 2kva inverter in India

Luminous Cruze 2KVA inverter is suited for office and large home with lots of appliances. There is even a 3.5KVA option, if you need to run more appliances. This 2KVA inverter can run 1600 watts of load without any issue. 1600 watts of pure sine wave operation will run anything that you want except air conditioning. For AC you will need more power capable inverter and more batteries.

Speaking of batteries this Cruze 2KVA is a 2 battery system of 24v. Meaning you should get 2 12 vot batteries in the range of 120ah to 220ah. Both should be of same ah capacity.

There is a two year warranty on the inverter and recharge time is around 10-12 hours for 2 batteries.

This combo provides you with 2 150ah batteries with the cruze 2kva inverter. 2 150ah batteries means 300ah of total backup, long power cuts will not bother you anymore with this set up.

The battery is a 150ah RC 18000 model which comes with a total of 36 months warranty. The inverter comes with 2 year warranty.

These batteries are of very low maintenance and have excellent overcharge tolerance. They can accept very deep discharges suitable for long power cuts. These are ideal for long power cut prone areas.

As per the manufacturer, the back up time is as follows: “500 w: 2 hrs 10 mint, 400 w: 2 hrs 50 mint, 300 w: 4 hrs, 200 w: 6 hrs 40 mint, 100 w: 15 hrs 30 mint”

In a normal household it can run 5 14 watts CFL bulbs, 5 40 watts tube lights, 5 90 watts ceiling fans, 2 40 inch LED tv, 1 fridge of 190 litre, 1 250 watts desktop, 1 water pump of 1 hp (if anything lese is not running)

And that is a lot. It is truly built for a large house.

This powerful inverter can take load of heavy appliances and supports wide range of voltages with minimum switchover time.

Inverter dimension: length: 280mm, width: 305mm, height: 280mm.

This would be my first choice when it comes to best inverter with battery for home in India.

Luminous Zelio 1100 + Rc18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery+ Trolley

Luminous Zelio 1100 + Rc18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery+ Trolley

Final Verdict:  This is an easy hassle free choice for any house that wants a modern inverter to run at least 8 appliances for 4-5 hours when power is off.

I have found luminous inverter support good as I use it right now so I would say go for this pure sine wave model without any doubts.

This is one of the best Single battery inverter in India.

Best inverter combo in India

This is another great combo of inverter and battery for a mid size home. And the inverter Luminous Zelio 1100 is one of the smartest inverters in Indian market. This combo also comes with a battery trolley so you can just set it up in one go.

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 and also another higher end model named zelio+ 1700 which supports 2 batteries as it is 24 volt system. But for this combo you get the Zeilo+ 1100 model.

Zelio+ 1100 can run max load of 756 watts with 900va capacity. In general terms it can run 3 CFL lights, 3 tubelights of 40 watts each, 3 ceiling fans, 1 TV, 1 air cooler.

It has a fan that runs automatically to cool off the internals of the inverter.

It has overload, overcharge, deep discharge, short circuit, reverse polarity protection. It also has a main protection through a MCB at the back.

I like the LED display feature, it can only show the status of power back, main charge, battery charging time.

Zelio+ 1100 is a 12v system so it only supports a single battery. 

Some features:

  • 32 bit DSP processor
  • 2 years warranty
  • LED display
  • 4-5 hours of back up depending on the load and battery capacity
  • Pure sine wave
  • Supports all types of batteries (Flat plate battery, Tubular, VRLA)
  • Less noise
  • Comes with UPS mode for sensitive appliances and Eco Mode for all other electronic appliances
  • MCB to cut off mains easily.
  • Aluminum wiring (Copper would be better)
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money

The battery is a tubular battery which is suitable for deep discharge cycles, meaning suitable for areas with long power cuts. For battery maintenance you have to check for water level to fill it up.

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity

Final Verdict:  People who want control and want to control their inverter from phone will love it. You can do a lot with their mobile app. And the inverter performs well also, and you get 2 years warranty with it. The cost is on the higher side, most probably for the bluetooth and mobile app feature.

