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Saving energy indirectly means planting trees and directly reduces your electric bills. Thus many households are dumping their old fans and are looking for the best bldc ceiling fan in India.

Depending on the sweep area bldc fans use electricity as low as 28 watts. Better the motor quality, lower the electric usages.

USHA, Havells, Orient these companies are late to the BLDC segment but these are catching up to the companies like Superfan, Atomberg etc.

[List] 12 Best bldc ceiling fan in India

Best BLDC ceiling Fan in India
Power consumption (watts)
Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 28
Superfan Super A1 1200mm 35
Havells bldc fan Efficiencia Neo 26
Usha bldc fan 1200mm 32
Atomberg Renesa+ 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 28
Luminous New York Tiffany BLDC Ceiling Fan 35
Orient Electric Energy Saver Ecotech Plus 1200mm Ceiling Fan 35
Crompton Energion HS 48-inch BLDC fan 35
Jupiter Maharaja 5 Star Energy Saver Ceiling Fan 30
Atomberg Studio+ 32
Saish Solutions 12v 30 Watts Solar BLDC Ceiling Fan 30
Halonix Plasma BLDC 1200mm 32W Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan 32

As you can see from the table above and the chart below that the average power consumption (wattage) by these bldc ceiling fans is around 31.50 watts per hour.

You can get the lowest watts consumption fans like Havells or get the stylish Superfan consuming 35 watts.

If you look closely you will see Atomberg scoring three positions in this. The three models have slight differences in build quality and smart features.

All these fans can run well with inverter power supply.

You can not go wrong with any of these options!

best bldc ceiling fan in India power consumption chart

Top bldc ceiling fan manufacturer in India

Best bldc ceiling fan in IndiaSo far Atomberg and Superfan take the lead in getting India the taste of BLDC fans. These two are the most known bldc ceiling fan manufacturer in india. Other than them there are the giants like Usha, Orient etc.

[Review] Best bldc ceiling fan in India

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote

Why Buy this!

This Atomberg 1200mm fan comes at the top for its low power usages and rightfully is one of the best bldc ceiling fans in India.

This fan will consume 1 unit of electricity only after running 36 hours.

The fan starts a little slow when you turn the power otherwise a good buy for electricity saving.

Even with the low power consumption, the air delivery is satisfactory.

Atomberg formally known as Gorilla fan has two models of BLDC fans. One is 1200mm and one is 1400mm sweep.

This 1200mm sweep area is the most common one.

This fan has a very basic design with a remote function. I use the 1400mm sweep BLDC ceiling fan and it works great.

Design wise it is not great but from the perspective of power consumption, this 1200mm version BLDC ceiling fan in India consumes only 28 watts. And the 1400mm fan only costs 32 watts.

Since the power consumption is low, the fan can run longer on the inverter.As per the sweep area the fan is best for rooms with 150 sq feet area.

Top Features:

  • Good BLDC motor.
  • Very low electric consumption
  • Remote feature


  • Very much suitable for rooms where fan would run for long hours.
  • Electric consumption is very low thus you will save money indirectly.
  • Remote works great and there is a LED bulb indicator on the fan head.


  • Remote looks flimsy.
  • Somewhat costlier than other non BLDC fans.

Superfan Super A1

Superfan A1

Why Buy this!

I really like the Superfan A1 for their lower power consumption and the unique designs.

For the unique designs and colors only, this is a great buy!

Superfan A1 is one of the most sought after and one of the best bldc ceiling fan in India. They are famous for their low power consumption, unique color and beautiful color patterns and fan blade designs.

These fan will surely enhance the look of your room, no matter how it is.

Top Features:

  • 35 watts power consumption
  • Remote control
  • 5 years warranty from this good fan company


  • Low power consumption thus your electricity bills will be lower.
  • Good air delivery for rooms under 150 sq feet.
  • Uses 1 unit for running 29 hours
  • Runs longer on inverter
  • Runs smoothly on low voltage


Base model cost is good but other designer models are of really high cost with same motor and other technical specifications.

Havells bldc fan Efficiencia Neo


Why Buy this!

