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Aha you are looking for the best bladeless ceiling fan in India then you probably want to try a new things and want to spend a lot of money.

No no I am not judging you but admiring the fact that you are ahead of the curve.

You are rare.

Here are the available options as bladeless ceiling fan India.

[List] bladeless ceiling fan India

Exhale fans
Wonderland Prarthna 18 INCHES BLADE False Ceiling
Fanzart Invento Slim
bladeless ceiling fan India

Exhale fans

Exhale fans

Why Should You Buy this?

In my opinion as I do not have experience with this fan first hand, I would say you cam install it in a large room.

I also do not know the exact buying cost and installation cost. If the cost permits then buy it.

This is the true bladeless ceiling fans in India. There are no other like them. And I personally like the idea.

How it works?

It pulls the air right underneath the fan and then spreads them to the side.

So the air gets knocked on the walls and then reaches to you.

And you get a pleasant natural like air. Instead of air gushing out from the top and centered on one single place.

Is DC Ceiling Fan Better Than AC?

With the exhale fans the air after being pushed out, travels to all the corners of the room then travels down to the center.

And by this way all of the room gets the air.

And not only to India they sell these fans to all over the world.

Here are some tech specs first – 

  • Width is 34 inches, so almost at par with traditional ceiling fans?
  • Weight is 13 kg.
  • At level 6 of speed, it consumes around 50 watts and at the lowest speed it consumes just 2 watts.
  • (I wonder how it spins at 80 RPM at 2 watts)
  • Yes, it spins. The circular body parts spin and spread the air around the room.
  • Remote control.
  • Comes with a LED light.
  • Very low sound, at highest speed it produces only 40-43db sound.


  • High Airflow 5,000 CFM.
  • Smaller than traditional ceiling fans.
  • Consumes low energy with the 
  • Quiet if compared to the traditional ceiling fans.
  • Has a LED light at the center. (6000k daylight/coolwhite or warm white at 3000k)
  • Light can be dimmed
  • Air flow is pleasant and can be used for large rooms.


  • You will need a flat ceiling for this. No beams in the center would do better.
  • You might want to put this in a big room.
  • I wonder if your important papers will get sucekd into the vortex created at the center of the exhale fan?

Wonderland Prarthna 18 INCHES BLADE False Ceiling

Wonderland bladeless ceiling fan

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want an enclosed fan which is not exactly a bladeless ceiling fan but the blades are less visible.

This fan is best for regulating AC air, office space, bathroom, short ceilings.

This is a 18 inch fan which can be installed on a false ceiling. And it will take around 2  feet * 2 feet area.

This is not exactly a traditional fan replacement but for a very small space it might work.

Top Features:

  • 18 inches blade enclosed so less chance of danger.
  • Comes with a remote.
  • Can be used in the office, washroom, small rooms easily.
  • Made with ABS plastic
  • 3 speed fan motor
  • Consumes low power


  • The low power consuming motor can run for 10k hours.
  • Consumes 60 watts only.
  • Usually meant to be used in an office environment.
  • Can regulate cod air from AC to the whole room easily.
  • Can be used in small rooms.


  • Not a replacement of traditional ceiling fans.
  • Not that powerful air flow.

Fanzart Invento LED bladeless ceiling fan

Fanzart Invento LED bladeless ceiling fan

Why Should You Buy this?

If you want to add a small sized fan for air regulation then this is a good one.

The added light and remote are great feature and the whole system very convenient.

Suitable for any type of ceilings and can be used in washrooms also.

Fanzart is a multi purpose all ceiling bladeless ceiling fan in India that comes with LED lights.

Top Features:

  • Suitable for all ceiling types
  • Remote Control
  • LED lights
  • NO danger to open blades
  • Lightweight yet strong abs plastic body
  • Quiet motor


  • Great for circulating cool air from the AC
  • Can be used in places with short ceilings.
  • Can be used to maintain air flow in small spaces
  • Has LED lights so you can skip the light bulbs or add more brightness to the room.
  • Almost silent motor, good for offices, libraries etc.


Can not replace a fan.

[My Opinion] bladeless ceiling fan India

In my opinion the bladeless ceiling fans in India are yet to take up the market. So far the most popular models are only being used to regulate AC air. Or being used in small spaces. The only traditional ceiling fan replacement is Exhale fans.

But I am not sure about the price and how it would fare in different sized Indian rooms.

Bladeless ceiling fan price in India

So far the bladeless ceiling fans found in India are not exactly bladeless ceiling fans. The trend has not catch up yet and probably in India you might not need a bladeless ceiling fan at all.

Come to think of it bladeless table fans are not well received either.

Bladeless ceiling fan India online shopping

So far there are very few online options to go shopping for bladeless ceiling fans. And there are not many sellers on online portals as well.


Are bladeless fans worth it?

Yes bladeless fans are worth it if you require even air flow in the entire room. And bladeless fans are also a safer option than other traditional ceiling fans. And you might also want to consider the light, remote control features as well.

Are bladeless fans really bladeless?

Bladeless fans are called bladeless because for most of the time you do not see the blades. But it has some blades and the whole fan works like a vacuum cleaner. It pulls air from one side and then spreads into the room.

How do bladeless ceiling fans work?

Bladeless ceiling fans works like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks the air from the center of it and spreads the air from the side towards the 4 walls of a room.

In this way the wind bounces back from the walls and creates a nice breeze in the entire room.
Where as typically the wind is felt at the center, with the bladeless ceiling fans the wind can be felt in the entire room.

Why are bladeless fans lying?

Bladeless fans are lying because for most of the time you will not see the fan blades. But even if you do not see the blades that does not mean they are not there.

Which bladeless fan is best?

You can look into buying Dyson bladeless fans which are the best.

What can I use instead of a ceiling fan?

You can use a bladeless ceiling fan in India instead of a ceiling fan. A bladeless ceiling fan will be able to spread the air in the entire room easily and comes with many other features as well.

But these sure do cost a lot compared to the normal ceiling fans.

How can I cool my room down without AC?

In India you can easily cool your room with wet curtains on the windows and doors. This way the outside air will get cool while passing through the wet material.

Other Then this you can use an air cooler in the dry areas and for humid areas you can use pedestal fans. If you have a budget then always use an air conditioner.

How can I make my fan quieter?

You can not make a noisy fan. But if you are running a old ceiling fan then cleaning it often will help with the sound level.

How do you clean a bladeless fan?

To clean a bladeless fan, first switch if off and get a dry cloth to wipe off the dust. You can use a little amount of water on the outside to clean it up.

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