V-guard smart pro 1200 is truly a smart inverter which you can control and monitor from your phone. 

Here are some quick smart features of this latest inverter:

  • Battery water level indicator, this inverter will inform you if the battery water level is too low. You do not have to look for it.
  • Turbocharge technology, almost 30% faster battery charging.
  • Holiday Mode: It is a power saver mode which you can use if you are out of home or planning not to use the inverter for sometime.
  • User defined performance: You can select weather to max out performance in terms of powerback up or charge battery quickly.
  • Tracks battery health, it can track water level of battery along with charge level and approx battery back up time. You can check it all from your phone.
  • Can directly charge smartphones from the inverter USB outlet.
  • It has copper wiring inside.
  • This is a pure sine wave inverter which is high quality and good for home appliances. 
  • Consumes less power to run.
  • Increases the life span of electrical devices.
  • Low noise level and smooth operations.

They have one reference purpose load capacity bearing chart of this inverter, according to that you can run

  • LED TV 55 inch 1 nos
  • Tube light 1 nos
  • Fan 2 nos
  • LED bulbs upto 14 watts 4 nos

This is just for reference as if you increase the battery capacity you will be able to run a lot more appliances.

You can pair up with any V guard batteries or with Exide or Luminous batteries as you wish. You can only use 12v batteries not 24 volt and not double batteries.

This can be turned into the Best inverter with battery for home in India.

Luminous Eco Volt 1050 Inverter with Red Charge 18000 150Ah Tubular Battery

Luminous Eco Volt 1050 Inverter with Red Charge 18000 150Ah Tubular Battery

Final Verdict:  I like the fact that this is a combo of sine wave inverter and a capable 150ah battery. This can only run upto 750 watts of appliances so your usual lights, fan, fridge, tv should not have any issue operating on this combo. But calculate your home electrical load before buying. Also note it has aluminum coil transformer.

This Luminous Eco volt 1050 is a good inverter for small home, it also comes with a 150ah battery which is sufficient. Although at the lower end it is a sine wave inverter so your appliances are safe. This is a 900va 756 w inverter with single battery support.

This inverter has a 2 year warranty and the battery has 36 months warranty.

This inverter like the higher end models has three stage battery charging for safe and efficient charging. 

Some features of this small inverter:

  • Overload protection
  • Auto reset
  • Smart charging
  • Water level indicator so that you do not have to look
  • Rugged technology designed for Indian market for high performance and long back up
  • Has Eco mode (180v to 260v) most useful for computers
  • Has ups mode extended voltage range to reduce battery usages
  • Less noise while operating

The battery is of 150 ah with tubular technology.

  • Good for long power cut areas
  • Made with high corrosion resistant and robust spine technology.
  • High purity with corrosion resistant proprietary spine alloy for long battery life.
  • Strong flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet for better performance
  • Polyethylene separator that are puncture resistant which reduces internal short circuits.

This is probably the best combo when it comes to best inverter for home use in India for small houses.

Exide 1050VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter – Digital Display

Exide 1050VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter - Digital Display

Final Verdict: Exide GQP inverters have copper transformer with ASIC charging for longer battery life. It also has dual LCD display and can handle different battery type as well.

Exide inverterz GQP has 5 models based on VA ratings. Here are they – 

  • GQP 12V 650VA
  • GQP 12V 850VA
  • GQP 12V 1050VA (You are here)
  • GQP 24V 1450VA
  • GQP 12V 1450VA

GQP model inverters provide high quality pure sine waves and except the GQP 12V 1450VA all models have copper transformers. Copper transformers run longer.

Can charge battery smartly with 3 stage ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) technology. ASIC automatically senses battery condition & adjusts the charging current accordingly. It makes sure the battery stays healthy longer.

It has an LED and LCD dual display which can show your battery charging time, back up time etc.

Has a manual main bypass switch so if required then you can bypass the inverter facility completely. Also have dual output sockets.

It has more features like overload protection, short circuit, battery low indicator, battery over charge, main overload switch, over temperature.