This BLDC fan has 26 watts of power consumption with 220 CMM air delivery and 350 RPM.

Energy consumption is the lowest here.

Although this is a good fan you might want to take a look at the no 1 and no 2 at this list.

Havells BLDC fan has amazing air delivery with very low power consumption. The power consumption is 26 watts and the 220 CMM. This will run at least 3 times longer on inverter.

Top Features:

  • 26 watts power usages
  • 220 CMM of air delivery
  • 2 years warranty


  • Good air delivery compared to the power usages.
  • Will be the lowest power hungry appliance.
  • Energy efficiency is at its peak here.


Pricier than other bldc fan models with same features.

No ceiling fan light though.

Usha bldc fan

Usha bldc fan

Why Buy this!

Usha is a reliable and one of the oldest fan makers in India, if you like the air delivery and power consumption then go ahead with this mode.

But there are new fan makers who create good bldc ceiling fans at lower cost.

Usha bldc fan consumes around 32 watts at full speed and 7 watts at lowest.

This is a 1200mm sweep area fan which can cool a 140 sq feet room. The RPM of the fan is impressive at 375 and air delivery at 220 CMM.

This ensures good air flow in the full room.

Due to the low electric usages the fan can perform well under low voltage and runs longer with an inverter battery.

Take help of an electrician if you are not sure how.

Top Features:

  • 32 watts power usages
  • 220 CMM air delivery
  • 375 RPM
  • Remote with timer feature


Good air delivery with low electric consumption.


  • Very basic design
  • Costlier

Atomberg Renesa+ 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote

Atomberg Renesa+

Why Buy this!

If you are looking for the best bldc ceiling fan in India with IOT feature to control the fan from your phone then this is the best bet you have.

So far with power usages and ease of usages this is one of the best IOT BLDC ceiling fan to buy in India.

Even with the low power consumption, the air delivery is satisfactory.

Take all the goodness of Atomberg efficio model and add IOT features and LED lights. You get the Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm BLDC ceiling fan in India.

And with the extra LED and IOT features, this fan still consumes 28 watts of power only. Meaning you will need to run this fan for 36 hours to cost 1 UNIT of electricity.

You can control this fan with the remote given or use Google home app or Alexa. The setting up is very simple and works perfectly.

This fan also comes with the LED lights on the motor housing which acts as an indicator light. And it can also work as a night lamp as well.

Top Features:

  • IOT enabled ceiling fan, which can be controlled by Google and Alexa
  • Anti Dust coating
  • 28 watts of power 
  • LED fan light can be dimmer also.


  • No need for switches, easily control the phone using Google and Alexa and use advance controls.
  • Very low electric consumption which will keep the electric bill low.
  • Runs longer on inverter battery
  • LED lights can act as night lamp


  • Not needed for the common homes since they do not use IOT features.
  • Costly.

Luminous New York BLDC Ceiling Fan India

Luminous bldc fan

Why Buy this!

This bldc ceiling fan in India has the design going right for it but the cost is really high for a fan.

And there are few complaints as well when it comes to air delivery and overall performance.

Having said that I would also like to say that Luminous is a reliable company and you can give this fan a shot.

Luminous New York Tiffany BLDC ceiling fan has a futuristic design with a premium price tag. This is one of the best BLDC ceiling fan in India with high ROM of 350 and 225 CMM air delivery in a 150 sq feet room.

Due to the high power motor, the fan consumes 35 watts of power. Which is higher than atomberg but this fan design is way better than atomberg and comes with higher air delivery.

Also unlike atomberg the remote seems to be well built also. And all that for the price hik from the Gorilla fan.

Top Features:

  • 35 watts power consumption.
  • 330-350 RPM air delivery with well used electrical power.
  • Futuristic design as a ceiling fan with light.


  • Lower electric consumption resulting in lower electric bill.
  • Good air flow.


  • NO IOT at this high price point.
  • NO Led Lights.
  • Many complain about too many plastic parts.

  • Many also complain about the fan speed, which appear to be slower.

Orient Electric Ecotech BLDC Ceiling Fan India

Orient bldc ceiling fan price

Why Buy this!

