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Nobody wants to spend money more than they should and using the best energy efficient ceiling fans in India.

If compared to the traditional ceiling fans you would be able to save almost 50% of electricity bills each year.

But which are the actual best energy efficient ceiling fans in India with lowest electricity usages? 

Let’s find out!

[LIST] Best energy efficient ceiling fans in India

Atomberg Efficio 1200/1400 mm energy efficient ceiling fan
Atomberg Efficio 600/900/1050 mm energy efficient ceiling fan
Havells Efficiencia Neo ceiling fan
Superfan Super X1 energy efficient ceiling fan
Crompton Energion HS

Reviews best energy efficient ceiling fans in India

Atomberg Efficio 1200/1400 mm ceiling fan

Atomberg Renesa+

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Why should you buy this?
I would suggest that you compare the model features and the prices.

For most basic purposes stick with this 1200mm model. If you wan night lamp, stylish look and smart features then you have to spend more and buy the Renesa+ and studio models.

Atomberg Efficio 1200mm BLDC ceiling fan consumes only 28 watts of power at full speed. This is one of the top rated and best energy efficient ceiling fans in India.

Atomnerg has another fan which is more stylish version which also have Google home and Alexa enabled. This Renese+ model also uses around 28 watts.

But the Efficio 1400mm model uses 32 watts, I use this model for its larger sweep area.

Atomberg has another energy saving ceiling fan which is called a studio, it has more features and a very modern look.

Fan blades are made of aluminium and color is good so there is no chance of rust.

Top Features:

  • High quality BLDC motor with 28 watt power consumption.
  • Remote control
  • Timer, boost, 5 speed regulator from remote
  • Remote indicator on fan.
  • Remote works under 20 feet
  • Works on low voltage
  • Works longer on inverter
  • 350 RPM and 240 CMM air delivery
  • Ceiling fan light is okay


  • Well built and durable fan.
  • Have good RPM and air delivery in rooms under 140 sq feet.
  • Sleeper, timer and turbo modes are useful.
  • Good remote control facility.
  • Renesa+ model have smart features and can be controlled using alexa and Google.
  • Renesa+ and Studio model have LED lights which can be used as night lamp.
  • Does not makes much noise.


  • Plain looking.
  • Remote looks flimsy.
  • Starts slowly and gradually picks up speed.

Atomberg Efficio 600/900/1050 mm ceiling fan

Atomberg Efficio 600mm

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Scroll below to see RPM, Watts and Sweep Area

Why should you buy this?

If you want a power saver fan for the shop, bathroom, kitchen these fans are great. Since they consume very little electricity, the electric bill would be lower as well.

IOT enabled fans are costly.

Apart from the 120 and 1400 efficio, 1200mm Renesa+ and Studio+ energy saving ceiling fans in India atomberg has smaller fans also. Since the sweep area of these fans are 600,900 and 1050 mm the electricity consumption is low as well.

Here are the energy consumption and RPM of these fans:

Sweep Area

Power Consumption



28 watts



28 watts



28 watts


It seems to be that they are using the same motor from the 1200mm ceiling fan. And at 28 watts it is a good deal anyway.

Check this chart below to determine the sweep size for your needs.

best energy efficient ceiling fans in India


  • All fans come with a remote.
  • All consumes 28 watts per hour.
  • All are made with aluminium and have BLDC motor.
  • RPM is good as per their sweep area and so is the air flow.
  • All the features of the Efficio fans.
  • This is also a ceiling fan with light.
  • Consume electricity is lower sine the size is small.


  • All have basic colors.
  • Since the sweep area is smaller, air flow is limited to small areas only.
  • Costly if you think the sweep area is small.

Superfan Super X1


Why should you buy this?
If you have a small area where you need air delivery and you will probably run the fan for a longer period of time then these fans make more sense.

Either way this will consume less electricity than traditional ceiling fans.

Superfan X1 consumes only about 35 watts and RPM is 385 watts. The motor is BLDC otherwise it would not be able to generate such RPM with that electric consumption.