Luminous Zolt 1100V Inverter Sine Wave

best inverter in India

Final Verdict: If you are looking to get a pure sine wave inverter from a good brand then you can get this model if it fits your watts requirement. 

If you want uninterrupted power supply with support of a 32-bit DSP processor with noiseless operations then you have to have this one!

Luminous Zolt 1100V Inverter is a 900va 756watt capacity. It supports a single 12v battery. The inverter has a 2 years warranty. 

It has 32bit DSP processor optimizes backup and battery charging based on load supply and requirement. It also has a main bypass switch to make sure if the inverter becomes faulty you can directly use the main electric power supply.

I like the display features in this model, it can show backup time, charging time, eco/ups mode status, main on, system errors, battery water level etc.

This inverter also has a battery type switch at the back, it can accept flat plate, tubular, VRLA batteries.

So the 32-bit DSP processor thus also acts a safety features.

There are in-built MCB for protection against surges. Also there is an alarm system for short circuits. And this is also truly noiseless operations with hybrid technology.

You also get a 2 years warranty.

Supports different types of battery. And is good for frequent power cuts.

This is one of the best power inverter for home in India.

V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave 1450 Inverter

V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave 1450 Inverter

Final Verdict: With this excellent V-guard inverter you can use upto 960 watts of appliances. Overall a good product that gives sine wave output and good for mid range home.

This is a great solution at affordable price.

This is a pure sine wave silent operation inverter from V guard. This has selectable charging mode from different battery type like flat or tubular. Although most of the time you will use a tubular battery anyways.

The battery capacity it can handle ranges from BO to 230ah single 12v battery.

Some features of V-guard 1200VA sine wave inverter

  • High load handling
  • Battery water level indicator
  • 32 bit DSC (Digital Signal Controller) based design for pure sine wave output
  • Battery overcharge and deep discharge protection
  • Change modes with buttons at the front no need to look behind the inverter.
  • Less operating energy consumption
  • 2 years warranty.
  • It has a mix of aluminium and copper wiring.

V Guard Smart Digital UPS- Smart 2300 

V Guard Smart Digital UPS- Smart 2300

Final Verdict: This V guard smart 2300 makes my list with its sheer capability of running 1700 watts of load and usual v guard smart app. The app can be used to control the inverter modes, for checking battery charge time, backup time and more. An excellent choice for large homes with power hungry appliances.

Another inverter from V guard make to the my list of best inverters in India. V guard smart 2300 is a smart inverter with bluetooth connectivity so that you can control some functions of the inverter from your phone.

You can configure and check all the stats from the V-guard smart app on your phone.

This smart 2300 inverter is built like a tank and can even run 1.2 ton AC. It is best to run computer, fan, tv, mixer grinder, coffee maker, cooler, LED lights, CFL, electric iron, toaster etc. 

Suitable for commercial establishments as well due to its high inverter capacity. And will provide long-lasting performance. Thus for home it will act as the best power back solutions at reasonable price.

Heavy loads like electric iron/ toaster should be run only after setting the inverter into appliances mode from the app. It has power saver holiday mode also.

Can override voltage fluctuations from the mains by switching to the inverter easily.

Can charge your batteries very quickly by switching to turbo charge mode.

With the smart app you can control the performance of the inverter, you can run appliances mode, run modes to get longer backup time etc.

This is truly a heavy duty inverter which can support a large range of products (ceiling fan, TV, fridge, computer) and with the output voltage of 1700 watts it can run a small office also.

There is a USB port at the inverter itself so you can charge mobile devices there.

Since this inverter can dish out 1700+ watts of load it operates on 24 volt batteries. You will need two 12v batteries to operate it. And it has all copper wiring inside.

Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter

Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter

Final Verdict: Many said that they did not receive any guarantee cards apart from that this inverter works in the range of 750 watts of sinewave output range.

Microtek UPS sebz 1100 VA is good for homes with requirement of 750 watts, it has capacity of 950 VA. It has efficiency of 80% in battery mode. You get 2 years of warranty like other brands too.

The input voltage ranges from 100 v – 300v and charging current amp is around 10.