If you are into the market to get a bldc ceiling fan from a reputed brand then this is a good choice. This bldc ceiling fan consumes less power and have a remote. Personally I feel it should not be much noisy and should work fine.

Orient bldc ceiling fan price hovers around 4k INR.

Orient Ecotech plus 1200mm BLDC ceiling fan consumes around 32 watts and due to it, it can operate well at 140v also.

Orient also claims that this bldc ceiling fan will run double time with an inverter than other ordinary fans.

The fan is mostly made of aluminium and is durable. The blades are wide and provide good air circulation. The RPM of the fan is 320.

The bldc ceiling fan in India has less noise and heat and good for study room

The fan has a remote control, which is built quite well.

Top Features:

  • 35 watts power consumption
  • Works fine with lower voltages
  • High RPM of 320 with great power efficiency.


  • Lower electric consumption making electrical bills smaller.
  • Can work perfectly with an inverter battery, lower voltage input.
  • High RPM with good air delivery through the whole room.


  • Performance wise many have complaints about this fan.
  • Many faced issues with the remote
  • Some say that fan is little noisy

Crompton Energion HS 48-inch BLDC ceiling fan India

Crompton Energion BLDC ceiling Fan in India

Why Buy this!

This is a feature rich bldc ceiling fan in India which does not have IOT features but have the highest RPM and high air delivery.

Also very few fan companies would give you a 5 years warranty 🙂

Crompton is a reliable and old ceiling fan manufacturers in India. This is their 1200mm BLDC ceiling fan which consumes 35 watts only.

With the 35 watts this bldc ceiling fan has a RPM of 370 and air delivery of 220 CMM, which is impressive.

Another impressive thing is the anywhere point remote. Meaning you do not have to specifically point the remote towards the fan to get it to work. Just point anywhere and press.

It has few sleep modes and the remote is built well.

Also Crompton Energion fan can run at full speed even when the voltage drops to 90!

Top Features:

  • 35 watts of power consumption
  • ActiveBLDC motor which is more efficient
  • Anywhere point remote
  • Can operate at low voltage
  • 98% Power Factor
  • 5 years warranty


  • Can lower your electricity bills
  • NO need to worry about pointing the remote to the fan at night!
  • Works well with lower voltage and with an inverter.
  • You also get peace of mind since it comes with a 5 year warranty.



Jupiter Maharaja 5 Star Energy Saver BLDC Ceiling Fan

Jupiter BLDC ceiling Fan in India

Why Buy this!

If you are looking for the best high speed bldc ceiling fan, this is not the model.

But if you want to get out of the 3 blade style to 4 blades and 30 watts power then it is a good option to consider.

This is one of the very few rate 4 blade BLDC ceiling fan in India. THis is a 5 star rated fan which also comes with a remote.

Also most of the fan is built with aluminum, so it is rust free and durable.

This fan consumes 30 watts of electricity and will run longer on inverter batteries. And the air delivery is a decent 210 CMM.

There is a LED in it which works as an indicator of the remote.

Top Features:

  • 4 Blades
  • 30 watts power consumption
  • 210 CMM air delivery
  • Aluminum blade
  • 3 year warranty


  • Very low power consumption.
  • 4 blades gives a unique look and good airflow.


  • Costly
  • Fan wobbles
  • Makes some noise
  • Fan switches to full speed after power off!

Atomberg Studio+ BLDC ceiling fan in India

Atombeg studio bldc ceiling fans in India

Why Buy this!

If you like the design so much like it would go very well with your room decor then consider this.

Otherwise other Atomberg fans have the exact same feature.

This Studio+ ceiling fan not only consumes 32 watts per hour but is also a very stylish looking fan online!

It has a wooden ring around the LED light at the motor housing.

The fan blades are wider and have anti dust coating. The remote is well built and has 20 feet of range. There are sleep and boost mode also.

The rpm of the fan is 320 and this 1200mm sweep fan is suitable for rooms under 150 sq feet.

