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We all have a hidden cobbler inside us. No just joking we can not do the tough fixes but we can surely use the best glue for shoes in India to fix a broken sole. 

I have personally used fevikwik on my Reebok shoe sole.

And it worked.

PS: just remembered the advertisement where one man catches fish with fevikwik.

Best glue for shoes in India

  1. Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix 
  2. Pidilite Fevibond
  3. LOCTITE FT 220 – Henkel’s Adhesive exclusively designed for Footwear application
  4. Gorilla Glue Adhesive
  5. Fevikwik Instant Glue
best glue for shoes in india

Reviews of the Best glue for shoes in India

Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix

Why Should You Buy this?

Get this adhesive if you want a multipurpose glue which can be used to fix all types of shoes.

Also it comes from a reputed brand as well. And the glue works for a long time also.

You should not face any problems at all if you follow the instructions.

Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix is a high strength shoe glue in India made by our all time favorite Fevicol.

Top features:

  • High strength adhesive for all types of shoes like sports shoes, leather shoes and sandals.
  • Can be used to attach PVC, EVA foam materials and canvas as well.
  • It does not have any color so it does not look bad.
  • This shoe glue dries up quickly so it is an instant fix.
  • How to use:

Before application clean both the surfaces and let them dry. Although you do not need any clamping devices but you will need to hold the pieces together. Apply the adhesive and keep them separate for 2-5 minutes and then press the surfaces together.

You need to leave it for the night and the shoe will be fixed.

Also replace the cap tightly after use. If you let air in then the glue will get dry and hard.


  • Works on all types of shoes like sports shoes, sandals, leather and jogging shoes.
  • Can fix canvas, leather, EVA foam soles and similar material together.
  • Does not drip from the tube.
  • Transparent in color so it can be used on fancy shoes without harming the look of it.
  • Also it is water resistance.
  • Good for broken soles, broken heels, degumming of soles.
  • Strong glue for long term usages.
  • Can be used for woodworking also.


Not an instant fix. You need to leave the shoe overnight for best results.

Pidilite Fevibond

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are after a glue for your home where you want to use it fix leather shoe fix glass bowls then this is it.

Although using glue on utensils is not recommended, yeah you can use it on anything to fix it.

Pidilite Fevibond is a multipurpose glue which can also be used for shoes.

It is known for its instant sticking properties.

Top Features:

  • This adhesive feels like dendrite but not harsh.
  • You can fix shoe soles, memory foam made insoles and heels with this adhesive.
  • Gluing shoes is easy since it dries quickly.
  • Will work on canvas, leather, EVA foam shoes.
  • Will also work on rexine.
  • Can also fix plastic, metal etc.

How to use:

  • You need to apply a thin layer of fevibond on both the surfaces and before applying you will need to clean both of the surfaces as well.
  • You need to wait around 10 minutes and then you can clamp them together.
  • You should give the material to get sticky and dry for 2-3 hours.
  • After this you can use the item you just glued. 


  • This adhesive works on a lot of materials like leather, rexin, paper, plastic and metal.
  • Can also be used to fix glass and ceramic utensils.
  • It is very similar to dendrite.
  • Although the glue dries quickly, you will need to leave the item for 2-3 hours before using.


It will take some time to show the effect, it is not for immediate usages.

LOCTITE FT 220 – Henkel’s Adhesive exclusively designed for Footwear application

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking to get your trekking or costly sports shoe fixed with glue then you might want to get this loctite ft 200.

It is a premium grade shoe glue which can save your loved shoe.

LOCTITE FT 220 is a super glue that is specifically made for footwear application.

Top Features:

  • This is a super glue which will fix any shoe.
  • Works on leather, EVA foam, plastic, canvas, sandals and more.
  • Small amount of adhesive is required.
  • Good for trekking and walking shoes.
  • Very similar to fevikwik.


  • This shoe is specially made for shoe application.
  • You can create and repair both using this shoe glue.
  • This is one of the best glue for shoes in India, this can be used for leather, faux leather, canvas, plastic, foam and more.


  • Similar to fevikwik and you can get that also.
  • Many fear that there are fake supplies also.
  • Costly.

Gorilla Glue Adhesive

Why Should You Buy this?

The cost is high but the glue is very strong also.

If you are in need of absolute best glue for your costly shoes then this could be a good option.

Gorilla Glue might sound funny but works well for shoes and all other applications.

And this glue looks similar to the glue which common cobblers use.

Top Features:

  • Waterproof.
  • Good for wood, stone, metal ceramic and for shoe applications.
  • For shoes can work on plastic, leather and hard foam materials.

How to use?

Clean both the surfaces and apply the gorilla glue. Leave it for 7-8 hours and it will stick together.


  • Strong glue which can work on shoes and on other appliances as well.
  • Can stick leather, canvas, plastic and ceramic. Does not work better on clothes.
  • Well known in the international market.


Cost is high due to import duty.

Fevikwik Instant Glue

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for low cost adhesive which can be used for shoes and provides a strong fix then you should get this one.

For small shoe repairs fevikwik is the  best glue for shoes in India.

Personally I used Fevikwik to fix my shoe grip on the reebok LP walking shoe.

So far even after few years, it is working fine.

Top Features:

  • Quickly dries.
  • Available in smaller packs.
  • Waterproof.
  • Works on EVA foam shoe soles, leather shoes, canvas, plastic and more.
  • Can also be used on all types of glueing work as well.


  • Fevikwik quickly dries and provides a strong fix to whatever you are using it on.
  • Works great for shoes.
  • The smaller packs are good for small tasks and are very low cost.
  • Waterproof once dried so can be used under the shoe sole as well.
  • Comes as transparent so fancy shoes or sandals are okay to use.


None at this price range.


What is the best glue for leather to leather?

In India, Pidilite Fevibond is a glue that is made to attach leather. It is a good option if you are looking to fix leather on to leather.

Can fevicol stick leather?

Pidilite Fevibond and Fevicol shoe fix is good adhesive to stick leather and general repair of shoes.

Is Gorilla Super Glue good for leather?

Gorilla glue is good for leather but foams a bit which will create a gap. In India you should get your shoe to a repairman or use fevibond.

What kind of glue works on leather?

LOCTITE FT 220, Pidilite Fevibond are good option if you are looking for glues that work on leather.

Can I glue leather together?

Waterproof glue like the loctite FT will work for leather. It is flexible yet strong with waterproof features.

What kind of glue do cobblers use?

Local Indian cobblers use some kind of glues that is self made and has no brand. But professional cobblers might use loctite shoe glue or fevibond. Both of these glues are flexible and strong.

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