This is a good option for 2-3 BHK homes. It has over load, overcharge and short circuit protection. It does not produce any sound while operating and the supported battery range is from 100ah to 180 ah.

This model does not have any LCD screens but has LED lights to indicate various statuses.

What is an inverter? Why do we need batteries?

First let’s answer why do we need batteries, we need batteries to store electricity so when the current goes out we can use from that storage. But our electrical appliances run on AC current where the battery stores the electricity in DC. Here comes the inverter. An Inverter converts DC current of battery into AC so our fridge, TV, bulbs can use it.

best inverter in India

The switch between battery power and main happens in milliseconds – so our devices do not even feel that there has been any change. Otherwise those devices will have a short lifespan.

Inverter or UPS?

On the surface it may seem that both the inverter and UPS do the same thing. But here are the major differences. 

UPS is very quick when there is a power cut, in just 3-5 milliseconds it can switch. For this specific reason UPS is used for computers. UPS has an inbuilt no maintenance battery – and for convenience that battery capacity is very small. It can give you back of hardly 1kw for 10 minutes. Thus in general UPS is way better for sensitive electronic devices. 

While UPS are used for some appliances, Inverters are used for the entire home. They can have huge size batteries to draw power from to run your entire house. Thus these are little slower than UPS but can provide longer power backup for multiple devices. For this inverter connects with the main electric line of your house where UPS connects directly to a power input and a power output.

[Buying Guide] Best inverter and battery combination for home


Higher the VA rating, higher the inverter cost will be. And some newer model also have wifi, mobile app so you can check weather the battery is charged or if your system is working correctly or not. Usually a good inverter will cost you around 6000 INR to 10000 INR.


Inverters usually come with 1 year warranty and some batteries come with 60 months. You can find and look for the brands which provides the longest warranty.

Power Requirement:

Before you decide any inverter model you have calculate your house total electric consumption or at least the consumption that you are going to use using inverter and battery.

You can just calculate like – 

  • LED bulbs = 15 watts * 5 number.
  • BLDC Fan = 20 watts * 1
  • Normal ceiling fans = 90 watts *5
  • Fridge = 200 watts * 1

And so on.. In this above example the total electric consumption comes out to be – 745 watts.

Thus you should look for inverters with VA ratings of at least 800 or 850. Usually you should get an inverter which has some higher VA rating than your requirement.

Most modern inverters have a faster charging option, which allows to charge the inverter battery very rapidly.

Battery Size:

Battery size is critical as it will determine for how long you can enjoy electricity or survive load shading. Battery capacity is usually measured in ah. Most common battery size is 150ah. Battery vot is usually 12. An 150 ah (Amp Hour) battery can supply 150*12 = 1800 watt in one hour. If your requirement is of 300 watts, this battery will last you around 6 hours.

There are also three types of batteries, falt plate, tubular, maintenance free. Tubular are best choice and provides the best value where lithium maintenance free batteries are very high cost and most energy efficient.

Usually a tubular battery will run fine for 7-8 years then it will start to lose its backup time.



Inverter and battery compatibility is not a big issue as most inverters work well with 12v batteries, that 12v battery capacity could be 100 ah or even 220 ah. I yet have not seen home inverters working with 12 batteries which are lower than 100 ah. But usually you will get one 150 ah battery so no need to worry much about it.

Battery Type:

If you have the budget and do not have time to check distilled water level weekly then get lithium no maintenance batteries. These are set it forget systems with almost 0 maintenance. But these are really costly.

On the other hand the most versatile and popular choice is tubular batteries, they work with any inverters and provide good backups. They are also durable and come with 30-60 months warranty.

There are also Flat plate batteries but no one uses them now.

Battery Protection: 

Inverter is the brain of the system, it protects the battery so it does not gets overcharged or gets discharged completely. Both are not great for the battery health. Some also have inbuilt fuse/mcb to protect from short circuits.


Newer inverter designs have a LCD screen at front which provides lots of data on battery charging, charging time, back up time and more. All that info is really useful and some also offer android/ios app connectivity. And you can always check the battery levels with the intuitive display. But many times these LCD displays become faulty or show error thus many still prefer led based indicator display.