This energy efficient ceiling fan have 1200mm sweep and suitable for rooms under 140 sq feet.

Superfans is one of the earliest companies to adopt BLDC motor and bring the best energy efficient ceiling fans in India.

These fans also work well with low voltages.

And since these Superfans come with various color and design patterns you can decorate your room with these.

Top Features:

  • 35 watts power consumption.
  • Works well on battery and low voltage.
  • Comes in many color and designer patterns.
  • Has remote control.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Aluminium fan blades


  • Lower electricity bills.
  • Great color options, suitable for any room.


  • High RPM will make some noise.
  • Air delivery is limited to small space.

Havells Efficiencia Neo ceiling fan

Why should you buy this?

Provides ample air and covers a good enough area with very low power consumption. Although the design is very plain but will work for most rooms.

Havells is not far from the watts race. Havells Efficiencia Neo consumes around 26 watts only and provides 220 CMM air with 350 RPM.

There is also a warranty of 2 years on this model. But on the motor only.

Also like other models this energy efficient ceiling fan has a remote.

Top Features:

  • 26 watts power usages
  • 1200mm features.
  • 350 RPM
  • 220 CMM air delivery


  • Very low electric consumption as per fan size.
  • Good RPM with good air delivery.
  • Does not make more noise.
  • Has a remote and LED indicator on fan.
  • Electricity usage will be lower.
  • Can work with renewable-energy sources.


Not many good reviews about it.

Crompton Energion HS ceiling fan

Why should you buy this?

Crompton is a known brand with lots of service centers around and the electric consumption and the air delivery looks really great.

Unless you get a defective product there should not be any issues.

Crompton is one of the old fan making companies who are now making BLDC ceiling fan which are also energy efficient ceiling fans in India. The power consumption is only 35 watts at highest speed and at lowest speed the power consumption is 6 watts.

This Energion HS is a 1200mm sweep ceiling fan which is a 5 star BLDC fan with remote.

The remote is well built and looks like a remote for AC.

You get to save around 50% energy compared to traditional ceiling fans and you also get a 5 year warranty.

Top Features:

  • 35 watts electric consumption
  • 370 RPM
  • 220 CMM air delivery
  • Point anywhere remote


  • High RPM and very good air delivery with good electric consumption. This provides good airflow with low electricity bills.
  • Good for rooms around 140 sq feet.
  • Remote has a timer and no need to point to the fan to work.
  • 5 year warranty.


  • Some have complained that it does not work on all speed so better check it after buying it.
  • Some have received defective products.
  • Only basic color options are available.

Buying Guide – Best energy efficient ceiling fans in India

Energy Consumption: You would want the lowest electric consumption fan for keeping the electric cost low. Usually a 1200mm fan would use around 26-28 watts and a 1400mm ceiling fan would use 35 watts at the lowest.

Sweep area: One thing to note is that a shorter sweep area lowers the electric consumption. But the air delivery drops too. After checking the watts needed also check the area covered by the ceiling fan. A 1200mm ceiling fan is suitable for all purposes as it can cover around 120 sq feet room.

Price: Adequate sweep area and high quality bldc motor will keep the electric cost low but the initial cost of the ceiling fan would be higher. Maybe at that price taking 2 70 watt ceiling fans would make more sense. But if you plan on using the ceiling fan for full day then the best energy efficient ceiling fans in India makes more sense.

Airflow and RPM: Usually the best  energy efficient ceiling fans in India will offer you 300+ CMM airflow with 350 RPM. But there could be higher or lower numbers also. Check with that particular fan model to know.

Build quality: Aluminium blades are more durable with anti rust feature but ABS blades are more lighter thus will use less electricity. But the rod should be made of iron or similar material and check for copper motor which is more durable and reliable for long time usages.

You can take help from an electrician to install the fans.

Ref: Bureau of energy efficiency India

Save energy – you will need it later.