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When you are looking for ceiling fan under 1500 then you are going to get budget oriented ceiling fans with minimum power usages of at least 74 watts. And at least 90% fan design will be very basic with a 1200mm sweep area.

But for regular usages, if you just want a ceiling fan under 1500 then these budget yet best ceiling fans in India under 1500 will be good.

[LIST] Best ceiling fans in india under 1500

Best ceiling Fan under 1500 RPM Air delivery (CMM)
Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan 370 200
⭐ Luminous Morpheus Anti –Rust 1200mm Ceiling Fan 380 230
Solimo Swoosh 1200mm Ceiling Fan India 300 200
⭐ Usha Diplomat 1200 mm 74-Watt Ceiling Fan 207 350
Bajaj New Bahar Deco 1200mm Ceiling Fan 380 210
Candes Swift DLX 48 inch ceiling fan under 1500 400 230
Halonix 1200MM Helion Plus Ceiling Fan 400 Unknown
ACTIVA 390 RPM 1200mm High Speed ceiling fan 390 Unknown
Polycab® Viva High Speed 1200 mm Ceiling fan 400 Unknown
Surya Udaan Deco 1200mm Ceiling Fan under 1500 400 210

As you see Luminous and Usha have the highest RPM (fan speed) and air flow. These two fan company are on the top on the line when it comes to best ceiling fans in India under 1500 INR.

I am not comparing these best ceiling fans in India under 1500 INR against their power consumption since none of them are BLDC fans. They all consume around 75 watts on average.

Ceiling fans in India with prices vary a lot, but these budget ceiling fans are simple in design thus ceiling fan parts are easy to find and repair as well.

And no fan light, you will not find any ceiling fans with light or Dc-motor, remote control in this price range.

From the chart below you can find our the best quality ceiling fans under 1500 INR. 

Best ceiling Fan under 1500

best ceiling fans in india under 1500

[Review] Best ceiling fans in India under 1500

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan under 1500

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm

Why Buy This!

This is a budget workhorse. With good RPM and high air delivery this is suitable for any mid size room.

As many reported there is complaint about fan noise thus probably not a good choice for a bedroom.

Orient electric apex-FX ceiling fan is the most popular 1200mm ceiling fan in India with basic features.

This durable fan has a full copper wire motor which takes in 78 watts and produces 200CMM air 

delivery with 370 RPM.

This ceiling fan under 1500 has a sweep area of 1200mm thus it is suitable for rooms under 140 sq feet.

Top Features:

  • 1200mm sweep
  • Copper motor
  • Durable body and designed fan blade
  • 370 RPM
  • 200 CMM air delivery


  • High air delivery and 370 RPM for rooms under 150 sq feet.
  • You can consider this as one of the best bedroom ceiling fans.
  • This is also one of the best priced ceiling fans.


  • Make some noises.
  • Will not run long when on inverter
  • Less color variant/Design
  • Power rating not marked in box

Luminous Morpheus Anti –Rust 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Luminous ceiling fan under 1500

Why Buy This!

Elegant design in budget with ample amount of air delivery and copper motor.

Definitely the design is not like the other luxury ceiling fans India

For these reasons you should get this fan. And note that there will be some noises.

Here is an anti rust ceiling fan with a 1200mm sweep area. This Luminous fan comes with an elegant white color.

Despite its basic design, this fan has a copper motor which can push the fan upto 380 RPM with 230CMM air delivery. To achieve this this consumes around 75 watts of power.

And the fan blades are made from aluminum so these blades are durable and no chance of rust.

Top Features:

  • 380 RPM
  • 230 CMM air delivery
  • Aerodynamically designed ceiling fan blades
  • 75 watts power consumption
  • Well made white ceiling fan.


  • Elegant design.
  • Anti Rust blades
  • Copper wire binding motor that is highly recommended for its durability.
  • Good airflow for a medium sized room
  • Average power consumption in this price range. 


Somewhat noisy.

As far as ceiling fans colours goes, white looks classy but can get dirty quickly.

Solimo Swoosh 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Solimo ceiling fan India

Why Buy This!

Although this is a new brand in Indian ceiling fan market this is a good buy when sales are on.

Solimo swoosh is a 1200mm fan with metallic color.

This fan has a RPM of 300 and air delivery of 200CMM. There is a double ball bearing for noiseless spinning but still it produces some noise as expected.

The fan has an aluminium body which is sturdy and naturally rust free. Overall the design looks good.

This 1200mm fan has power consumption of 77watts and it is neither high nor low at this price range.

Top Feature:

  • Rust free body.
  • 1200mm sweep
  • 77 watts power consumption
  • 200CMM air delivery and 300 RPM
  • One of the trendy ceiling fans in India under 1.5k INR.


  • Good design and color of this 1200mm fan which is suitable for any room.
  • Air delivery and RPM is good at this price range.
  • Aluminum made body.
  • Copper wire motor.


  • Many found design issues with the fan when compared with other companies.
  • Has a sound when running at full speed.
  • Power consumption could slightly improve.

