Best 600mm ceiling fan in India

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A neighbor of us used to have a small HIGH RPM fan in their balcony.

Although it made that small balcony too windy for me, for that space that 600mm fan was the best choice. Here are the best 600mm ceiling fan in India.

Do not not use these 600mm fans for a large room or for a room larger than 50 sq feet.

These fans are best for small rooms like balconies, study rooms etc. Or you can install them in the large room right on top of the study table or on top of the bed.

[LIST] best 600mm ceiling fan in India

Atomberg Renesa 600mm BLDC840 RPM
Candes Brio Turbo 600 mm 858 RPM
Orient 600mm ceiling fan850 RPM
Havells pacer 600mm ceiling fan830 RPM
Usha 600mm ceiling fan830 RPM
Havells fusion 600mm ceiling fan880 RPM
ACTIVA 600MM HIGH Speed 850 RPM850 RPM
Havells nicola 600mm ceiling fan850 RPM
Bajaj 600mm ceiling fan870 RPM
Havells 600mm ceiling fan India880 RPM

Personally if you consider these 600m ceiling fans above then if you want to save electric bill then go with the Atomberg model. Since it consumes the less energy.

For more reliability and brand perspective you can go with USHA or Havells 600mm ceiling fans, those are also very great.

And none of these ceiling fans are made as outdoor ceiling fan.

best 600mm ceiling fan in India

[Reviews] best 600mm ceiling fan in India

Atomberg Renesa 600mm BLDC

Atomberg Renesa 600mm fans

Why Should You Buy this?

If you plan to use the fan for a longer period of time then this could be useful. Since only then you can take advantage of the low power consumption feature usefully.

Best for on top of the study table, bed or balcony.

This fan company, Atomberg has BLDC motors with 1400mm, 1200mm and with 600mm fans. 

This BLDC motor fan consumes only 28 watts when on high speed. And like all other atomberg fans this also comes with a remote.

Moreover like the bigger models, this also has LED lights on the head. These can be used as night lamp also.

Since the size is small, it can be used for small bedrooms, balconies, kitchen and walking spaces. Also would look really great if used for small office spaces as well.

The remote design is basic but the fan has wooden style color on the blades. The remote works from 20 feet away and you can control the boost, sleep mode using it.

Unless it is a small bedroom, I doubt how you would use the modes.

Since this covers only around 35 sq feet, you should install this fan in small areas like balcony.

Top Features:

  • 28 watts of power usages
  • Dc-motor
  • 840 RPM
  • 135 CMM air delivery
  • Comes with remote control.
  • Ceiling fan light is a good addition.


  • Really low power usages and can be used for areas where the airflow is needed for a longer time period.
  • Good RPM for good airflow.
  • Works great with air conditioner.
  • Speed control can be done with a remote.


Maybe the remote and other features are not needed for a small space.

Candes Brio Turbo 600 mm

Why Should You Buy this?

If you do not need remote or need low power usages then this fan will be great for you. With high RPM this fan will make some noise but will work for most people.

Candes Brio Turbo fan has a RPM of 858 with 100% copper motor. This allows the fan to push more air quickly. But this airflow comes at a cost of 50 watts.

The blades are well balanced with mate finish and double ball bearings. The blades are made from aluminum so these are corrosion free.

And with all that copper wire motor this fan comes with 3 year warranty.

Top Features:

  • 858 RPM
  • 50 watts power consumption
  • 3 years warranty
  • Sleek design that comes in black.


  • High RPM can send more air towards you in the shorter space. And 4 blades do their job pretty well as well.
  • Circulates air very fast.


At full speed for which you will need a regulator the fan will make noise.

Orient 600mm ceiling fan India

Orient 600mm ceiling fan India

Why Should You Buy this?

If you do not mind the noise and the power consumption of 70 watts then you get this 600mm fan.

Overall if this fits your budget then get it, otherwise in the same budget look for lower power consumption and more airflow.

Orient is a known fan manufacturer in India and this fan has some decorations which look nice. This can be used for the balcony or for the space just after the main door.

