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Since we will be talking about the Best ceiling fans in India with price, I am not considering budget fans here. You can scroll below to check my reviews on ceiling fans base on price and functions.

These ceiling fans listed here are the top rated unique ceiling fans in India that you can buy.

I purposefully have not included those so called best ceiling fans in India with prices like 180,000 or 95,900 INR. Even if I had billions of INR to spend, I would not buy them.

And these are not a outdoor ceiling fan.

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[LIST] Best ceiling fans in India with price

Best ceiling fans in India

RPM, CMM, Other features

Approx Price Range

Havells ceiling fan Orion

400 RPM, 238 CMM, Antique Copper finish

3k – 8k INR

Luminous New York Hudson 1200 MM Ceiling Fan

350RPM, 230 CMM, Unique orange and matte black design

2.8k – 3.9k INR

Orient ceiling fans Under Light Fan Spectra

320 RPM, 230CMM, remote
[Best LED features]

6k – 8k INR

Usha ceiling fan Bloom

380 RPM, 235CMM, [Best for anti dust]

2k – 3.5k INR

Crompton Ceiling fan Metal Uranus

320 RPM, 200 CMM [Royal Look]

5k – 8k INR

Havells Octet 1320mm fan

290 RPM, 280CMM, remote [8 blade design with Highest Air delivery]

8k – 12k INR

Orient Electric Joan 1200mm

320 RPM, 210CMM, Wooden Look

3k – 4k INR

Atomberg Renesa+ 1200 mm

Smart Ceiling fan

350 RPM, 230 CMM, BLDC motor with IOT smart fan [Most Feature Rich]

3k – 5k INR

Superfan A1

350 RPM. 220CMM, BLDC motor with Remote [Multiple color]

2k – 4k INR

Polycab Superia Lite

340 RPM, 200 CMM air delivery [LED, remote features]

6k – 8k INR

Orient Aeroquiet 1200mm Ceiling Fan

310 RPM, 240 CMM [Silent Operation]

5k – 6k INR

Best ceiling fan brands in India (TOP 10 Fan company)

best ceiling fans in India with price
  1. USHA
  2. Crompton
  3. Havells
  4. Orient
  5. Atomberg
  6. Superfan
  7. Luminous
  8. Polycab
  9. Candes
  10. Halonix

[Reviews] Best ceiling fans in India with price

Havells ceiling fan Orion

Havells ceiling fan Orion

Why should you buy this?
The fan has a unique antique look with anti rust feature. And the motor also is capable of running at lower voltage levels.

If you do not get any defective parts then this ceiling fan will be a great addition to your living room or balcony or even bedroom.

Here is a unique looking ceiling fan and this is a great looker. This antique copper finish will attract anyone like you and me.

And not just the blade, this antique copper finish / Brushed nickel ceiling fan/ bronze nickel ceiling fan is on the head, the cap, the rod everywhere. This really makes the fan premium and durable looking.

This fan has the usual sweep of 1200mm and suitable for rooms under 120 sq feet.

The surface of the entire fan is made using electrophoretic technique to get an anti rust, antique bronze ceiling fan look. The fan blades also have wider tips to do better air circulation.

Havells ceiling fan Orion consumes around 72 watts and has HPLV motors for great air delivery even at lower electric voltages.

The download which is provided has a length of 26 cm.

Top Features:

  • Whole body Anti Rust coating.
  • Antique copper finish look.
  • 72 watts power consumption
  • Wider blade tip
  • 400 RPM
  • 238 CMM air delivery


  • Amazingly stylish and polished looking material used.
  • All of the fan outer material is anti rust.
  • Not high power consumption, good for usages for bedroom, living room etc
  • Chances of making less sound and more air flow of 238 CMM
  • High RPM enables the fan throw more air in the room


  • Many received fan blades which have dents making this impressive design look bad.
  • High RPM will make some noises.

Luminous New York Hudson 1200 MM Ceiling Fan

Best ceiling fans in India for living room

Why should you buy this?

In opinion this is one of the best ceiling fans in India for living rooms.

I have picked this for living rooms for its style and air delivery. If you want fans for a larger area then you have to pick something else but for other purposes this would do.

And with three blades and 350 RPM this fan will make some noise.

Luminous New York hudson is one of the best ceiling fans in India for living rooms.

It comes in a few colors but I like the midnight black version which has an orange cap on it. This is designed in the image of the oysters found in the sea and looks really beautiful.