Usha Diplomat 1200 mm 74-Watt Ceiling Fan 

Usha Racer ceiling fan

Why Buy This!

Usha is a reliable brand and this is a good product for general usages as a ceiling fan.

The noise could be on the higher side due to the high RPM thus may be not use for Bedroom.

Usha diplomat is a neutral design, simple colored ceiling fan in India under 1500. This fan consumes around 74 watts and has a copper winding motor.

With this trusty motor, this Usha fan delivers about 207 CMM of air in a room under 150 sq feet.

The fan blades are metal built and is durable.

Top Features:

  • Copper motor
  • 74 watts power consumption
  • 207 CMM air delivery
  • 350 RPM


  • Powder coated color on metal blades
  • Excellent RPM with high airflow
  • Average power consumption.
  • Reliable fan since it comes from a well known ceiling fans manufacturers in India


  • Fan is noisy at the highest speed.
  • Many reported fan malfunction after a few months.

Bajaj New Bahar Deco 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Why Buy This!

This is a good ceiling fan under 1500 but many have reported issues with the fan noise, speed and airflow.

For those who want a slight decorative ceiling fan under 1500, this is for them. This fan has a power consumption of 73  watts and sweep area of 1200mm.

With this power consumption this bajaj ceiling fan gives about 210 CMM and the RPM is 380. And this is done by a quick start motor which starts quickly when you turn the fan on.

The motor also has copper wire thus it is a durable home appliance to have at low cost.

For smooth function, this fan also has double ball bearings. This helps with making the fan noise a little lower.

Top Feature:

  • High RPM of 380
  • Air delivery 210 CMM
  • 73 watts power consumption, enough energy efficient at this price range
  • Aluminum body and fan
  • Quick start motor


  • Really high RPM at this power consumption which gives the option of high airflow
  • Can start the fan quickly with the quick start motor 
  • Double ball bearings for smooth function and less noise
  • Rust free fan body


  • Could be noisy.
  • Many people have reported malfunction of the ceiling fan

Candes Swift DLX 48 inch ceiling fan under 1500

Candes Swift DLX 48 inch

Why Buy This!

Specifications wise this fan is supposed to be the best ceiling fans in India under 1500 but it seems they have minimum after sales services.

But again you have a return period and these simple ceiling fans can be repaired anywhere.

Overall a good high RPM, high air delivery ceiling fan under 1500.

Candes swift DLX is a 400 RPM fan which is available under 1500 INR.

It comes with a 100% copper motor and 3 years warranty. This motor utilises 74 watts of electricity to provide 230 CMM of air delivery with 400 RPM.

And to make all these functions fruitful, it has carbon steel bearings. Also the fan is primarily made from aluminium which is rust free, lightweight and durable.

Top features:

  • 400 RPM
  • 230 CMM air delivery
  • 100% copper motor with 3 years warranty.
  • Can work at low voltage.
  • Budget designer ceiling fans in India.


  • Good indian ceiling fans designed fan to suit any decor.
  • Modern ceiling fan design.
  • Really high air delivery promised with high RPM
  • 100% Copper motor for long lasting performance


  • Will make some noise at high speed.
  • Minimum after sales service.
  • No quick start motor so speed picks up slowly

Halonix 1200MM Helion Plus Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan under 1500

Why Buy This!

If all the specifications are correct and you do not mind the sound then this fan is a good buy for you.

It got the high RPM and medium power consumption that a Indian home needs.

Halonix 1200mm Helion plus fan is an anti rust, anti dust fan with an exceptionally high RPM of 400.

This fan has double ball bearings to support the RPM and 100% copper wire motor. And this motor consumes around 75 watts.

Top features:

  • Metal build
  • 400 RPM
  • Anti Dust Coat
  • Anti Rust material


  • For high RPM this is a great ceiling fan under 1500 to have.
  • Anti Dust and the anti rust features are good to have.
  • Easily one of the best priced ceiling fans under 1.5k.


Someone got a bad product but was replaced quickly. Unless you get a faulty product, there is nothing to worry about.

ACTIVA 390 RPM 1200mm High Speed ceiling fan

Why Buy This!

If you really do not have the budget and can not wait then you might get this fan.

If you can however increase your budget get something from a more reputed ceiling fan brand.

If you really have a tight budget then this 390 RPM fan is suitable for you. Although it is low cost, it has some quality as well.

The motor is a copper motor with 390 RPM to deliver air faster.

The fan has aluminum parts and this is by nature anti rust metal. The colors are basic and can match with any Indian homes.

About the power consumption, many do say it is 50 watts, but I do have my own doubts about it. Since the RPM is really high.

Top Features:

  • 390 RPM
  • Anti Rust body and blades
  • Copper motor


  • High RPM that ensures air delivery in the whole room.
  • BEE approved 5 star with power consumption of 50 watts to lower electricity bills.


  • Many complain that it does not deliver air much.
  • Fan feels slow.
  • Noisy at all speed levels.

Polycab® Viva High Speed 1200 mm Ceiling fan

Polycab ceiling fan

Why Buy This!

