Air cooler or air conditioner which is best for health in India

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Air cooler or air conditioner which is best for health!

In general, an air conditioner is better for health than an air cooler. Air conditioner actively reduces the air temperature and can be used in any climate.

While the air cooler is best for dry, hot areas only.

And for both of these machines to work, you will need to clean them and maintain them otherwise these machines will send germs, bacteria etc with air to you and your loved ones.

air cooler or air conditioner which is best for health

Health benefits of air conditioning

Air conditioning has been a more recent development in climate control than heating. The benefits of an air conditioner are numerous. It not only keeps you cool in the summer, but it also does more than just keep you comfortable.

Is air cooler is good for health?

Dangers of AC for health!

Air conditioning is always good for your health, but you do have to service your AC unit. So that it remains clean and doesn’t throw germs into your room. Otherwise, AC can be a source of illness.

And sitting directly beneath the AC might give you fiver, chills, headaches, tiredness etc.

Thus, always set the temperature around 24 degrees and above. This mimics the best temperature for our body and promotes good sleep and health.

Why air coolers are good for health

Air coolers are better for your health because they use less harmful chemicals. Air conditioners, on the other hand, use CFC and HFC which can be very damaging to our environment.

Air coolers pull the warm air from outside into an indoor space, where it is cooled down through a process called evaporative cooling.

This prevents pollutants in the air from being released back into the atmosphere, which leads to more fresh oxygen being introduced into homes and offices.

Dangers of Air coolers for health

Air coolers do not need to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, the water tank might have some mosquito infestation, the honeycomb pads might get dirty, and the air filtration pad might not work at all.

All these might give you illness that you never expected.

Also in humid weather, the air cooler will increase the humidity too much, so anyone in that room will feel really uncomfortable. And that might lead to cough, fever, fatigue etc.

What are the differences between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners work on the refrigeration cycle, but not humid areas. There are advantages and disadvantages to both air coolers and air conditioners.

Portable AC can be a good choice if you live in an area with low humidity because it requires less electricity than a portable air cooler does.

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Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner


The price range for air coolers starts at 3000 INR while ACs start at 25000 INR. Air conditioners are expensive and require a lot of maintenance. They also work less effectively than an air cooler.


Air conditioners are more complex and expensive to maintain. Air conditioners also require filters which need to be cleaned occasionally. The best thing about air coolers is that it don’t have any filters or need to be cleaned at all!

Air quality

The air cooler uses water as a refrigerant instead of CFC and HFC which are chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, human health, or other animals. It also eliminates the need to change filters and maintains 100% freshness for up to 30 days.


Air conditioners can only be used in indoor areas, and air coolers can be used in outdoor and indoor areas.


An air conditioner emits harmful chemicals and carbon emissions, while an air cooler does not emit any harmful chemicals. Air coolers are eco-friendly and have no carbon emissions.

Energy efficiency

Air conditioners use more energy than air coolers and can cost up to 300,000 rupees per year on electricity bills. Air conditioners also have a higher risk of causing illness or accidents with children and pets because they may not be able to turn off the unit fast enough.


Air conditioners are not portable because they are mounted to the wall. Air coolers, on the other hand, can be moved from one room to another by simply plugging it in and unplugging it.

Types of climate

In humid climates, air conditioners are a better option than evaporative coolers. In dry climates, an AC is not necessary and the best cooling option is to use an evaporative cooler.

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Is cold AC good for you?

Prolonged use of air conditioners leads to harm for the skin. If your skin is not protected, dryness will affect the inner layer of the skin and lead to other health complications. This can be avoided by using a humidifier with an air cooler.

What should you set your AC to at night?

Ideally, the comfortable temperature for humans is 24 degrees. Even my carrier AC has a label to set the temperature at 24 degrees. So stick to it and there should not be any issues with cooling and feeling too cold at night. You can also set a timer for 4-5 hours to feel constant cooling.

Does air cooler purify air?

No air cooler purifies the air, but they have some filters which will stop dust, pollen and some bacteria from entering your house from outside.


I hope this blog has cleared your doubts about what to choose for your room. If you live in an area where the humidity is high, then you should go with an air conditioner. If you live in a place where the humidity is very low, then you should go with an air cooler.

With both of them, you have to clean them and keep them dirt-free.


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