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Air cooler power consumption chart!

Air cooler model Air cooler power consumption
Symphony Sumo 115 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 185 watts
Usha Maxx Air 70MD1 70-Litre Desert Cooler 190 watts
Symphony Touch 110 Room Air 205 watts
Symphony Diet 3D 30i Tower Cooler 145 watts
Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler 190 watts
Havells Celia I Desert Air Cooler under 15k 220 watts
Voltas JetMax 70 Air Cooler 185 watts
Voltas Alfa 28 Air Cooler 120 watts

This above chart represents some of the most popular air coolers from a wide range of air coolers. If you try an average of the power consumption, then you will get – 160 watts. Thus I will say based on this data, a air cooler consumes around 160 watts of electricity per hour in India.

Air cooler power consumption

Best air cooler with low power consumption in India

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler is one of the best air coolers with low power consumption. It consumes around 170 watt of power and covers around 28 cubic meters of area. This cooler is suitable small rooms.

Air cooler power consumption calculator?

Honestly you do not need any fancy calculator for power consumption. All you need to do is follow these steps to find out the air cooler power consumption in watts!

  • Find out the label of your air cooler and you will see the air cooler power consumption per hour. It will be around 100 watts approx or more/less.
  • Multiply that with the hours you intend to run the air cooler to find out the total air cooler power consumption watts.
  • Divide that number with 1000 to get air cooler power consumption in units.
  • Multiply that unit with the electricity rate in your area.

For example, my air cooler power consumption per hour is 150 watts. I want to run it for 8 hours at night. So my total water air cooler power consumption is (150*8)= 1200 watts.

Now to find out the air cooler power consumption in units, divide 1200 watts/ 1000 = 1.2 units.

In my area the cost is 7 INR per unit so the cost of running air cooler for the night is – 1.2*7= 8.4 Rupees.

Air cooler vs inverter ac power consumption?

Air conditioning unit always consumes more power than an air cooler. Typically inverter air conditioner unit will take around 1000-2000 watts of power when starting and during long hours the room air conditioners will take around 800 watts to maintain the coolness of the room.

Household air conditioners and any Central Air Conditioner, room air conditioners will always consume more electricity than an air cooler with low power consumption.

Main advantages of air coolers

  • Air coolers are affordable
  • Air coolers use water for cooling
  • Eco friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Portable, Can be moved to a room that needs to be cooled
  • Fresh outside air, cool it and direct it inside the room
  • Dependency on the climate – less efficient in areas with very high humidity

Main disadvantages of air coolers

  • Requires water.
  • Requires humidity control.
  • Needs to be replaced every few years
  • Air coolers are not effective for large spaces.
  • Air coolers are affordable but require more investment over time.
  • The cooling is only of the air and not the surrounding area

Does air cooler use more electricity?

When you’re buying an air cooler, the label will help you find electrical ratings. Electrical ratings are usually stamped on the label and range from 0.5 to 8 amps for a given voltage of 120 volts.

How can air cooler reduce electricity consumption?

Air cooler is a device that uses the principle of evaporation to cool your room. This invention has been made by combining a fan and a water container. The air cooler recirculates the hot air inside the room and chills it using water evaporating process as well as open windows for fresh air from outside enters in.

So even if air cooler consumes more power than a fan, it might give you more comfort for the money as well.

Does air cooler consume less electricity than AC?

Yes, an AC consumes around 800-1000 watts per hour. Where a large-sized jumbo cooler will consume around 200 watts per hour. So it is way less than what an air conditioner would consume. But AC are better than cooling a room than an air cooler.

Air cooler problem and Solutions

Which consumes more electricity air cooler or fan?

A ceiling fan consumes around 80 watts per hour whereas an air cooler might consume in between 80-200 watts per hour. In this battle of air cooler vs fan power consumption, the fan is winner when you are considering power consumption, but air cooler cools better than a fan.

How many watts does an air cooler use?

Typically, an air cooler consumes around 80-250 watts of electricity. This depends on the size and capabilities of the air cooler. There are double decker air coolers which will consume double the power than a single fan air cooler.

How to use an air cooler effectively!

Do evaporative coolers work better than fans?

Evaporative air coolers work better than fans only if they are being used in a dry and hot area. Those do not work if you are using them in a hot and humid area. In humid area the ceiling fan or pedestal fans is the better choice than an air cooler.

Are there any low power consumption air cooler?

Kitchen air coolers consume very little power and they take small space as well. These small air cooler power consumption watts are just around 30-60 watts per hour.


You will see that the air cooler consumes a lot of power if you compare it to a ceiling fan. High speed pedestal fans sometimes do reach around 150 watts. And those fans do send a lot of air and make a lot of sound as well.



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