This ceiling fan under 1500 comes with 2 years of warranty, copper motor and 4 blades.

You can definitely use this fan at your house but if you take a look at the price then you can also check what other famous ceiling fan brands are offering.

This Polycab fan has 4 blades and 400 RPM to deliver air to the entire room.

This fan also has a unique head and blade design which is useful to decorate a room.

This 1200mm fan has anti rust coating to enhance the life of the ceiling fan.

Top features:

  • 3 blades
  • Unique design
  • 400 RPM


  • 400 RPM helps with good airflow.
  • Copper motor helps with fan longevity.
  • Unique 4 blade design which can help beautify a room.
  • Overall, a value for money ceiling fan under 1.5k.


Makes windy noise when running at full speed.

Surya Udaan Deco 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Surya ceiling Fan

Why Buy This!

This is decorated fan good for home decor and is usable for any room.

It is similar to a high speed fan with high RPM so it will make some noise.

Surya is known for making tube lights and they have few models of pedestal and ceiling fans also.

This ceiling fan is under 1500 INR and has 1200mm sweep as usual.

This fan delivers around 210 CMM air with 400 RPM.

And the fan has a metal body and claims to be an energy efficient fan with 75 watts power consumption.

This fan also comes with a 2 years warranty.

Top features:

  • Good designer fan with 100% Copper motor.
  • 400 RPM
  • 210 CMM air delivery
  • At 75 watts power consumption, this is a very effective ceiling fan.


  • High RPM for fast air delivery of 210 CMM.
  • Average power consumption which keeps the electric bill low.
  • Motor is 100% copper so it should last for a long time.
  • Golden brown color combination looks great for indoor rooms.


Will make noise when running at full speed.

Features to look for in the best ceiling fans in india under 1500

Here are the top features to look for if you are going to purchase a ceiling fan under 1.5k INR!

Motor Quality: 100% Copper wire, this is the standard and for longevity you should always choose this. Some brands do come up with technology names like high flow technology, but you should always check for copper binding and the next points.

RPM and Air Delivery: Usually High RPM and CMM is related. But high RPM also means more noise. A perfect ceiling fan will produce less noise and high air delivery, but that is not the case.

Sweep Area: The normal sweep area is 1200 mm for fans in this price range. If you need more airflow then you can opt for high speed fans with a sweep of 600mm. Ideally, 3 blade, 1200 mm sweep fans will give your breezy air.

Power Consumption: Most of the ceiling fans in this price range use about 73-75 watts of power. This is the normal watts value, unless you can find a BLDC motor in this budget segment. Thus check if the power consumption is around these values.

Price: Since you have already made up your mind that you are going to get ceiling fans lower than 1500 then this is it. But also understand that the quality of ceiling fans will not be like the ones in 3-4k price tags.

By the way you might want to avoid white ceiling fans since they accumulate dust fast. Also just saying chandelier ceiling fans also accumulate a lot of dust.

Many ceiling fans manufacturers in India will apply an anti dust coating on their higher end models.

Ref: Ceiling fans wiki

Below is a way to increase ceiling fan speed, if you are into DIY!

Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

4 blades ceiling fans are less noisy than 3 blades fans but might help with improving air circulation. But in general, 3 blade ceiling fans are most common and are of low cost. But 4 blade ceiling fans do look greater than 3 blade ceiling fans.

Which ceiling fan is better in India?

BLDC ceiling fans are better since they consume less electricity. But if you want more air flow then you should look for smaller sized high speed ceiling fans.

Which ceiling fan is best for cooling?

Strong motor and small number of blades makes the best ceiling fan for cooling effect. Usually, high speed ceiling fans of smaller size will cool down a small area faster.

Do 3 blade fans move more air?

As per research 3 blades fans provide optimal air delivery in a room. And with a powerful motor the air delivery becomes much stronger for a room. And none of these could be a called as a compact ceiling fans.

What type of ceiling fan is the most efficient?

BLDC ceiling is most efficient in terms of electrical consumption efficiency. But due to low motor power consumption, the speed is not like the high speed ceiling fans. But for the electric power consumption, the air flow is decent enough.

Which brand of fan is best?

For reliability USHA, Orient ceiling fan are good, these are also good for high air spread. Also these motor units are copper made. For power consumption, Atomberg, Superfan are good.

How much electricity does a ceiling fan under 1500 consume?

On average, high-end ceiling fans like under 1500 INR will consume around 80-90 watts per hour. These budget fans are good to beat summer on a budget.

What to look for when buying a ceiling fan under 1500 rupees?

If your budget is 1.5k INR then you will not be able to chose from a wide range of ceiling fans. Also, the fans will not have much load bearing capacity as well. But as far as budget fan goes, there are decent fans in this list.

What is the best type of fan for a bedroom?

Silent operation with the combination of a powerful motor is the best type of fan for a bedroom. Ideally three blade or fans with more blades will be more silent. But a high speed motor or high torque motor will make a lot of noise. But I personally do mind that type of noise while sleeping, though.