Best air cooler under 6000

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The best air cooler under 6000 are mostly available online and these have good features also. But if you want you can look for air coolers below this price also.

And if you are looking for air coolers in really high range then maybe you can just buy an air conditioner.

Certainly you will not find any desert air cooler in this budget but let’s try!

[LIST] best air cooler under 6000

Voltas Air Cooler Alfa 20
Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler
Symphony Ninja 27 Ltrs Air Cooler
Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler
Mango Cool Master (i) Personal Room Air Cooler
Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24-litres Personal Air
best air cooler under 6000

[Review] best air cooler under 6000

While selecting the types of coolers I did not chose any window coolers. Window air coolers are not ideal for modern Indian homes. Thus at this price range the mid sized portable type of coolers are most common.

Without further delay, here are the best air cooler under 6000 in India that you should look into.


Why should you buy this?
If you are in for a medium sized air cooler for a medium sized room then you can give this a try.

The blower is powerful and throws a lot of air into the room. It is like a mini desert air cooler.

iBell Coolplus air cooler has a 22 litre water tank and it works well with its 3 speed dial. It has a powerful blower also which can throw air multi directional.

This air cooler is also inverter compatible which will run instantly when power is off.

Top Features:

  • Honeycomb pads which are efficient in cooling.
  • 22 litres of water tank capacity.
  • Has caster wheels for transportation
  • 1400 m3/hour air delivery
  • Ice chamber


  • Honeycomb pads which are better than any other style of pads.
  • Has a decent water tank of 22 liters which will help in cooling the room longer.
  • The powerful blower can throw 1400 m3/hour. Although the brand is new, it has powerful air throw.
  • Ice chamber may help with some extra cooling.
  • Not huge in size.


  • Consumes 130 watts of power, which will drain the inverter battery quickly.
  • Many found flaws in the cooling system, since it did not work for them as expected.
  • Average build quality.

Voltas Air Cooler Alfa 20

Voltas Alfa air cooler

Why should you buy this?
If you want a single person to use an air cooler from a known brand then get this one.

This small sized alfa cooler is good for a small to medium sized room only.

Voltas is a TATA brand which is known for its air conditioners. They also have some air coolers and alfa 20 is one of the air coolers under 2000 INR.

This air cooler is small in size and build quality is durable.

Top features:

  • 20 liters water tank.
  • Honeycomb cooling pad will help beat the summer heat.
  • Has a dust filter.
  • Airflow should be around 1000
  • Air throw distance 7.6  @0.5m/s[m]
  • Has wheels for transportation.
  • Water level indicator.


  • Medium sized cooler which will fit rooms around 100 sq feet.
  • Has decent airflow.
  • Honeycomb pads for longer lasting cooling.


  • Not for a large room.
  • Not for multiple people.

Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler

Havells Tuono Personal Air Cooler

Why should you buy this?
If you require decent cooling for a smaller area then this would work fine.

Although being inverter compatible, all air coolers consume good enough electricity to drain the battery quickly.

Havells Tuono personal air cooler is a small sized air cooler suitable for one person only.

Best way to use these would be in a small office cabin, just besides the study table or bed etc.

The cooling space is only 43 m³.

This small sized air cooler has a 18 liter water tank capacity.

But this air cooler has a decent air throw of 1200 m3/hour. This types of air flow is sufficient for a single person or for a small room only.

Top Features:

  • 1200m3/hour air delivery.
  • Has auto swing mode for left and right.
  • Has honeycomb pads with 35mm thickness.
  • Got a small ice compartment.
  • Dust filter.
  • Works on an inverter.
  • Comes with caster wheels.


  • High airflow despite the smaller cooling area.
  • Thick honeycomb pads help with faster cooling.
  • Ice compartment will help with faster cooling also.
  • Has less noise.
  • Dust filer does clean the air from some particles. 


  • Consumes 140 watts of power.
  • Small water tank capacity.

Symphony Ninja Air Cooler

Symphony Ninja 27 Ltrs Air Cooler

Why should you buy this?
Symphony is a household name when it comes to air coolers.

This Ninja air cooler is most suited to a single person use within a small to midsize room.

If you also need dust and bacteria filters then this will be the best option for you.

Symphony ninja is a medium sized air cooler with 27 liters of water tank capacity.

Among the wide range of symphony air coolers this is probably in medium size and with good water tank.

It has dura pump technology which helps in longevity of the cooler itself.

This cooler has a dust filter which will stop dust, smell and allergens. Also it can stop bacteria. The honeycomb filter also helps with better and faster cooling.

The Ninja air cooler has a blower inside and it consumes around 105 watts of power.

Top Features:

  • Honeycomb cooling pad.
  • 27 liters of water tank
  • Dust/bacteria filter.
  • Swing mode for quick cooling.


  • 27 liters of water tank will last for some time so you can enjoy longer cooling in a room.
  • Suitable for 1-2 people and in a small to medium sized room only.
  • Airflow is decent for a small sized room.
  • Filter will surely get some dust particles out along with some allergens and bacteria.
  • Has wheels and plastic body, which makes it easier to move the air cooler around.


  • Not suitable for more than 2 people and not suitable for larger rooms.
  • Many deliveries of this product were missing the dust and bacteria filter.
  • Many buyers were not satisfied with cooling. 
  • Auto louver movement could be better.

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

Why should you buy this?
If you are looking for one of the smallest air coolers then this is a good buy.