Apart from its minimal futuristic looks, this ceiling fan in India delivers superior air in the room. It can deliver 230CMM air with its aerodynamically designed blades.

These blades also help with generating more air thrust.

The fan has an anti dust coating which helps with keeping the fan clean for a long time. The motor is a copper motor which can generate 350 RPM.

Top Features:

  • One of the best ceiling fans in India for living rooms.
  • Wider aerodynamically designed blades for air thrust.
  • Copper 12 pole motor
  • 350 RPM
  • 230 CMM


  • Performs at low voltage
  • Good air flow with 12000 swep area that can cover rooms of 10*10 sq feet perfectly
  • 350 RPM
  • Nice design for a decorative living or bed room or reception area.


Looks good and classy but makes some noises when running.

Orient ceiling fans Under Light Fan Spectra

Best led ceiling fans in India

Why should you buy this?

This fan has the uniqueness with the center LED piece. With the well built remote you can skip adding the secondary light in your room with this fan.

Also you can change up the light as per your mood or occasion. Overall this is a good fan from a reputed brand with good LED lights.

These are the best led ceiling fans in India. This Orient Spectra fan spectra has a large LED body part covering the entire head section of the ceiling fan.

At the remote there are dedicated LED controlling buttons also. You can increase the brightness of the LED or dim the lights. You can switch in between colors like white, green, red etc.

The build quality of the remote is also great.

Apart from being the best LED ceiling fan in India, this Orient fan has nice design and the blades have aerodynamic features also. And moreover it has full electroplated finish for a premium look.

The fan has a sweep of 1200mm with 230 CMM with 320 RPM. And this fan consumes electricity in the range of 68 – 70 watts per hour. Which is quite standard.

Also this fan has a full copper motor for long lifespan.

Top Features:

  • 5 multi color LED
  • LED light intensity adjustment
  • LED light control from remote
  • All fan control with speed control, Timer setup with remote
  • Premium finish
  • 70 watts power consume
  • Copper motor
  • 320 RPM
  • 230 CMM


  • With the LED lights built into the fan, this is one of the best led ceiling fans in India. It can be placed in living rooms, study rooms and in the welcome area.
  • Premium finish of this fan enhances the decor of the room.
  • Apart from the looks, the copper motor ensures long life.
  • Well built remote with all the controls.
  • A great ceiling fans with light.
  • Well made fan accessories.


  • Could have included app support or Google home or Alexa. You could control the LED lights much better along with the overall fan functions.
  • Many customers have some complaints of losing the color from the fan blades.
  • The light is Dim not like LED bulbs.

Usha ceiling fan Bloom

Best anti dust ceiling fans in India

Why should you buy this?

This flower shaped ceiling fan gives an unique look to the room. Apart from the good looks, the fan is silent and has enough air delivery.

Usha bloom is one of the best anti dust ceiling fans in India. Usha Goodbye Dust fans come with ‘Novel Silane Paint Technology from PPG Asian Paints’ making sure that it has the best anti dust coating.

This coating is both oil and moisture resistant, making sure that it does not catch any dust particle and is easy to clean.

Apart from the anti dust feature, Usha bloom has a unique look. This ceiling fan in India has fan blades that resemble flower petals. And Usha bloom comes in many color variants to suit your room decor.

And this fan outer material is also scratch and stain resistant due to its polyurethane coating.

Top Features:

  • 380 RPM
  • 235 CMm air delivery provides cool air
  • 78 watts of power usages
  • Many color options
  • 100% copper motor


  • This fan has a high rpm and a sweep of 1200mm, making sure the entire room fills with air.
  • All Usha fans comes with 100% copper motors thus making them reliable for long term use.
  • Usha bloom comes in many color variants so you can chose the best color that matches your room.


Anti dust feature works but not in a way that you do not ever have to clean the fan at all.

Crompton Metal Uranus

Best ceiling fans in India for hall

Why should you buy this?

If you want to give a royal look to your room then this is the best fan to get in India.

Apart from the royal look this ceiling fan in India offers good RPM and air delivery. Which is a necessity for a ceiling fan after all.

Crompton Metal Uranus ceiling fan is one of the best ceiling fans in India for hall. This Crompton ceiling fan has 48 inch length for sweep area.

This crompton ceiling fan has four blades and have lights in the center. This fan design is something that you would see in the movies.