With 4 blades and high RPM of 850 this fan gives good airflow. But the power consumption is around 70 watts.

The fan blades are most probably made from steel or iron like material which can get rust. Also the fan blades are not anti-dust. But many would say that the anti dust coating does not work anyway.

To control the speed you would have to buy a regulator.

Top Features:

  • Good design
  • 850 RPM
  • 4 Blades modern fan design


  • 4 blades can help with airflow and that copper wired motor will help a lot too.
  • High RPM for more airflow.


  • Not anti rust.
  • Very noisy at high speed.
  • Could have been a Ceiling fans with lights.

Havells pacer 600mm ceiling fan

Why Should You Buy this?

The main reason to get this would be the 52 watts of power usages over a justified price.

Havells pacer is a popular fan with 600mm sweep area. The RPM is one of the highest at 830 and it has double ball bearings for superior function.

The one good feature is the low power consumption which is around 52 watts and the simple white color will look good with any room.

But the white color will get dirty quickly and there is no anti dust coating either.

Top Features:

  • 52 watts power usages
  • 830 RPM


  • Good Low power consumption to be used for areas where fans will be used for longer time periods.
  • High RPM will help with more air delivery.


Like many small fans this will also make some noise and there are no clear info on air delivery in CMM.

Usha 600mm ceiling fan

usha 600mm ceiling fan India

Why Should You Buy this?

If you like the style of the fan have a space in your house that is perfect for this – then buy it.

The 4 blades and decent airflow will help the area cool down with the wind. The power consumption is not the lowest but it is okay if you do not mind it.

The price seem to be higher for me!

Usha as a fan maker is always a favorite and this 600mm fan comes with an anti dust feature. This makes it suitable for cramped spaces as well as for an area in a large hall room.

The bright gold color can be used to beautify the room as well.

This USHA 600mm ceiling fan delivers around 108 CMM with 830 RPM. The ball bearings of this fan helps it to run as quietly as possible as well. The power consumption is on the higher side, which is 74 watts.

Top Features:

  • Good air flow of 108 CMM
  • High RPM of 830


  • Good airflow considering the 600mm sweep area.
  • Stylish fan which can be used for home decor also.
  • This 600mm fan in India has anti dust coating which will help with less cleaning.
  • Fan replacement parts should be easy to find.


  • Anti-dust coating does not work much.
  • Power consumption is higher.

Havells fusion 600mm ceiling fan

Havells fusion 600mm ceiling fan

Why Should You Buy this?

This fan is one of the 600mm ceiling fans that can deliver high airflow and with decent power consumption. If you think that the price is right then get this model.

Havells has few offerings in the 600mm fan market and this is a fan which has the second highest air delivery in 600mm sweep area.

The air delivery is 120 CMM with 880 RPM.

And this fan delivers this performance with power consumption of 62 watts. This is still higher than the BLDC motor fans but still quite good.

If you are concerned about good air delivery with low electric usages then you can consider this. But with a little more hike in the price you can get a better fan. But at this budget this is a good one.

Top Features:

  • 880 RPM
  • 120 CMM
  • 62 watts power consumption


  • Good airflow and power consumption as per the price.
  • Good color and design.


Apart from being noisy there are no such cons if you are happy with the price.



Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking to get a decent airflow with not so great looks or even build quality then get this low cost 600mm ceiling fan in India.

Activa tried to bring a good quality 600mm ceiling fan with good price. With under 1500 INR approx this fan can deliver 850 RPM of high air flow.

This fan is suitable for interior but for small spaces only.

With high RPM this fan is said to use only 50 watts but I am not sure about the claim.

To Features:

  • 850 RPM
  • Good Ivory color


  • High RPM with moderate air flow.
  • The said electric consumption is also on the lower side.


  • Supposedly bad material used. Mostly made from plastic and blades are thin.
  • Noisy
  • Finishing is not great.

Havells Nicola 600mm ceiling fan

Havells Nicola 600mm ceiling fan India

Why Should You Buy this?

If you prefer a 600mm ceiling fan which is nicely designed and looks good then this is for you.