And all inverters must have copper elements, exhaust fan and good circuit boards with protection.

Bypass switch:

When your house is connected via the inverter then if the inverter is at fault whole electric supply of your house gets stopped. There is a bypass switch using which you can completely bypass the faulty inverter to use electricity directly from the main connection like it was before. You can also disconnect the inverter completely if you wish so.

Inverter Technology:

Old inverters output square wave electricity which is not good for newer devices, delicate electrical appliances and heavy power drawing devices. That could damage them. These inverters are low cost but make some heavy noise.

New inverters are almost all are sine wave inverters, sine waves are good for all electrical appliances and also it may increase the lifespan of the battery. These inverters also do not make much noises.

There are also modified sine wave inverters but price differences are not that huge so I would urge you to get only pure sine wave inverters.

Although I have not considered solar  inverter here but you can convert one regular inverter into solar inverter. But proper solar inverters will do the job better.

House wiring and Earthing:

When installing an inverter you might face some issue with wiring, at my house not all was immediately connected with inverter. One electrical had to do some manual work to get it all connected. You can however disconnected some items from inverter too, we have not connected inverter with the outside garden lights.

And Earthing is also very important for all your electric appliances to function properly. Not only your inverter or other items could get short-circuits and electrocution. Also it might help with noiseless operations.

Inverter Trolley:

Plastic trolleys are cheap but note your battery will be 60 kg so for long term that plastic will break. If you can invest in metal or some other durable trolley. 

Inverter Location:

Inverter batteries do emit some chemicals., although less in amount which is not harmful to use but still I would suggest that you do not install inverter and battery combo system in the bedroom or in the living room. Use any other room which is less used and no direct sunlight should fall on the inverter and on the battery.


Lastly in my opinion, exide makes the best inverter batteries and Luminous makes the best inverters. You can get combo of inverter with battery from both of them.

These brands deliver the modern features at affordable prices and do provide great power backup solutions for your home.


How much does an inverter cost in India?

Lower VA inverters will cost around 2-3k INR but more advanced inverters which are capable of higher battery capacity will cost more.
Best inverter with battery for home will cost way more since these will include the battery cost. Depending on the type of inverter the cost will vary. Best inverter in India prices will vary a lot.

Does inverter increase electric bill?

It will, inverters take electricity from the grid and store it in the battery. And that is an expense for the grid and it will be counted in your electricity bills. And it will increase the electric bill. But efficient inverters will not waste energy either But on the other hand you get alternate power supplies when grid power is off.

How many hours can an inverter last?

It is not that the inverter lasts, it is the battery. Calculate how many hours your inverter battery combo will last using this formula – Backup hours = Battery capacity * Battery Voltage / Watts required. And more the appliances on inverter increases the less the batter will last.

What can a 1.5 KVA inverter carry?

1.5 KVA means 1500 watt – the load you are going to put into it, just divide it. Like 1500watt/200watt and you should get the hours it can run. And usually the starting load ca be 1.5kva as well.

Is Vguard inverter good?

Vguard has some good models and some are really great with wifi and app connectivity. Those are the only and the best wifi inverter in India. You can check all of your inverter and battery status from the mobile app easily, anytime.

How do I know my inverter capacity?

Check about the VA rating that would be your inverters highest load bearing capacity.

Can I watch TV on an inverter?

Yes, we do it all the time. A typical LED tv does not consume much electricity to deplete the battery quickly. You can run other heavy load device as well.

What inverter do I need to run a fridge?

How much electricity does your fridge consume? If you only want to run that and if that consumes 200 watts then you would need an inverter with at least 200va capacity. If you use a 150ah battery then your fridge may run on an inverter for about 9 hours. Fridge as a electric device is not much power friendly though.

Can an inverter work without a battery?

Solar inverters can work without batteries. You do not get any back up at night though.

Do inverters make noise?

Square wave inverters make some noise. I have one at home, it makes noise when it is working to charge the battery. It makes noise when it is providing electricity from the battery. The sound is not too high pitched, it is more like a humming sound of the fan in it. Sine wave inverters are very silent.