It has three bulbs which you can change any time. There are not separate light controls, either it is on or not.

The Ceiling fan light kit is well made.

This fan looks royal and straight from a Castle. That is why I consider this fan model as the best ceiling fans in India for the hall or for the living room.

This fan design is something that you would show off to people.

Apart from the chandelier design, this fan consumes around 72 watts. The 100% copper motor has a RPM of 320 and the air delivery is 200 CMM.

The fan is silent when compared to other 320 RPM fans.

A ceiling fan remote control would be great but the lights work as per  pull-chain system.

Top Features:

  • Chandelier design with Royal look.
  • Comes with 3 bulbs
  • Fan lights are very decorative
  • 72 watts of power consumption
  • 200 CMM air delivery
  • 320 RPM


  • Will change the look of your living room or hall completely.
  • The ability to change the lights as you wish and turn or off is great.
  • Air reaches the entire room if covered under the sweep area.


  • Assembling and installing the fan takes more time.
  • Air delivery is less if you compare the price with other models.

Havells Octet 1320mm ceiling fan

Why should you buy this?

For modern homes, if you want to increase the look of the home decor and interior then this type of ceiling fans help a lot.

And apart from the looks this also has good air flow and RPM. And the operation is mostly silent.

One of the best modern fans here.

Havells Octet is one of the best luxury ceiling fans in India which has a larger than 1200mm sweep area. Like the name says there are 58 long blades covering an area of 1320mm.

This premium ceiling fan in India offers superior air delivery with almost silent operation and is suitable for larger rooms.

And there are other models which also have a light underneath.

This luxury ceiling fan in India is made of Aluminium and has a brushed metal look going on. Which looks really great with the steel top of the ceiling fan.

And you have surely noticed that it has a 8 blade motor. And also a remote control to control this 4 speed fan.

Top Features:

  • State of the art design and finish.
  • 88 watts
  • 290 RPM
  • 280 CMM air delivery


  • Great modern design for modern interiors.
  • Apart from the looks, the 8 blade motor delivers 280 CMM air delivery which is one of the highest.
  • Power consumption is slightly higher than other ceiling fans in India
  • Has a remote to control the fan speed.


Many have said apart from looks this is a decent fan with moderate air delivery.

Orient Electric Joan 1200mm ceiling fan

Orient electric Joan

Why should you buy this?

This ceiling fan has an outdoor look and people who like nature will appreciate the wooden look of this fan very much.

I do not see any major con to avoid this beautiful ceiling fan.

This is one of the best ceiling fans in India for bedroom or for living room. This ceiling fan has a wood finish and has an outdoor look with those bolts sticking out.

This particular model has pinewood coating.

This model has a 1200mm sweep with a 320 RPM motor. This motor consumes around 50 watts and provides 210 CMM air delivery. These numbers are quite well for this decorative ceiling fan in India.

And this motor also works with low voltages.

This ceiling fan also has double ball bearings for smooth and noiseless operation.

Top Features:

  • BEE 5 star rated, 50 watts power consumption
  • 320 RPM
  • 210CMM air delivery
  • Double ball bearing
  • Wooden finish


  • Beautiful wooden finish.
  • Good air delivery for rooms under 130 sq feet.
  • Double ball bearing for smooth operation
  • Not a high cost decorative fan.


  • Some say that it produces some sound at high speed.
  • Some also say that air flow is only beneath the ceiling fan.

Atomberg Renesa+ 1200 mm

Atomberg Renesa+

Why should you buy this?

Unless you get a defective item there are not shortcomings of this ceiling fan in India.

Along with a high quality motor which runs at 28 watts of low power, it has smart features like Alexa and Google home.

This is one of the most feature rich ceiling fan in India with a moderate price tag.

Having personally used an Atomberg ceiling fan I can say these are the bldc ceiling fan manufacturer in India.

These are not a high speed bldc ceiling fan but the motor speed is 350 RPM and 230CMM air delivery.

And since this is a BLDC ceiling fan in India, this ceiling consumes around 28 watts only. And moreover comes with smart features like IOT, Google home, alexa!

It has few LED at the center of the ceiling fan, those act as indicators for the remote and as well as a night lamp.

These LED lights consume an additional 1 watts of electricity.

There is another 1400mm version which does not have IOT features and uses around 32 watts of power. If you want a larger BLDC ceiling fan then take a look at that on amazon India.