Since this is a small fan, you may only use this for kitchen-like small rooms. This fan also makes somewhat less sound than other fans that are also around 850 RPM.

Havells Nicola 600mm ceiling fan is a stylish model with 62 watts of power  correction. I would place it near the couch in the living room area or in the balcony.

The ai delivery of this fan is pretty good which is 110 CMM. 

This is achieved by the 850 RPM and the powerful motor. This copper motor is supported by double ball bearing for smooth noiseless function.

Top Features:

  • Good decorative design
  • Good air delivery of 110 CMM
  • 850 RPM


  • Nice looking design complementing the overall home decor.
  • Good air delivery for small room
  • Low power consumption of 62 watts


  • Mostly plastic made.
  • Somewhat costly.

Bajaj 600mm ceiling fan

Bajaj 600mm ceiling fan

Why Should You Buy this?

For the price you are getting one of the best 600mm ceiling fans in India.

This fan will help you with good airflow in that small space that it is capable of servicing. 

With high RPM it will make some noise but the power usage is low making it a good choice.

This Bajaj 600mm ceiling fan has one of the highest RPM in the 600mm category. The RPM of this 600mm ceiling fan is around 870RPM.

The air delivery is around 110 CMM and the power consumption is 66 watts. These numbers are pretty good, not the best but  almost on par with them.

The motor has copper wire binding and this is a quick start high torque motor with double ball bearing for smooth function.

The blades are not made from plastic type material, rather from low weight aluminum. This makes the fan blades rust free.

Top Features:

  • 100% copper quick start motor
  • 110 CMM air delivery
  • 870 RPM
  • 66 watts of power consumption


  • Reliable high performance motor with 100% copper wire
  • Very good air delivery considering the price
  • Very good high RPM for the small area
  • Low power consumption considering the cost and not a BLDC motor.


  • Will make some noise.
  • Apart from major failures you should not worry.

Havells 600mm ceiling fan

Why Should You Buy this?

If you are looking for a budget 600mm ceiling fan then this is a good 600mm ceiling fan that you can install.

And you can get good airflow with good RPM.

Also note that this will also involve some fan noise.

This havells 600mm fan has a RPM of 880 and air delivery of 120 CMM. These numbers are one of the highest in this 600mm ceiling fan category.

This havells 600mm ceiling fan also uses around 62 watts of power which is also moderately low.

Top Features:

  • Fan Speed: 880 RPM
  • 120 CMM Air Delivery
  • 62 watts of power consumption


  • This is a low budget fan with good RPM and air delivery. Also the power consumption is on the lower side.
  • Durable paint coating.
  • Fan blades are made of good quality material.


The images on the amazon products seem to be from another fan model.

Buying Guide for the best 600mm ceiling fan in India

Requirement: When you are looking to get a new fan, the first thing you should do is clear your requirement. And that begins with room size. If the room size is bigger than 40 sq feet then you should look into fans which are larger than 600mm.

And then comes the noise, generally all 600mm fans are noisy due to their high RPM thus it is not much suitable to be placed directly over bed. If you are not a deep sleeper then you will face some issues.

For balcony, living room, bathroom, kitchen these fans work best.

RPM: All 600mm fans have higher RPM of at least 700 RPM. More RPM means faster air delivery. And more RPM also means more noise.

Power Consumption: Since the motor is small these fans use less energy but still some will reach around 75 watts. And BLDC 600mm fans consume around 28 watts. If you are not planning to run the fan for a long period of time then you can get away with higher power consumption. Especially if you are using the fan in the bathroom, kitchen etc.

Motor Quality: 100% copper wired motor is more durable, reliable and most preferred. And most of the Indian fan makers create fan using copper motors.

Fan build: Some low cost fans are made from plastic and those are not durable. Steel and aluminum ones are the most durable ones and are costlier.

Other Features: Other features include anti-dust, remote, LED light type features. These are not mandatory but somewhat useful for some.

Ref: Ceiling fan Encyclopedia

For those who want to repair their 600m ceiling fan in India