Air cooler problems and Solutions in India

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Air coolers are not without problems. In Indian homes, you will always see air cooler problems every day. Thus, here are some common air cooler problems and solutions.

Btw we are talking about air coolers but not air conditioners.

Here are 9 air cooler problems and Solutions – Check the 4th!

Air cooler problems and Solutions

Air Cooler Problem and Solution: Dirty Filter

A dirty air filter causes the air cooler to work harder, which increases wear and tear on the fan and causes the motor to overheat. A dirty air filter is one of the common problems of an air cooler.

A dirty filter blocks the air and also fails to filter the air.

Something that has been on my mind lately, and I have a feeling many others are experiencing the same thing, is dirty air cooler filters. It’s well known that when these filters aren’t often cleaned they can cause a variety of problems for homeowners, from causing allergens to build up in your home to even clogging your air conditioner unit.

Many people may have heard about this before, but just didn’t realize how easy it was to clean an air cooler filter. 

You should clean the filter with detergent and water and then leave it to dry.

You should clean the dirty filter with water and some regular detergent every 15 days.

Air Cooler Problem and Solution: Water tank Leak

Air coolers are used to draw fresh air from outside the building into an enclosed space where it can be cooled by passing through a cooling medium. They are particularly prevalent in homes, shopping malls etc.

The first thing that may cause spilling is simple over-filling of water—this will result in a messy accident until it evaporates on its own! So keep watching the water meter while you are filling the tank.

There could also be more serious causes for spillage such as leaks from either the tank not being fastened properly or broken connections due to rust around fittings which has resulted in small holes.

You can plug those holes with an m-seal, but before application make sure surfaces under sealer have been thoroughly cleaned and dried out!

For the water tank, you should be adding distilled water every 15 days into the tank so that all impurities get washed down as well as any dirt from previous use.

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Air Cooler Problem and Solution: Capacitor Failure

If you are experiencing a burning smell and smoke, your air cooler is having trouble working and not cooling well. If you are wondering why this is happening, consider the damage or failure of the motor, or failure of the capacitor that has damaged your air cooler.

This can be fixed by a technician, and you should not try experimenting with it.

And till that is done, do not turn on the air cooler.

Air Cooler Problem and Solution: Air cooler Making Noises

It’s often said that when something makes a loud noise, it usually indicates that there is a problem. This is true for many things such as computer fans, cars and appliances. However, not all noisy air cooler are malfunctioning or broken; sometimes they just need some maintenance attention to bring them back up to speed again!

Desert air coolers are very noisy.

But if the sound is higher than usual then you have to check the fan and motor to see if anything is loose.

It might be the louvers at the front gone loose, the fan is moving unnaturally or anything!

Air Cooler Problem and Solution: Bad Smell

It’s unfortunate that not all air coolers are perfect. There are often problems with the device, such as a foul smell, which can be difficult to fix. Here is what you should do if your air cooler has an issue:

Remove the cooling pads and replace them with a 50-50 mixture of water and vinegar, which can also be used in place of vinegar solution for a minute. Rinse the pad thoroughly in clean water and air dry it out completely before applying fresh coolant again.

The smell may also come from the water tank, in that case empty the tank. Clean with detergent and reuse later.

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Air Cooler Problem and Solution: Leaking Ducts

Air cooler problems can be attributed to improper installation, which can lead to leakage of water from the air cooler. The reservoir should be fixed properly, as well as the connection mechanisms. 

The air cooler is generally very sturdy, so it should not leak

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Air Cooler Problem and Solution: Electric Control Fail

Air cooler problems and solutions are not always a difficult process, but sometimes they may be more complicated. 

Electric control failures are very common. This problem happens when you press the fan speed button or turn the knob, nothing happens.

It means there are some electrical problems with your control IC board.

This can be fixed by an electric technician or representative from a 

Air Cooler Problem and Solution: Fan Failure

A dead capacitor is one of the most common reasons why fans stop spinning. Although air cooler fans are durable, you might face some issues from time to time.

Most of them can be solved by the technician quickly.

Air Cooler Problem and Solution: Weak Airflow


Weak airflow possibly means a faulty fan. And a faulty fan can be repaired by a technician easily.

It is better not to tinker with the fan motor.

But you can always clean the fan blades.

Air cooler or air conditioner

Air Cooler Problem and Solution: High Humidity

Air cooler making you sweat more since it is releasing water into the air? To solve this issue you should dry run the air cooler and turn off any cooling feature.

But by this way you will lose the cooling feature.

Thus you should use a de humidifier machine to get the room dry. This combo of air cooler and de humidifier will give you a pleasant feeling.

But de humidifiers are very costly to have.

So you should try with opening more windows and doors to increase ventilation.



Q: How do I know if my air cooler is working properly?

If there is no bad smell, the air is cold, no loud sound then you should know that your air cooler is working.


Q: Is it true that using a humidifier will also help keep your air conditioner running more efficiently?


Running a humidifier along with an air conditioner will make the room less dry. But that might not make any difference for the AC. 


Q: How do I reset my air cooler?

To reset the air cooler, shut off the air cooler by pressing the power switch. And if that does not work, then switch off the power directly.


Q: Why is my cool air not working?

The most common reason for air cooler not working is because the fan motor is not working.


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