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If you are not after remote control or any other smart features in a ceiling fan then this list of the best ceiling fan under 2000 will help you a lot. If i were you, I would pick up either the most windy one or the most energy saving one.

Most powerful motors will provide more air but will be noisy and power hungry. But at home for minimal usages that is just fine. 

With the budget of 2000 INR you will get some very good ceiling fans with decorations and beautiful colors. Some fans have copper motors and low power usages as low as 53 watts.

Let’s check them out!

List of the best ceiling fan under 2000

Best ceiling fan under 2000 Power Consumption RPM and Air Delivery
Luminous Audie 1200mm 70 watt 380 RPM and 230 CMM
Crompton HS Plus 48-inch 53 watt 320 RPM and 218 CMM
Havells Ambrose 1200mm Ceiling Fan 72 watt 390 RPM and 238 CMM
Luminous Shuttle 1200mm Ceiling Fan 70 watt 380 RPM and 220 CMM
Usha Striker One 78 watt 380 RPM and 225 CMM
Crompton 48-Inch Ceiling Fan 70 watt 370 RPM and 230 CMM
Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan 56 watt 330 RPM approx and 205 CMM
ACTIVA 1200mm ceiling Fan Unknown 390 RPM and 220 CMM
Anchor by Panasonic Raveno 1200mm Ceiling Fan 70 watt 390 RPM and 205 CMM

Common features of the best ceiling fans under 2000 INR

Electric Consumption: Lowest can be around 53-55 watts but usually the fans under 2000 INR will be around 72-28 watts.

Color: Usually brown color and some will have some other design elements but mostly brown. Some fans will be available in ivory and white color also. But you would not find much modern designs in this price range.

Fan Material: You will mostly get aluminum blades with powder coated anti dust or anti rust coating.

IOT: Do not not think of any smart features, these are available at much higher rates. Check the best smart ceiling fans in India.

best ceiling fan under 2000

Reviews of the best ceiling Fan Under 2000

Luminous Audie 1200mm 70-Watt Ceiling Fan
Luminous Audie fan

Final Verdict: It is one of the best ceiling fan under 2000 INR with anti dust coating with 70 watt power consumption.

I liked the Luminous 1200mm fan as it has a good sweep with power consumption of only 70 watt. It gives around 230 CMM.

The blades are made of aluminum thus are lightweight and run faster. And there will be no rust since it is made of aluminum.

This fan is also available in multiple colors to suit your home decor.

Top Features:

  • 1200mm sweep
  • 380 RPM
  • 230 CMM air delivery


  • 70 watt power consumption can save some cost.
  • Bigger motor for smooth operation and heat dissipation.
  • Dust repelling coat to easily clean the blades
  • 2 years warranty


  • Air delivery could be better considering the high RPM.
  • And it makes some noise due to high RPM.

Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

Final Verdict: If you want to save money and have a place where the fan would run for a longer term then get this model.

This is a great budget energy saving ceiling fan in India made by Crompton.

This ceiling fan under 2000 INR only consumes 53 watts and delivers around 218 CMM of air.

The air sweep is of 1200mm and this fan has BEE 5 star rating for low power consumption.

Also this fan has double ball bearing and 320 RPM.

Overall for a small to medium place where the fan would run for a longer period of time, it can be usable.

Top Features:

  • 53 watts power consumption.
  • BEE 5 star rating
  • 320 RPM


Very low power consumption of 53 watts, great for shops, living room etc.


Air delivery is low but the power consumption is really low.

Havells ceiling fan under 2000 (Ambrose)
Havells ceiling fan under 2000

Final Verdict: If you want to buy a havells ceiling fan under 2000 then you have 3-4 budget options and this model is the best among them.

Although it may make some noise at high speed but it should not bother much.

In this Havells ceiling fan under 2000 INR I would say this is one of the best ceiling fan under 2000 in India.

This havells fan consumes around 72 watts of power and has a sweep of 1200mm. 

This fan has a decorative ring around the fan motor housing and around the blades and mostly available in white color only.

Apart from this you will get 2 years of warranty on this fan in India.

Top Features:

  • 390 RPM and 238 CMM air delivery
  • 1200 mm sweep
  • 72 watt power consumption
  • Works in low voltage around 180 V
  • Stylish decorative blade design


  • Good fan for the price.
  • 72 watt power consumption so some chances of energy savings.
  • Metallic Paint finish


  • At high speed it makes noise . can be bothersome to some.
  • No anti dust coating.
Luminous Shuttle 1200mm Ceiling Fan
Luminous Shuttle

Final Verdict: If you like stylish fans and do not have budget for those minimal modern looking ones then you can take a shot at this. In my opinion it would look great in a living room.

Luminous shuttle ceiling fan would look great with a false ceiling. This fan comes in 3 colors and has stylish attachments on the blades.

This ceiling fan under 2000 INR delivers 220 CMM of air and has a high RPM of 380.

The blades are aerodynamically designed to push more air around so you feel the wind always.

The 3 blades of this fan are made from aluminum and are slightly wider and with a powerful motor it works great.

Top Features:

  • 220 CMM air flow
  • Aluminum blades
  • Stylish colors


  • Beautiful looking fan blades
  • High RPM for better airflow.
  • Good air delivery of 220 CMM.
  • Aluminum blade


May make some noise.