Otherwise overall this one of the newest top ten ceiling fan brands in India.

Top Features:

  • BLDC motor
  • 28 watts power consumption
  • 350 RPM
  • 230 CMM air delivery
  • LED lights
  • Wide tip fan blades
  • Boost,sleep and timer modes
  • Infrared Remote
  • Google home, Alexa


  • Excellent power consumption ratings. Save more when using it for a long time.
  • Works extremely longer when on an inverter. Runs 3 times longer on the inverter.
  • LED lights acts as indicators as well as dim light.
  • Can control the ceiling fan from mobile app or use Google home or Alexa controls.
  • Can control the fan base on weather, time etc.
  • Has useful boost, timer and sleep modes.
  • Have good air flow and RPM for rooms under 120 sq feet. Speed and modes are controlled via the remote they give.
  • Remote works well from a distance of 20 feet.



Superfan Super A1

Superfan A1 Best ceiling fans with remote in India

Why should you buy this?

If you want stylish ceiling fans that have BLDC motor then Superfan A1 or Superfan X1 carbon is your best option.

It does not have LED or wood finish but there are funky graphics and color from an artist’s palette in these fans.

And moreover they consume less electricity than other decorative ceiling fans.

Superfan A1 was one of the first BLDC fans in India with 35 watts of power consumption only. And with that only 35 watts they can produce RPM and airflow like all other traditional fans.

And Superfan A1 was also one of the first ceiling fans that had a BLDC dc-motor, various color option blades and a remote.

I personally like the plethora of colors and design patterns that they offer. It really helps to get them for rooms with different colors.

Top Features:

  • 35 watts of power consumption
  • Works well at low voltage
  • Well built remote
  • 5 years warranty


  • All speed controls are in the remote. There you have a unique breeze mode which mimics the natural wind flow.
  • Consumes less electricity thus works longer when run on an inverter battery.
  • Comes with 5 year warranty
  • Eco-friendly packaging


Some other companies have other BLDC ceiling fans that consume little less electricity that the superfan. But only superfan provides many color options when it comes to BLDC fans.

Polycab Superia Lite

Best ceiling fan for kitchen in India

Why should you buy this?

For a 800mm ceiling fan this is a silent one. Since this is not a high RPM fan this does not make much sound.

And apart from the 6 blade unique look, it has a remote control and LED light feature. Which is a sought after feature in ceiling fans. And now it is available in 800mm sweep also.

Polycab Superia Lite is one of the best ceiling fan for kitchen in India. Although it is somewhat costly but if you want to revamp the boring look of your kitchen or small balcony then this is the best ceiling fan in India to do so.

It is 800mm sweep area so it can cover around 50 sq feet area or less. If you want more smaller area to be covered then look into the 600mm ceiling fans. But it can also be used just above the bed.

Surprisingly although the fan is small it has some neat features for which it made it to this list of the best ceiling fans in India.

At the center it has a multicolor LED which can be controlled by the remote it comes with.

Also the fan speed is also controlled using the remote. The ceiling fan remote build is also good.

And to make the fan operation silent it has 6 fan blades. And there is also double ball bearing to make the entire fan operation smooth and silent.

This polycab fan is also anti rust coat which is much needed in Indian homes.

All in one this is one of the best decorative ceiling fans of small size.

Top Features:

  • 800mm sweep area
  • RPM 340
  • 200 CMM air delivery
  • LED light
  • Remote control
  • Unique 6 blade model
  • Wood finish
  • Copper motor
  • Double


  • Smart looking small fan which can be used in the balcony, kitchen and just above the bed.
  • Does not make a huge sound since the RPM is not high like high speed ceiling fans.
  • Classy ceiling fan for a reception area, living room or even for a bedroom.


Many have received scratched products and complained that the remote is not working.

Orient Aeroquiet 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Best ceiling fans in India for bedroom

Why should you buy this?

Taunted as one of the most silent ceiling fans in India this fan looks good and is silent.

If you are looking for a stylish ceiling fan with heavy durability then this fan is suitable for you.

Orient Aeroquiet is one of the best ceiling fans in India for bedrooms. It is almost silent and has a polished look.

The fan is made from high grade glass filled with compounded ABS for strength and longer life. The color is high gloss PU paint.