Can inverters catch fire?

Voltage fluctuations may cause it but inverters have advance fuses and other systems to stop any over electricity inputs.

What is an inverter cable?

When you buy an inverter you will have to have 2 cables which will have some hooks at the end of it. You use that to connect to the batteries. If you have more than one battery then you connect them so your inverter sees them as one. And then those cables get connected to your inverter. These cables are thick copper cable. Copper cables conduct better electricity and also used in your main meter connection.

What happens if the inverter is off?

Usually if you have not disconnected the inverter properly then your whole house will be in a state of load shedding. Otherwise it will be okay. There is also to be a bypass switch by which you chose not to use the inverter all and run all appliances on grid power.

What is the difference between solar inverter and normal inverter?

Solar Inverters are hybrid inverters which can work off the electricity that they get from the grid or just take the electricity from the solar panel on the roof. Solar inverters take electricity from The Sun and even can be set to take electricity to charge the battery only when sun is up. This way solar inverters do not use the govt supplied electricity at all so it may even save you some money. Where as normal inverters will always replenish the batteries from grid power only.

How to connect inverter batteries?

Inverter can have more than one battery, it can be connected in serial or parallel. Batteries are usually connected in series as that does not increase internal resistance of each battery. And that also does not allow any power loss.

Is it safe to keep inverter in living room?

Whole inverter system emits some amounts of hydrogen fumes so may be not keep it in living room or in bed room. But note that the emission of hydrogen fumes is in safe limits. Also you will need around 6 inches of open space in all directions of the system. Also direct sunlight is known for reducing inverter capability so a cool place would be fine to place your inverter system.

Can I use a car battery with an inverter?

Car batteries will give you around 30 minutes of back up with minimum appliances running. Car batteries are small and are not adequate to be used with home inverters.

Can I run AC using inverters?

If your inverter has the adequate VA then surely you can, you will also need a huge battery bank. if those conditions are met then you can run any electrical device on inverter.

Do all inverters come with batteries?

Some companies which creates both the battery and inverters such as Luminous provides combo deals otherwise you have to buy them separately.

How to install an inverter at home?

It would need electrician skills, wiring know how and off course knowledge of batteries and inverter connectivity. If you do not have these then take help of professionals. Otherwise it could get dangerous.

Do I need an inverter at home?

If you have frequent power cuts and do not want to live in the dark then definitely get an inverter. With an inverter even if you do not have electricity you can use TV, fridge, mixer, lights, fan for sometime.

Best Inverter brands in India?

I have personally used microtek and luminous. Microtek survived for 5 years may be, then I started using luminous which is still working for around 7 years. It had one tiny repair 1 year back.

So I would say after sales service of luminous is great in my area.
So Luminous is on the higher side when it comes to considering inverter brands in India.

I have also seen people using Exide inverter and battery combo for 5-8 years straight without any issues, so this is a good brand as well.

After these two I would put microtek. For hybrid inverters you can look into UTL also.

What are the battery types to be used for inverters?

There are 3 types of batteries in the market but tubular batteries are value for money. And based on inverter capacity you should select the number of batteries. Higher the battery number, more battery backup that you will get.

Lead acid battery: It has regular maintenance issue, where you will need to put distilled water in it to keep the correct water level. It needs good ventilation as this type of batteries tend to get hot but they can store a lot of power and are big in size.

Tubular Batteries: This is the most recommended battery to use with inverters. It has lower maintenance requirements and lifespan can be around 10 years. Mine running for 12 years now.

Li-polymar batteries: These are no maintenance batteries, just set it and forget. These take small place but are very costly. And more safer than other battery type.

How to use an inverter safely?

Like any other electronic gadget, do not use wet hands.No direct sunlight should fall on the inverter and the battery.
Battery and inverter should have proper ventilation and the room should not be naturally hot.
Never place any flammable object near the battery.
Battery wire joints should be cleaned and put on grease.
Water level/Fluid levels of battery should be maintained to get optimum functionality/ highest batter backup.