Top Features:

  • Wooden finish fan motor housing.
  • Wide blades
  • Anti dust coating
  • Stylish modern design


  • Sleek design, suitable for living room, as well as dining room
  • 32 watts of power consumption makes electric bills lower
  • Good RPM of 320 ensure proper air delivery


Costly considering there is no Google or alexa app control capabilities.

Saish Solutions 12v 30 Watts Solar BLDC Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

Why Buy this!

If you are into solar powered homes then you can use this fan and walk a step towards a pollution free future.

Saish solutions took the BLDC ceiling fans a step further and marketed their fans as solar fans. Meaning you can hook up 12v solar panels with 40-80watts of power and run this fan directly on solar.

Or you can always use a solar battery system with DC output.

This is a 3 blade, 1200mm fan with 5 speed remote control. The fan consumes around 30 watts of power and is suitable for running it for a long time.

Top Features:

  • Works with DC input. Directly from solar or battery
  • 30 watts of power consumption
  • Light ceiling fan.


  • A great choice for eco friendly homes who want to have a nice fan to run directly on solar.
  • Low power consumption makes sure that you will need a lower number of solar panels.


  • Probably does not run with AC power.
  • Is not suitable for all households.

Halonix Plasma BLDC 32W Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan


Why Buy this!

This is a good BLDC ceiling fan in India which has high rpm for max airflow.

Although high RPM will make some noise, you can still use it in your shop or living room just fine.

Halonix plasma comes with a 32 watt copper wired BLDC motor and a remote.

This is a 1200mm fan with 350 RPM and air delivery of 210 CMM. This makes this bldc ceiling fan in India suitable for rooms under 150 sq feet.

Top Features:

  • High RPM Dc-motor
  • High air delivery
  • LED light can be used as night lamp


  • High RPM and air delivery makes sure that the whole room has air circulation.
  • Lower electricity bill due to low power consumption.
  • Well made white ceiling fan.


The high RPM of this fan makes it noisy.

High speed bldc ceiling fan Buying Guide

Power Consumption: If I am looking to get a BLDC ceiling fan, then I definitely want the lowest power  consumption possible. For the 1200mm sweep you can get 28 watts of power consumption. For a 1400mm sweep area the power consumption can go to 32 watts. And depending on the RPM then electric usage also increases.

These are not good as a outdoor ceiling fan.

Price: Better design, higher RPM and lower power consumption causes the fan price to rise. Also if you are after IOT features like, Google home or Alexa – the prices of the bldc ceiling fan will increase significantly.

And you should not look for brushed nickel, brushed steel, bronze ceiling fans which will increase the price.

Design: Wooden finish, Anti dust coating or real wood – which one you prefer? The fancier the design is, the prices will be higher. But if the motor is not capable enough then the airflow will be low or electric consumption will be higher. But in any case if you need aesthetic design to enhance your home decor then these types of fans should be your priority. But then also be sure to check the power consumption and RPM value.

Pul-chain, Chandelier, ceiling fans with lights do make the design very good and can be used as a home decor.

Size: For an average room under 150 sq feet, 1200mm sweep is fine. For slightly larger rooms you should get 1400mm sweep. You can also get 900m fans for area less than 40 sq feet. Larger the sweep size, higher the cost. Usually the 1200mm sweep area of a BLDC ceiling fan is fine.

Warranty: Usually you will get 2 years of warranty but many manufacturers will give you 3 or even 5 years of warranty. More the years in warranty, the more reliable the fan might be!

Ceiling fan parts should also be very easy to find, you can check a repair video at the end of this article.

Noise: BLDC fans are not noisy but higher RPM fans which have around 350 RPM may make some noise when running at full speed. Although the noise still should be very tolerable. If you do not want that then get some fans which have less noise.

Cheapest bldc ceiling fan in India

BLDC fans are not cheap but the cheapest BLDC fan in India would be the Atomberg efficio 1200mm fan. You can’t just go buy a fan every year and this fan is reliable and one of the basic, cheapest bldc ceiling fan in India.

Get the best possible fan you can get and these bldc fan will save energy everyday and thus save money.

And no matter the price, none of these are industrial ceiling fan.