Usha Striker One 1200mm
Usha Strike

Final Verdict: This fan provides great air flow, works with low voltage and have great durable color.

This will last a lifetime. There are no such cons for this fan and Usha makes really great fans.

Usha striker One is a 1200m fan with 78 watt power consumption. This ceiling fan in India may consume a little more electricity than other 3 models on this list but also gives better air flow.

The fan blades also have a wider tip to improve air delivery. The paint of this fan is powder coated and powder coated color last longer than other paint styles on meta.

Top Features:

  • 380 RPM and air delivery of 225 CMM
  • 78 watts of power consumption
  • Powder coated color


  • Wider fan blade for air delivery
  • Long lasting powder coated color
  • Reliable performance at low voltage


Higher side on the 2k INR budget.

Crompton Metal High Speed 48-Inch Ceiling Fan
Crompton ceiling fan

Final Verdict: Crompton makes really good ceiling and table fans in India. And this fan is one of them, it has 100% copper coil and the power consumption is only 70 watts.

At this price range this is one of the best ceiling fan under 2000 INR.

If you can keep the shine on then this type of white fan looks good for any home. This fan comes in opal white color and with 1200mm sweep.

The fan has 3 aluminum blades and curve design for better air delivery.

This fan proudly houses a 100% copper motor and that ensure that your fan runs smoothly for a long time. And this fan has 230 CMM of air delivery with power consumption of only 70 watts.

The RPM is a little lower than other fans as it is 370 RPM but it might reduce the noise level a bit.

Top Features:

  • Aluminum blades
  • 370 RPM and 230 CMM air delivery
  • 70 watt power consumption 


  • 230 CMM of air delivery for a medium sized room
  • 100% copper coil ensures longer fan lifespan
  • You will get low electricity bill 70 watt power consumption


None at this price range.

Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan
Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Final Verdict: This is a low power consuming ceiling fan with a lower air delivery.

If you are not in for highest air delivery then this is a good option for you.

Baja Frore 1200mm almost stole the show in this case with their 56 watt power consumption. 

Apart from the low power consumption, the bajaj fan has torque motor that can start quickly and have the double ball bearing feature.

The blades have ribbed design for better air flow and the air flow is 205 CMM.

Top Features:

  • 56 watts of power consumption
  • Quick start motor
  • Ribber blades


  • The power consumption is lowest in this price range and it will keep your electricity bills lower.
  • The fan motor starts quickly unlike other low powered BLDC fans.


The air delivery is around 205 CMM which is lower than all of the best fans under 2000 INR.

ACTIVA 1200mm High Speed
ACTIVA 1200mm High Speed

Final Verdict: A good star rated fan with high RP, best suitable for living room and office area.

Activa 1200mm fans have the highest RPM in this range which is 390 RPM.

The blades are powder coated and are rust freehand this fan is BEE approved 5 star rated. They do not give out any clear info on the CMM number of air delivery but it should be around 220 CMM.

With that much high RPM, at full speed this will make some noises for sure.

Top Features:

  • 390 RPM
  • Stylish fan blade design
  • Rust free powder coated color
  • Double ball bearing


  • High RPM fans tend to generate more air flow in the area.
  • Comes with BEE 5 star rating


  • Will make some noise.
  • No clear info on air delivery
Anchor by Panasonic Raveno 1200mm Ceiling Fan
Raveno ceiling fan

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a low cost stylish ceiling fan under 2000 INR then you can buy this one.

Panasonic is a Japanese company and their fans are made with the brand name of Anchor selling fans.

These are high speed fans with 1200mm sweep area with good colors. This model has a bright golden color.

When saying high speed they are clearly referring to the high RPM of 390 but the air delivery as per them is only 205 CMM. 205 CMM is not enough for a 120-150 sq feet room. At least I will feel hot.

Top Features:

  • Good design.
  • High RPM of 390


  • Good for small to medium space.
  • Higher RPM will make the air thrust higher.


Less air delivery

Buying Guide for fans under 2000 INR

Buying guide for ceiling fan under 2000Electric Consumption: Well I always look into the star rating and electric consumption. Here at the range of ceiling fans under 2k INR you will mostly get the lowest at 53 watts but the air flow will be lower. So you might stick to around 70-78 watts with high air delivery.

Fan Color: At this price range you are less likely to get ultra modern designs and colors. But you will get some good color fans from Usha, Luminous with design elements.

Room Size and Fan location: If your room is around 65- 100 sq feet then a 1200mm fan is best for you. If your room is around 200 sq feet or more then you have to get 1400 mm fans. Usually most fans are made 1200 mm and it is best to fix the fan at the center of the room.

Air delivery: Wide fan blades push more air and you should look for the CMM value to know more about this. And higher the RPM faster the rate of air that you will receive. I have realised that good air delivery rate at CMM is more required, what do you think?

Motor Quality: 100% copper is the best way to go! Copper is easy to repair and they do last a lifetime. 

Fan Control: Usually ceiling fan under 2000 INR will not come with remote control. You have to use the fan regulator on the switchboard as usual.

Fan Mounts: If you have really high ceiling then the usual rods, mounts that come with the fan package might not be sufficient. You might have to add your own rods. Otherwise the mounts that come with the package will do just fine.

ref: ceiling fan wiki

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