Apart from the ANti rust and Anti dust fan body, it has the strongest 18 pole copper motor which offers 300 RPM with 240 CMM air delivery.

The abs blades have a nice aerodynamic design which is also bend proof.

Top Features:

  • 300 RPM
  • 240 CMM air delivery
  • Glossy ABS fan blades and paint
  • Silent operation
  • Double ball bearing
  • 18 pole motor


  • Glossy ABS blades are highly durable and are anti rust and anti dust. This saves a ton of times from cleaning and maintenance times.
  • Strong 18 pole copper motor
  • Throws enough air for a 120 sq feet room


Many can not justify the fan speed or air delivery with the price tag.

Buying Guide for the best ceiling fans in India

Smart Features: If you are head first with Google home, Alexa and want a smart home then this feature is a must for you. With bluetooth, Wifi and IOT you can control your fan anyway you want. Use it as a LED light, control fan speed as per weather and much more. 🙂

Anti Dust and Anti Rust: Although anti dust does not make much sense as it will get dusty anyways. But comparatively the dust will be on the lower side. But this should not be a deal breaker. 

And anti rust coating or material is a good feature to consider. Since this significantly increase the lifespan of the ceiling fan.

Room size and fan Sweep: 1200mm sweep fans are common in India, and these serve well for a room under 120 sq feet. I have 1400mm sweep fans as our rooms are above 120 sq feet or just the same. For smaller rooms always stick with 600m or 900mm sweep fans as needed. 

Check the chart below.

ceiling fan buying guide india

Number of Fan Blades:  Go with 3 blade ceiling fans. These are most efficient at air delivery. But if you want a different look and want a very silent room then go for more than 3 blades. In India you will find 3-5 fan blades easily.

Blade Angle: Usually the blade angle remains at 12-15 degrees and you do not need to check this at all. This is the common practice.

Blade Shape: The ceiling fan blades are aerodynamically designed and the actual shape gets determined by that. If you are after decorative ceiling fans then you will find many exciting fan blade designs.

Motor: All old ceiling fans in India have single phase induction motors which are durable and lasts for a lifetime. Nowadays many fans are being made with BLDC motors. Along with all the features of a single phase motor, this motor consumes a lot of less electricity.

Without going into the technical details, just know this if you go with a BLDC motor, you will spend less money on electricity. But the bldc motor fans are costlier than single phase motor fans.

If compared to a single phase motor, a BLDC fan consumes around 32 watts and a single phase motor may consume around 70-75 watts of electricity.

Power Consumption: We never want to spend much, and by not spending we save a lot of money. If you are buying the ceiling fan for an area or room where it will run for a long time… that is more than 12-15 hours a day. Then get the BLDC motor fans. You will also get good designs and in the long run will be able to save some money.

Do check the energy star ratings before finalizing a ceiling fan in India.

Length of the rod: You will get the downward rod and canopy with your ceiling fan when purchased. But if you don’t, then know that the rod length increases by 6 inches for every foot increase in the ceiling height. Usually a 6 inches pole works well for a 9 feet ceiling.

Price: Budget ceiling fans in India starts well below under 1000 INR. In this list of best ceiling fans in India with price I have not included them. As a low price most of the time means that there has been some serious cost cutting. But you can check them here though!

Basically you will get what you pay for. More spend will get you premium design, high quality motor, smart features and unique fan designs.

Look and Feel: Good looks always costs more money. Sometimes good looks do come with some additional features like LED lights and aerodynamic fan blade designs. Otherwise if you want an aesthetic look or funky look – you will get them all.

Maintenance of a ceiling Fan!

  • Monthly Cleaning: No matter if the ceiling fan is anti dust, you will see that there are dust that is accumulating on the fan blades.

If you choose not to clean them at least once per month then those dust will get more dense and will get permanent.

  • When to consult an Electrician: If you notice that the fan is making unusual noises and there is a huge decline in the air delivery then you should consult with your electrician. Also if you suspect that the fan is swinging more then also you should seek professional help.

Ceiling Fan or AC?

No matter what kind of AC you have that consumes a lot of electricity. And you do not need to stay in 22 degrees for all days in the year. During not so hot days a ceiling fan with remote or regulator is more useful and efficient.

Also during monsoon to dry wet clothes, you will use a ceiling fan. Occasionally you will also use a pedestal fan.

No matter what happens you will surely need one of the best ceiling fans in India for the summer and more seasons than an AC.

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