Do not expect lower power consumption, high airflow. This is decent for a smaller sized air cooler which can be used by a single person.

Symphony Diet 12T is a capable small sized air cooler with good cooling capability. The water tank capacity is really small and that allowed this air cooler to be slimmer and taller.

This is in no way compares to the powerful desert coolers that symphony offers, but when it comes to personal coolers, this is a great portable air cooler that you can try.

And since the fan size is also small, the power consumption is low as well.

And like other symphony air coolers, this also comes with a multi stage air purification process involving dust, allergy filter and honey comb pads.

Top Features:

  • Small sized.
  • Has filters for dust and bacteria.
  • Has castor wheels to move it around.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads for faster cooling.
  • Tower cooler style build. One of the slimmest air coolers in the market.


  • Easily fits smaller sized rooms where you can not put larger air coolers, AC or ceiling fans.
  • Has dust and bacteria filters which are useful.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads helps with faster efficient cooling.


  • Only for very small rooms, study areas, balcony etc.
  • Will work best for a single person only.
  • Consumes 170 watts of power.

Mango Cool Master (i) Personal Room Air Cooler

mango air cooler under 6000

Why should you buy this?
If you are looking for a cooler that can be used in a mid sized room then this is a good one.

It has good air delivery and has 30 feet of air thrown thus it will meet your needs easily.

Mango Cool master air cooler has water tank capacity of 25 liters and consumes little less power than other models. It consumes around 104 watts of power.

But the air delivery is quite good at this price range. This air cooler can deliver around 1400 m3 per hour of air. There is also 3 speed control. And this also has a remote control.

Also this air cooler claims to have 30 feet air throw.

Top Features:

  • 1400m3/hour air flow
  • 30 feet air throw
  • 140 watts power consumption
  • Remote control
  • Good display and controls on top.


  • Excellent air throw and air delivery for a mid sized room. With cross ventilation works well.
  • Range of air throw is pretty decent as per the air cooler size.
  • Useful for more than 1 person.
  • Rust free glossy body.
  • Come with wheels so you can move it around.
  • Height is good for being used near bed.


  • Can be noisy.
  • Consumes 140 watts of power. So not so energy efficient.

Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24-litres Personal Air

Bajaj Air cooler under 6000

Why should you buy this?
If you need decent air throw with low power usages and small size then this air cooler could be a good option.

As far as mini desert cooler prices go, this is a decent option.

Bajaj PCF 25DLX is a small sized air cooler for a mid sized room. This air cooler has a water tank capacity of 24 liters.

This can cool down a room around 150 sq feet.

This air cooler also has few other quirky technologies like – 

Hexacool technology, Turbo fan technology etc, these help with faster cooling with minimum water consumption.

And this Bajaj air cooler consumes only 80 watts, which is lowest in this segment.

Top Features:

  • 24 liters water tank.
  • Upto 150 sq feet of room size coverage.
  • 18 feet air throw.
  • Hexacool technology (3 side honeycomb pads for maximum cooling)
  • Turbo Fan technology


  • Really low power consumption in between air coolers in this price range.
  • May be useful for a medium sized room with 18 feet air throw.
  • 24 liter water tank is useful for longer time cooling.
  • Smaller in size so can be placed in smaller sized rooms.


  • Could be noisy.
  • Many found design flaws in the air cooler.
  • Not available or non responsive customer care.

[Buying Guide] best air cooler under 6000

Size: If you are planning to get the cooler for a small size room then pay attention to the size. Usually smaller air cooler consume less power, have smaller water tank and are easy to move and set up. Larger air coolers and many window cooler can cover a large square feet area due to their fan size.

Air cooler problem and Solutions

Unfortunately you will not find anyone claiming to be the best desert air cooler under 6000 in India. 

Water Tank: Larger water tank is useful when you want to use the air cooler features for longer. Large water tank also means that the size of the air cooler will be much larger. Along with this, you will also need a reliable water pump for effective cooling. This water pump will ensure that there is continuous water supply.

Power Consumption: High air throw and air delivery will result in high power consumption. Check this if you are concerned with high electricity bills. Usually an air cooler will consume around 140 watts.

Air delivery: If you want to use the air cooler for a larger room or for more than 1 person, then please check the distance it can throw the air and how much. This may increase the blower/fan size and consume more electricity. The higher the fan speed, more air delivery you will receive.

Filters: Many air coolers come with dust filters. Which is a handy feature, but that also means that the air cooler is only throwing the purified air at you. And not purifying the air in the room.

Apart from dust filter there are wash filters, smell filter and multi stage air filter as well.

Multi layer air filters do act as air-purification filters.

Coverage area: Many air coolers will mention how much area in sq feet that they cover and most will not. Usually the longer the air throw and higher the air delivery, it can cover more area.

Best Air Cooler in India under 10000 Best Symphony Cooler
Best air cooler under 8000 Best air cooler for kitchen

Small sized air coolers can only cover areas of a small room/bed/cabin etc.

Warranty:Usually air coolers come with 1 year warranty and some provide in house repairs also. Most air cooler brands will offer 1 year warranty but do read between the fine line.  Most popular air cooler will cover all the items in air coolers but many indoor air coolers brand will only cover the motor.

Hopefully now you know how to tackle hot summers in India with your budget air cooler under 6k INR.

And also note that in high humidity areas air coolers are less likely to work, but you can still check offline Indian markets and try one locally before buying online.

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