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Best Bat Repellent India – Ultrasonic and Spray

Bats might look scary and remind you of Dracula or Batman depending on what is on your mind. But in general these creatures are very tame and generally do not cause trouble.

Unless you try to eat them.

However, here are some bar repellent in India that you can use, if you see more bats or similar night creatures in your house/lawn/garden.

Top 3 Bat Repellent in India

Reviews of the Bat Repellent in India

Bat Repellent in India

Bonide Products 876 Bat Repellent- 4-Pack

bat magic bat repellent India

If you are looking for some international products, then this could be on your list. But try this if the home remedies have fallen to remove bats.

This is a costly product and I would not recommend that you start with this one first.

This bat repellent contains natural oils as discussed below and you can simply by natural oils like peppermint and cotton balls to use this.

Bonide 876 bat repellent is strictly for indoor use. And it is best to use in hollow spaces, near roofs, cracks and any other hollow space or openings.


TELE NET BAT/Bird Repeller Install Two for Best Performance

Bat repeler India

This is a high-priced electronic bat repellent in India that uses sound. And this is one of the best bat repellent devices in India.

But if you see enough bat that is eating your garden foods and pooping all over your plants, then this is the best way to go.

Ideally you will need two speakers, but you can use only one also.

The speaker box has three in them for three directions. And if you are using two speakers, then they must face each other.

This echo speaker set can protect around 900 sq feet area and weighs around 1 kg. You have to fix them high, around 15 feet from the ground.

Fix them properly, so they do not fall down due to storm or rain.

It is meant to be outdoor use, and it can stay on for 24 hours every day.


TELE NET Ultrasonic Bird Bat Repeller


ultrasonic bat repellent

This is an ultrasonic bat repellent item in India. This produces ultrasonic sound which can not be heard by humans, but birds and Bats can hear them.

They do not like it and most likely will stay away from the area.

This speaker set can stay tuned on for 24 hours every day.

But like all other ultrasonic devices the effects will vary from person to person.

Personally, I would not use it.




Naphthalene is used for indoor insect repellent. And if there is no insect, then bats will stop coming inside also.

And Naphthalene will also ideally will repel most of the insects.

If you are using for bats, then you should place these balls high around the corners.

These naphthalene I am recommending comes at a low price and can be used throughout the house.


  • You can use these in bookshelves, bathroom and in almirah as well.
  • It will help you protect your clothes.
  • Will repel moths, insects.

Carbolic acid

Although Carbolic acid is used to repel snakes, but it can be used to repel bats as well. And any regular phenol might also work.

You should apply near the cracks or hollow spaces where you have seen bats make nests. The smell will drive them away.

You might need to repeat the steps from time to time.

And since these are toxic to other animals and humans, take precautions.


Home Remedies to repel bats!

Fill up cracks and ventilators


Bats live in caves, tree craters but due to city gobbling up most of the jungle areas. So they now try to live near our homes.

And the best place for them is the cracks and empty accessible places in your houses.

A missing brick or two in the wall near ceiling, there will be either birds or bats making a nest in.

The idea is to not let those bats a chance to make a home in your property. You should fill in the cracks, holes in your house.

And also plug in any entry points that you see.

This is a great prevention tactics to repel bats.

But if you have bats living inside your house already, then, you have to get them out first. And then fill in the cracks and holes.

To remove them you may use carbolic acid, ultrasonic bat repellents etc. There are even some bat repellent sound available on YouTube, so you might test if that works for you.


Install a Net


If you are seeing bats in your lawn and garden, then you might want to install a net. That is if you have large lawn then you will need a lot of net and time required to set it up.

But if you see the bat nests already, then you can just cover those areas.

But if you are having a small balcony or lawn to cover, then you can totally cover it with a net. This will help with keeping away birds, moths etc.


Peppermint Spray


Like many other pests, insects, Bats also do not like essential oil smells. You can spray peppermint oil on the places where you have seen bats hanging around.

I would spray them near the entry points and inside. And if needed I would spray on the trees as well.

And these oils are great for spraying indoors also. They smell great, but the insects will definitely will not like them.


Bright LED Lights


You do not need to aim lights at Bats, but after a night when they come home for rest you can disturb them with bright lights. These will keep the bats away from your rooms.

Since there is no darkness while they rest, they will find a new home.

But this only works for indoors.


Mirror/Aluminum Foil


This is funny.

Hang aluminum foils where bats rest, and you will see the magic. The light reflects of the foils and since it moves around with air it creates weird unpredicted movements.

This confuses the bats, and they will leave your home as a resting place.


Bats may transmit diseases, but they aren’t as common as many think

These disease might not be common but so far these diseases have taken toll on everybody on earth.

Here are just a few of them.


  • Ebola
  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 
  • Rabies
  • Parasites

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